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31 August 2012

Accessorize Lipsticks in Smitten and Lovestruck

Accessorize Lipsticks in Lovestruck and Smitten
Accessorize Lipsticks in Smitten and Lovestruck - £4.99*

Accessorize Lipsticks in Lovestruck and Smitten

Accessorize Lipsticks in Lovestruck and Smitten

Accessorize Lipsticks in Lovestruck and Smitten
I was recently sent these lipsticks from Accessorize and I have to say the packaging is just gorgeous! I adore floral prints and owls and this is just perfect!

However, I was disappointed in the fact they were lipsticks as I am not a lip product kind of person! I wanted to so badly love these lipsticks mainly cause they are packaged so nicely but the colours aren't really me and I just don't like having anything on my lips other than lipbalm.

The shades are really pretty and feminine and come with cool little extra pots attached as well. 'Smitten' is a muted orange shade which is really rather pretty but 'Lovestruck' is a vibrant, in your face pink that really scared me!

They apply really softly but I found they really showed up my badly chapped lips. I actually smudged the product a bit using my finger and this made the lipstick look a lot better!

I would certainly recommend these to people who are fans of lip products. 'Smitten' is a great day to day shade while 'Lovestruck' is perfect for a night out.

I hate myself for not wearing/liking lip products as the packaging is just so so sweet but I know of a good home they can go to.

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30 August 2012

MUA Gel Eyeliner

MUA Gel Eyeliner
MUA: Gel Eyeliner - £2*

MUA Gel Eyeliner

MUA Gel Eyeliner

MUA Gel Eyeliner

MUA Gel Eyeliner
The MUA Gel Eyeliner is a great, reasonable little product! It is similar to the Maybelline gel eyeliner and pretty much every gel liner out there. I didn't really get on with the Maybelline version I was wary of using this product, but it's really surprised me!

I'm not used to wearing a jet black eyeliner as I usually prefer a shimmering grey or brown but I actually really liked this! It's highly pigmented and you only need a small amount on application.

It's lovely and soft and really easy to apply. I'm usually useless with eyeliner but I found this really easy to apply.

I really like the cool little pot as well. As you can see it has a long stem lid which actually splits apart into a small brush. The brush does get a little bit stiff so you'll need to soften it up before use or you'll be digging the eyeliner gel out of the pot instead of gently sweeping it.

The only thing that bugged me a little bit was the stickers on the product. These didn't really peel off very easily and left lots of sticky residue on the product which looks nasty.

For £2 this is a real bargain and I'd rather use this than any other highstreet or highend brand!

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29 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #46

Wednesday Wishlist #46
New Look: Dark Red Ponte Tregging - £16.99, Velveteen Green Spot Shorts - £19.99, Cross Print Sleeveless Shirt  - £14.99
Matalan: Large Nude Tote - £12

Another lovely Wednesday Wishlist! I'm cheating a bit again as I bought the New Look Treggings at the weekend and they're absolutely lovely! They are the perfect deep red for Autumn/Winter!

I'm also loving the dark green velveteen shorts, which would be perfect with some nice thick tights and ankle boots!

I just can't wait until it's cold enough to start wearing proper Autumn/Winter clothing. I much prefer it to skimpy summer clothes. I need to get myself some nice ankle boots and a few cosy jumpers! Matalan is perfect for this sort of clothing as well so you can definitely expect more to come in future wishlists!

I spotted the Matalan Tote Bag when browsing the website and I'm surprised I haven't seen it in store yet. It's gorgeous! I think a darker colour would probably be more suitable for me as I'm bound to get it dirty within about five minutes!

What's on your wishlist this week?

28 August 2012

Elemis FreshSkin Purifying Face Wash

Elemis FreshSkin Purifying Face Wash
Elemis Freshskin Purifying Face Wash - £12*

Elemis FreshSkin Purifying Face Wash

Elemis FreshSkin Purifying Face Wash

Since I made my last Elemis Freshskin purchase, there has been a bit of a packaging re-brand. The products have gone from being a deep pink to a bright and fresh blue. I'm not sure why but it's a nice change!

I was recently sent the Elemis Freshskin Purifying Face Wash to try out and I really love it.

I've not been using any kind of face wash at all as my skin is so sensitive and a lot of face washes are too strong. Elemis Freshskin is perfect as it's made for more sensitive, teenage skin (I know I'm 23!) so it's very delicate and gentle.

You need the smallest pea sized amount so this product is going to last ages. There's no overpowering scent and it foams quite nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.

This is usually priced at around £12, which I think is really reasonable and I would definitely pay that for a face wash, especially for Elemis, what a bargain!

I definitely think that Elemis is the skincare brand for me. I've been using this face wash every few days so as not to overpower my skin and it's doing a really nice job. I also think it works great with the Exfoliating Facial Wash as well.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with ultra sensitive skin! It's a Godsend!

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27 August 2012

Head On Collision.

Matalan: Metallic Lurex Tee - £10
New Look: Dark Red Tregging - £16.99

Matalan Skull Bracelet
Matalan: Skull Bead Bracelet - £5

Kukee Spike Earrings
Kukee: Spike Earrings - £2

This outfit is another one of those really comfy ones that you can throw on when you can't think of anything else to wear or you can't really be bothered to make much effort.

I bought the New Look Treggings at the weekend as I've been looking for some more leggings that weren't black. I like the fact that these look like jeans but are a nice soft, comfortable material. I love the colour as well, brilliant for Autumn/Winter!

I bought the Matalan Metallic Lurex Tee while on my lunch break a few weeks ago. It's really simple and loose fitting but is great for wearing with leggings as it has a bit of a drop hem. The feel of it is really weird and there is a slight hint of shimmer within it as well. It's a really pretty top and for £10 it was a real bargain!

While in Matalan I also bought the Skull Bead Bracelet, which is a lot like the Topshop version but a whole lot cheaper! I've been wearing it pretty much every day since I bought it and I love it!

The Spike Earrings are another daily jewellery staple for me. I absolutely love them as they were only £2 as well! I made a big Kukee order recently and these were part of it, they're gorgeous!

All in all this outfit is very simple and very me. Perfect for lounging around the house in! Let me know what you think!

PS, don't forget to enter my Famous Cosmetics Giveaway!

26 August 2012

A 'three day weekend' in photos

Cool Britannia / Daisy meets Daisy / Bacon burgers / A duck in a cup / Curry! / Jasper / Bowie / Happy Birthday Vince! / Malibu and Pinapple! / Meal with friends / Dessert menu!

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I'm so happy that it's a Bank Holiday Weekend! The weather is surprisingly nice and today is Vince's birthday so I think we will have a nice dinner somewhere and I'll definitely enjoy the fact that I don't have work tomorrow!

Last night Vince and I went out for a meal with our college friends. One of them is moving away and going travelling in Australia so it was a bit of a goodbye meal! As usual we all stuffed ourselves full with food and made the most of the bottomless chips as well as dessert!

Yesterday I also went to my sister's house to see her new kitten! She is the sweetest thing ever and is absolutely tiny, she fit in the palm of my hand!

As you can see from the photo she has gorgeous blue eyes and was really playful! She was trying to bite and scratch me playfully but as she's so tiny it didn't hurt a bit and just made me laugh! It made me want a kitten of my own so badly!

What are you all up to this Bank Holiday?

24 August 2012

Dirty Works Belle of the Ball Face Mask

Dirty Works Belle of the Ball Face Mask

Dirty Works Belle of the Ball Face Mask
Dirty Works: Belle of the Ball Face Mask

I'm quite a fan of Dirty Works products. I adore their sugar scrub and facial wipes and I have a few other products of theirs lying around, but I was a little disappointed in this face mask.

I usually use an Elemis clay mask every now and then on my skin but Elemis is such an expensive brand that I wanted to try something else.

This product listed green clay in it's ingredients so I thought I'd give it a try and I love the packaging despite it's aim to slightly rip off Soap & Glory.

It certainly smells lovely and there is a hint of clay in there but the consistency of the mask is actually pretty creamy, like a moisturiser. The instructions say only a thin layer is needed but even I found this was a bit much for my skin personally.

It dries really quickly but I found that it started to make my skin tingle and sting a bit, which is never a good sign! I left it on for the recommended five minutes and my skin didn't feel great afterwards.

It is said to draw out impurities which I certainly found it did as I've suffered a few break outs since using it.

It left my skin quite soft afterwards but the tingling sensation worried me a bit as my skin is so sensitive. I think after a couple of uses it would draw out most impurities and leave my skin looking quite nice, but I find this face mask just slightly too harsh.

23 August 2012

Famous Cosmetics Giveaway

I recently sent some Famous Cosmetics products and there were a few bits in the package that I knew I wouldn't really use, so I thought I'd better send them to a good home!

I've decided to give away the Shining Star Shimmer Brick in Rihanna Shimmer which I reviewed last week HERE. I'm also giving away the No Shine Face Powder and the First Date Blush.

Simply follow all the rules below to enter! UK only!

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22 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #45

Wednesday Wishlist
New Look: Aubergine Dip Hem Wrap Skirt - £16.99, Red Dip Hem Tank Top - £5.99
Topshop: Spike Ring Set - £12.50
ASOS: Zig Zag Rings - £10, Cat Face Ring - £8, Eye Skinny Bangle - £6

I absolutely love the colour of the New Look Aubergine Dip Hem Wrap Skirt. It's such a gorgeous colour for Autumn/Winter and would look great with the skull vest top I posted in last week's wishlist! What do you guys think?

The dip hem tank top also caught my eye, it's so basic but great at the same time. For only £5.99 it's a real bargain as well and worth stocking up on in a few colours!

I've had a real thing for accessories and jewellery in this weeks wishlist. I love all of the rings, especially the cat face one! I just love the eye bangle as well. I have the same eye in a ring version of this which I just love!

What's on your wishlist this week?

21 August 2012

Oh Love.

I shouldn't really be doing any shopping at all, not when I am supposed to be saving all of my money to buy bits for the new house, but I couldn't resist a small shopping trip to Matalan recently while on my lunch break.

Sometimes when I see something on a rail I can tell instantly if it's something I will wear and I pick it up and put it straight in my basket, without even needing to try it on.

The tshirt pictured was one of those items. I loved the faded Aztect print and the fit is lovely and casual while not being too scruffy looking. It goes well with my velvet leggings and flatforms too and just helps to create a really simple outfit!

It's a lovely thin material so perfect for the warm weather but also looks great under a cardigan or jacket.

It's just a shame that I can't find the item on the Matalan website as I can't remember how much I paid for it! I think it was around £10 or under which is really reasonable!

20 August 2012

Cool Britannia

Look Beauty Nail Pop in Cool Britannia
Look Beauty: Limited Edition Nail Pop in Cool Britannia - £5*

Look Beauty Nail Pop in Cool Britannia

Look Beauty Nail Pop in Cool Britannia

I was so pleased to receive this Nail Pop in the post recently. Although the Olympics have finished the patriotism in Britain is still huge so this nail polish is still very current.

It is a limited edition version so I'd suggest snapping it up as soon as you can. It is absolutely lovely and is packed with flecks of red, white and blue.

Glitter polishes are usually really difficult to remove so I tend to not paint every single nail in a glitter polish and instead go for an accent nail, but with this one I just went for it and the finish is brilliant. It's a lovely cheerful and bright polish.

The coats are quite thin so I don't think it will be that difficult to remove actually. I've used two coats in the pic above and I love the finished look.

I love that the red, white and blue flecks catch the light and twinkle every now and then. It really is lovely. I've decided not to whack a top coat on there as I find it usually fades the intense colour a bit. I don't think a top coat is really necessary as this polish is pretty hard wearing anyway and it dries ridiculously fast.

For £5 this is a real bargain as you get a good amount of polish in your pot. I even expect it will last til the next Olympics so you can show your support to Team GB again in four years time!

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19 August 2012

A 'skint' week in photos

Iced tea! / Bubbly bath / Moving day! / Rainbow nails / Jam tarts / Famous Cosmetics shimmer brick / Vince's latest tune / Salad / Elemis products / Meatballs! / Skulls! / New Matalan tshirts / New ASDA Shirt! / Chinese / Bacon sandwhich / New lipsticks / More lip products / Nail pop!

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I haven't even moved into my house yet and am already feeling the effects of having no money to splash out on bits and pieces with!

It's very tough but I guess I will have to get used to it! It's great being sent a few things in the post though and I can't wait to try everything out and review it here on the blog!

I did have a bit of a weak spending moment in Matalan recently on my lunch break. I ended up spending a fortune but I got two lovely tops and a bracelet that I've wanted or absolutely ages! I also picked up a really cute sleeveless shirt/blouse in Asda of all places!

I will definitely try and feature all of my new purchases on the blog in the next ew weeks.

Yesterday Vince and I paid our deposit and first month's rent on our new house! It was so hard handing over all the money but now we have our official moving date and we can't wait. We just have to pack everything now...

That's the bit I'm not looking forward to at all! I will definitely have to have a good sort out of my wardrobe and I have a ton of stuff in the attic which I need to go through as well!

I really don't want to take loads of rubbish and clutter with me though so I'm going to have to be pretty ruthless with it all!

That's probably how I'm going to be spending the next three weekends. What have you guys been up to this weekend?
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