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28 February 2013

Collection 2000 Skylash Mascara

Collection 2000 Skylash Mascara
Collection 2000 Skylash Length & Definition Mascara - £4.99

Collection 2000 Skylash Mascara

Collection 2000 Skylash Mascara

I've been looking for the perfect mascara for such a long time and I think I've finally found it for just £4.99! I've always liked Collection 2000 for it's cheap and cheerful products and at the time of buying this I wasn't up for spending almost £10 on a mascara, so I opted for this one and I even prefer it to the Benefit They're Real mascara that I bought a sample of.

It really lengthens the lashes well and fans them out nicely. I really like fact the excess mascara is wiped away when the brush is removed from the tube and the brush makes it really easy to evenly distribute the mascara and create that nice fanned out look.

This is the second mascara I've purchased and that is really unusual for me. I would certainly recommend it, for £4.99 it's so worth it!

27 February 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #68

Wednesday Wishlist
L'Oreal Colour Riche Top Coat Confetti - £4.99, Black Winged Clutch - £12.99, Monochrome Aztec Print T-Shirt - £9.99, Monochrome Bow Print Shirt Dress - £19.99

This weeks wishlist took a bit of a monochrome turn accidentally. New Look have a great range of black and white items and I absolutely love the bow print shirt dress, it's just my style. I'm off to town on Saturday so I'm hoping they'll have it in stock and I can try it on, knowing my local store they probably won't have it, but I can't afford it until pay day! :(

I thought the winged clutch was really sweet, although as it has a chain handle it's not actually much of a clutch. It's sweet though and I need some sort of 'going out' bag.

On Sunday I actually finally got my hands on the L'oreal confetti top coat that every blogger seems to be raving about at the moment. I find £4.99 a bit steep for a nail polish but it's just too pretty to resist!

What's on your wishlist this week?

26 February 2013


Primark Alphabet Top
Primark - Alphabet shirt - £12
Internacionale - Red Acid Wash Skinny Jeans - £19.99

Primark Alphabet Top

Primark Alphabet Top

I say this every time I write about a Primark item - they really need to get their stock online so I can link to it! Internacionale didn't have the exact jeans I have on their website either, come on guys!!

Anyway, I bought the 'blogger trendy' Primark Alphabet shirt the other weekend when I visited Bristol to meet some uni friends. It's a bit of a weird fit, it has massive big sleeves and is very loose fitting so I decided to throw a cardigan over the top to make it look a little less baggy on me. It's too cold not to wear some kind of cardigan or jacket if you ask me - maybe when the weather is warmer I'll be able to wear it on it's own. I actually really like it though, I just need to be careful I don't spill food down myself when I'm wearing it, which is usually what happens!

I've found a new love for Internacionale jeans. They fit me really well and they're half the price of Topshop jeans, hooray! I'm glad I've found the Internacionale jeans as my local Topshop store is closing down, argh!

My new fringe has already grown really long, I really need it cutting! My hair has gone back to looking flat and boring as I've not really put any effort into it recently. I do really like having a fringe now though, it was definitely a good choice!

24 February 2013

A much better week in photos

Cookies! / Spag bol / Charlie's new radiator seat / Homemade butter chicken / Charlie / Primark alphabet shirt / Homemade barbecue chicken / New tealight holder

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I'm feeling so much better now so thought it would be good to get back into blogging after taking a week or so off. I didn't really mean to not blog for a week but I ended up spending most of Sunday at my mums house and then my nan's and the day just sort of slipped away. I usually do a lot of blogging on Sundays and schedule various posts as by the time I get home from work I don't really feel like sitting on the computer...

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon at my mums seeing my sister and my niece. We took a walk to my nans house as well so that was really nice. Then today my sister, Daisy and I all went for lunch in town for the afternoon. It's always good to go out and Daisy is so well behaved and are her lunch so well - it looked really tasty as well, I wanted it for myself! Then we spent an hour or so at my mums again and I popped to Next to spend my voucher. I've had the voucher since October but haven't really seen anything in store.

I decided to quickly pop in and I picked up a jewellery holder for my bedroom, some candles, a tealight holder and a new pot/vase for when the daffodils in my garden grow and are able to be picked! I love having flowers in the house but I definitely need more vases for them. I had some plants from my nan but I seem to have killed them and overwatered them, oops! I'm still learning all of this gardening lark!

17 February 2013

An ill week in photos

Meringue cheesecake! / New candle / Roses! / Boots points purchases, oops!

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Last weekend I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with my sister and Niece having some hot chocolate and delicious cake! They also came round to see Charlie as well and as usual the day went really quickly! We popped into our mum and dads then quickly zoomed round my nan's where my cousin and his girlfriend were visiting and then back to mums where my nan and grandad were visiting, so I saw most of the family all in one go!

Monday went by as normal but I spent the day on Tuesday continuously sneezing. I had a full on cold, so much so that I missed out on Pancake Day! On Wednesday I felt absolutely awful and spent the day at home in bed. I really needed the sleep and I felt loads better on Thursday. Vince got me some lovely lovely roses for Valentine's Day, they were gorgeous! I love getting flowers!

On Friday morning I felt a bit funny again and was sick before going to work. I left work early on Friday and went straight to sleep when I got in. I thought I was better on Saturday but more sick, which equalled more sleep and drinking loads and loads of water! As the day went on I felt a lot better and managed to eat a proper meal! I even shovelled down some pickled onions, which really helped my throat funnily enough. Now I feel so so much better and even managed a cup of tea this morning!

I spent most of the day in my Pyjamas still (hey, it is Sunday after all!) and finally got dressed in order to go round mums as well as a quick visit to Boots. I wasn't planning on doing any blog posts as I don't really have anything to blog about and I haven't really thought about it due to being ill but I suddenly got the urge to write this one so there may be more to come this week.

How has your week been?

15 February 2013

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle: Vanilla Satin - £19.15, Turquoise Sky - £19.99

My love for Yankee Candle's is certainly growing. Since moving house I've had a real thing for lighting scented candles and I've already made my way through one medium sized candle.

My Dad bought me the Vanilla Satin fragrance and it's absolutely lovely. The candle itself is one of the tumbler ones with a lid and this one also has two wicks, which I find helps it to burn to the edges much easier. I'm really keen for this one not to tunnel. I adore the scent as it's so rich and well, vanilla-like. I also have the room spray (featured last week), which is equally as gorgeous.

My mum recently purchased three Yankee Candle's from the new Paradise range on QVC. She kept the Black Coconut for herself, gave the Waikiki Melon to my sister and I got the Turquoise Sky, which is just delicious.

Vince will probably hate it and moan that it smells discusting but I love the smell. It's lovely and strong and really fresh. It reminds me of being on holiday. I've not had a holiday in so long so this is the closest I'm going to get. For nearly £20 it is quite a big spend so if you can get them for cheaper on eBay then I'd definitely recommend it, however if you can afford to splash out then these are such a great investment and you really get your moneys worth.

13 February 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #67

Wednesday Wishlist
ASOS: Illamasqua Limited Edition 'I'mperfection Nail Polish - £14.50
MUA: Undressed Me Too Palette - £4
New Look: Blue Roll Sleeve T Shirt - £4.99, Mink Chiffon Belted Sleeveless Dress - £19.99
I've been thinking a bit about my Spring/Summer wardrobe recently...I really want to get away from wearing blacks and other dark colours. I'm too comfortable in them so it would be nice to introduce some fresher, brighter shades into my wardrobe!

I love the pastel shades that always come around at this time of year, especially the blues and beiges/peaches. I definitely need to get myself some more dresses for the warmer weather and I really like the beige/mink coloured one above, it's perfect for a casual day out but I think it's best for work or smart occasions. It comes in a variety of colours as well and the cut is really nice so I definitely think I need to try this on! I also found the basic tshirt and thought it was really pretty. It'd look great tucked into a skirt or maybe some shorts and at £4.99 you can't go wrong really.

Spring/Summer nails are always my favourite because you can go bright and bold without standing out too much. I love the new Illamasqua I'mperfection range and this nail polish looks really pretty, although I'm sure there is a good, cheaper dupe out there!
MUA have just released a brand new palette and of course every blogger wants it. Just as Urban Decay release their new palettes, MUA quickly follows with a great dupe. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

What's on your wishlist this week?

12 February 2013

What's in my bag?

I've been meaning to do this post for so so long, I've even contemplated doing a Youtube video but I'm still not 100% sure about recording just yet.

Once I get into Youtube a bit more I probably will do an updated version of this, but for now here's the plain old version...

Zara bag
Zara bag - £20
ASOS: Aldo Frisci Studded Purse - £13
Filofax: Raspberry Filofax - £37
Hairbrush, Mirror, Lipbalm, Car Keys
Glasses,  Inhalers, Phone

I do love my Zara bag. It was such a bargain at £20 and my cat Charlie also loves it and has scratched it to death now, so perhaps it's time for a new one. This one is a lovely ruby colour inside, which I love, and it's quite roomy too so perfect for all my junk.

Once I got rid of all the old receipts and general rubbish that was in my bag I was left with this! I got my filofax for Christmas. Every year I get some kind of diary as it's become a bit of a tradition now. My mum got me this one and it's a lovely raspberry colour and it makes me feel all grown up and sophisticated when I use it. I'm glad I got it for Christmas as I probably wouldn't spend almost £40 on it myself!

I recently got the Aldo Frisci Studded Purse from ASOS as I felt it was time for a new one. I wasn't expecting it to be so big to be honest but it's got lots of space for all of my cards and I've actually grown to really like it!

So, those are probably the most interesting items in my bag. I also carry my phone, keys, inhalers, a brush, a mirror and a lipbalm, which is absolutely essential for my dry, cracked lips!

Unlike most bloggers I don't keep any makeup in my bag unless I have a really bad breakout, even then it's probably just my Benefit powder and a brush. I don't wear a full face of makeup everyday so don't need any touch ups etc...

While I do love this bag I am getting the feeling of wanting another one. I particularly like the new city bag, however it's nearly £50, which is a little expensive for me!

10 February 2013

A shopping week in photos

Subway / Blog inc / Vince's creation / Pancakes / Charlie / New flowers / New plant / Lovely pasta! / Homemade Chow Mein / Tulips / New Primark top / Alphabet top / New duvet / Celebrating Chinese New Year / Good morning Charlie!

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Admittedly I didn't spend the entire week shopping, however I did venture in to Bristol yesterday to meet up with two of my friends since Christmas. I haven't seen them in about a year so it was really good to catch up. One of them actually lives in Bristol so it's crazy that we haven't seen each other in so long.

Of course food was involved and we all tucked into a delicious Nandos. So delicious in fact that I gobbled it up straight away and didn't take any pics (bad blogger!). Then we did a spot of shopping and I picked a few bits up in Primark including yet another new duvet cover and two tops that aren't usually what I would pick up, but I fancied something a bit different! I'm sure there will be a blog/outfit post on them soon!

This week we received a letter from the property agency asking if we would like to renew our contract for another six months. I can't believe we have lived here nearly six months already, it feels crazy! I am going to try and have a clean up/clear out today just to declutter so keep your eyes out for a blog sale soon!

This afternoon I'm off out for a hot chocolate with my sister and niece and then I'll hopefully be able to get some blogging done as well!

7 February 2013

Have Faith In Me

DesireClothing - Navy Boyfriend Cardigan - £12
Playsuit - Second hand from Little Being Little

New Look: Black Mixed Stud Pumps - £15

I've never owned a playsuit before but Lyzi was selling this one on her blog sale and I thought it was really pretty so decided to buy it. I think it was £10 and I really like the loose fit and the fact it feels more secure than a dress on windy days!

I'm wearing it pretty casually in this outfit photo but I wore it with a blazer and different shoes to a party recently as well. I guess I could even stick some heels on if it was a proper night out, not that I go on them very often.

I picked up the shoes in the New Look sale. Both had little £3 stickers on, but when I got to the till they were actually full price at £15. Luckily, the lady said she would honour the price. I definitely wouldn't pay £15 for some basic pumps like these, although the gold studs are really cute!

6 February 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #66

Wednesday Wishlist
New Look: Coral Sleeveless Dress - £12.99, Navy Floral Print Dress - £14.99, Cream Print Cardigan - £12.99, Grey Slubby Top - £16.99

It's about time New Look had a petite range! I'm so sick of trying on what they say is a size eight in their jeans and them being too big! Admittedly at the moment the range isn't huge and it is only online but I guess it's only a matter of time before pretty much everything is available in a petite size as well. I think all shops should stock petite ranges to be honest.

There are a few pretty spring pieces available at the moment and I've chosen the majority of these for my wishlist this week. I really need to get some nice dresses for the spring/summer or I'll be stuck in jeans again!

The prices seem a bit strange to me personally. £14.99 for a pretty floral dress seems reasonable to me, but then the plain grey slubby top is nearly £17, how does that make sense?

What's on your wishlist this week?

5 February 2013

Yankee Candle Room Spray

Yankee Candle Room Spray
Yankee Candle Room Spray in Vanilla Satin - £5.65

Yankee Candle Room Spray
My nan bought me this room spray and it's amazing! It smells just like the candle (which I also have) and makes the whole room smell lovely.

The candles are ridiculously expensive so this is a great alternative if you can't quite afford them. You only need a teeny bit of spray and the room instantly smells gorgeous!

For £5.65 I think this is a real bargain and I will definitely be getting some more scents!

4 February 2013

25 facts about me...

It seems like every single blogger is doing these posts at the moment so obviously I've jumped on the bandwagon. It's a nice way to get to know your fellow bloggers and I'm loving reading all of the random facts about everybody.

♥ - My full name is actually Cherry-Anne
♥ - I have a cat called Charlie (my nickname is also Charlie)
♥ - When I was younger I used to love Jacqueline Wilson's books, I even met her and got my books signed. I wrote her a story and she sent a personal letter back to me, which I think I've lost!
♥ - I love reading and my favourite books are the Harry Potter series
♥ - My favourite disney film is The Aristocats

♥ - My first job was as a newspaper girl!
♥ - When I was toddler I used to wear my dads trainers and carry a spoon or toothbrush around everywhere with me
♥ - My boyfriend is the best piano player you will ever see, I'm super jealous
♥ - I was born in Portsmouth and moved to Weston super Mare when I was around 12
♥ - I have asthma

♥ - I have two tattoos and 11 piercings...and I want more!
♥ - Green day 'Good Riddance (time of your life)' is probably my favourite song
♥ - I used to run my own music review website and write gig and CD reviews for a variety of publications including the Portsmouth News
♥ - I have a 2:1 Degree in Magazine Journalism
♥ - I went on a college trip to New York during one of their coldest winters ever, temperatures reached -16

♥ - I've seen my favourite band, My Chemical Romance, live four times
♥ - I love theme parks and rollercoasters
♥ - I met my boyfriend in College
♥ - I'm an aunty to the lovely Daisy

♥ - I tried learning to play the guitar when I was 16 but didn't practice enough and gave it up
♥ - I used to do majorettes/baton twirling
♥ - I'm still in touch with my best friend from Portsmouth but haven't seen her in years
♥ - I started making my own websites when I was 11/12 and ran a My Chemical Romance fansite for years
♥ - I was born on Friday 13
♥ - I didn't think I would be able to think of 25 facts


3 February 2013

A new hair week in photos

Cheeky Charlie / Now on Vine! / Homemade Chinese curry / Bit of a haul / New haircut / Hotel leftovers

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This week was pretty great due to the fact it was pay day! It feels like forever since I last got paid and I was literally down to my last £10 so I was very grateful for Thursday to come around. As soon as Saturday came I was straight into town and having a look round the shops. I did have an Internacionale voucher to spend so I ended up getting a new pair of jeans with it and another pair with my own money. I also came across the New Look shoe sale where loads of the shoes were only £3. I picked up a pair that had the £3 stickers on, but when I got to the till they said they were full price at £15, but they honoured it anyway, hooray!

I also got my hair cut and decided to go for a bit of a change and get a fringe. I've had a fringe on and off all through my life so thought I would get one again, but not too chunky this time. I really like it, but it feels quite strange at the moment!

This week has seen the new social media platform Vine literally blow up. Everyone's been talking about it so I registered and I already love it. Despite the videos only being six seconds, there are some really great ideas being uploaded. All I have uploaded so far are videos of Charlie!

This week has also been a great week for food as Vince decided to try and make a Chinese curry. It was so good! He also had to do the food for a buffet at work so we benefitted from some of the leftovers, yum yum!

How has your week been?
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