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20 April 2010


My friends and I are planning on going on holiday again this year, only to somewhere in the UK, but we can't decide where! We also can't find anywhere that is available in the first week of August! Eek!

I don't really mind where we go to be honest, as long as it's relaxing, that's all that matters! Although it's not yet booked, I've been buying a few 'summery' bits and pieces. :)

I wanted some simple sandals to wear - possibly with some cropped trousers and even jeans in the evening. I'm not a shorts or skirt girl. I bought two pairs from ASOS which should hopefully arrive next week!

ASOS FINN Leather Toe Thong Sandal - £10

ASOS FLIP Leather Knotted Flip Flop - £12

I decided to get the second pair in 'Nude' so it would be something different, now I realise it might just look like I'm bare foot. I can always change them I suppose. I just hope I've got the right size, I seem to change between 3 and 4.

Roll Sleeve Check Shirt - £15

The top above from New Look was on a mannequin as I walked in the store so I decided to try something brighter than my usual black colours. :)

So there are my first attempts at a almost summer wardrobe. Hopefully there will be more to follow.

16 April 2010

Just think happy thoughts..

My last blog post was slightly grumpy so instead of worrying about what is to come in the next few months I'm going to look forward to all the exciting things that are going to be happening!

Leaving Uni and graduating is going to be really exciting, although pretty nerve wracking aswell, but it will mean I'm a proper 'grown up'. I'm going to be moving in with Vince who still has a year left of Uni and that in itself is something I am looking forward to. We practically live together already so there won't be much change, just all our stuff will be mixed together. Which reminds me actually that we need to do quite a bit of cleaning before moving in! It's only round the corner from where I live now so we can always walk round with boxes. I think it will be loads of fun. :)

We are currently in the middle of arranging another small holiday with our two college friends. We went away to Devon last year and really enjoyed it and after getting all excited about going to Disneyland and then realising we actually can't afford it, we are now looking at some relaxing places in Devon/Cornwall or even Wales. We can't quite decide yet.

My free tickets to Alton Towers came through the post the other day so on September 12th, Vince and I will be heading to Alton Towers for the day! I cannot wait! The last time I went was rubbish because it was with my school and we barely got to spend any time in the park. I definitely want to go on all the massive rides including the new Thi13teen and Oblivion and because it is in September we're hoping that most of the kids would have gone back to school by then so it will be reasonably quiet.

I have a week long work experience placement at Sugar magazine in September which I'm really looking forward to. I've heard good things from a friend who did a placement there and I'm really hoping I will get to write something for the magazine or help towards it in any way I can. I didn't really get a good experience at Reveal magazine last year so I want to make the most of this one!

While all of this is going on I'm going to be trying to find a new job. Which is kind of exciting I suppose. Obviously it will probably be a part time bar job to start with but I'll also be looking for jobs within the industry.

So there is my summer all planned out..when you look at it like that it doesn't look like much but I'm sure it will all fly by and we'll be heading towards Christmas before we know it.

14 April 2010

It's nearly over

On May 12th I will finally be handing in the last of my work. Technically we have a deadline on May 18th aswell but it's for an Online CV and I'm hoping to get it all finished much earlier than that.

I think, no I know, it will be a huge relief to hand in my Dissertation/Major Project as well as my Life As A Freelance work and Magazine Design work. Just to know that it is the end of my education and I never have to say 'sorry I've got too much work to do.' I'll never have to hear about 2:2s and 2:1s and writing stupid essays about things nobody cares about.

To be honest I don't think I have experienced University to the fullest. I think it would have been good to join a sports team or a society to feel included in something and to make lots of friends. Everyone talks about how they've made loads of new friends at Uni but in all honesty, how many of them are they ever going to see again when they graduate? I haven't actually made that many friends at University, just a small group really and I certainly don't feel prepared for the big bad world out there.

My course hasn't prepared me for what the industry is really like, we haven't been helped or advised on looking for jobs after University either. Of course I've managed to search for jobs by myself but we're being taught by people in the industry who have not shared their knowledge on getting into the industry after Uni. I don't feel I am confident enough to write a good feature and pitch it to a top magazine and I have no idea what I'm doing when I leave Uni.

We seem to have been the 'guinea pig' year where they have tried out various units on us only to find they don't work very well. There's even talk of our course being scrapped..which really fills us all with confidence, not.

So theres my little rant over with. I think it's partially to do with the looming deadlines and the scary black mist descending infront of us but everyone says it will be 'fine' so of course, it will. :\

7 April 2010


I haven't written a proper blog in a while have I? So what have I been up to in the week and a half I've already had of the Easter Holidays?

Well, not much to be honest. The first Sunday back I went to Bristol with my sister for some retail therapy at Cabot Circus. I didn't buy quite as much as I was hoping to, I didn't find a blazer or a jacket for the spring but I did buy a new skirt, headband and scarf.

Even though I went all the way to Bristol, I managed to find a few nice things in Matalan where my sister works, including these three rings: (Excuse the scars on my knuckles)

If you look hard enough Matalan have some really nice stuff and it really helps when your sister works there and you can get discount!

I took the first week to catch up on Uni work and I got loads of my Magazine Design work done but now I'm really struggling with my Major Project and Life As A Freelance work. Everyone that I emailed about getting interviews with either didn't get back to me, rejected me or told me to read their books and take stuff from there. Which is plagerism and I'll get in trouble for that!! But, things are looking up a tiny bit now. I've just completed one of my features and although it needs a little cutting down, I think it's ok. I can finally start work on the profile piece as I got some handy links from my Music Journalism lecturer which I'm going try.

This week I've been working every day at Sandbay. I now stink of chips and burgers. It's not a brilliant job but it's money and it will help me survive the last remaining weeks of University, which are fast approaching!
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