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30 November 2009


I hate this cold weather, this morning I had a tutorial at 10am and had to walk to Uni in the pouring rain. It just makes you miserable! My feet were soaking wet, my hands were freezing and so was my face! I desperately need to invest in some gloves and a scarf and my new ankle boots will definitely have to come out a bit more!

Thankfully my essay didn't need too many changes, thank God!! Which means I won't have to really work on it for the past week or so, I can make the changes and then forget about it until the hand in deadline, woo!

I'm looking forward to going home on Thursday, just so I can have some nice food and be able to slob around the house doing nothing! Although I will try and get some website work done. Then on Saturday I'm going to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. I haven't saved any money for it yet and I'm not sure what to wear but I am definitely looking forward to it!

28 November 2009

write write write

I started my 2000 word essay today, I have got to 942 words and suddenly got really tired. I'm going to keep going with it though as it means less for me to do tomorrow, or more like, it means I can get on with OTHER work tomorrow.

Tonight is 'movie night,' at Vince's house. My Transformers 2 DVD came yesterday, and it's not even out until Monday (yay HMV) so I'm taking it round to Vince's and myself, Vince and Andy are going to watch it on the projector to make it feel like we're in a proper cinema. We even have lots of snacks :)

27 November 2009


I've just about had enough of sneezing every single day! I have rhinitis which is like 'asthma in the nose' apparently. Match that with allergies to Dogs and Cats and also a little bit of a cold and you have me..although in Southampton it's a lot better because I don't have any animals, but the tablets the doctor give me don't work. I'm actually in Southampton now and for the past week or so it's been so bad again, it gets to the point where I can't actually sniff, it's pretty gross. So I'm going to the doctors on Tuesday and I won't be happy if they give me the same tablets again..though apparently there is no cure for it! Great!

I currently have an extremely dead arm because I had to have a Swine Flu jab yesterday. It started going dead in the evening while I was at work and by the time I got home it felt so bruised and stiff that I couldn't even move it, it's pretty much the same today.

Today I have a day off uni so I need to get on with some work urgently. I have so much to do, it's ridiculous. I need to go to the library to pick up a book, then get some wrapping paper and a train ticket for when I go home next weekend. I can't wait, I'm going to the Clothes Show Live with my sister :)

25 November 2009

Plan plan plan

Calm down. Plan the direction of your work and the development strategy carefully

This is what my fortune cookie said on Monday night, which was very weird because that very same day, I was moaning to my mum about how much work I have and she suggested I make a plan for when I'm going to do it, sort of like a timetable. Which I haven't actually done yet but I will try to get round to doing it, I'm actually trying to get on with some work today!

I have several deadlines looming and I'm not liking it one bit. They are all coming at once so on the survey we got yesterday about our third year I suggested that subjects be spread out a bit and deadlines weren't all in the same week!

I guess I better get cracking..

18 November 2009


I can't believe I left my USB stick in the back of one of the Uni computers again. Because I was in such a bad mood I wanted to get out of that room quick so I totally forgot that the USB was in the back. They really shouldn't have USB ports on the back because SO many people forget their USBs and by the time they realise, someone has stolen it! I went back to see if there was the slimmest chance it was still there, but no, someone stole it. Very nice. So now I have to go and buy another one. Why am I so stupid?

I've spent most of the day on Dreamweaver creating my 'Topshop magazine website,' though it's a bit difficult seeing as I don't have Photoshop, haha. I'm going to have to put all the images through Photoshop when I get to Uni so they come out a better quality! Dreamweaver is so time consuming that I became quite cross eyed and gave up, which probably wasn't the best idea. :\

Since then I've been online, eating dinner, having a bath and basically doing not much at all. I have two reviews to get done before Holly comes on Friday and once shes gone I really just need to concentrate on my Dissertation as well as start an Essay on Ethics. So much work, so little time. Though I do get time to blog so I'm trying to do it often and I like the fact that I have 10 followers now, that's pretty good, though not many comments on my posts which is disappointing!

I was wondering if anyone knows of any nice layouts for Blogspot?

17 November 2009


When asked why I wanted to do the idea I am doing for my dissertation/major project, I couldn't answer. Or more like I couldn't think of an answer when put on the spot, which lead to me being asked why am I put it simply, which then lead to me becoming even more unconfident about it and not wanting to bother at all because obviously there is no point working on a project about a subject that is too damn hard to research. I have zero motivation and I don't know how to get it back.

16 November 2009

Christmas is coming... certainly is! Though I'm not really excited for it just's a bit TOO early I think. Though I am definitely getting prepared as I have bought a bunch of presents already! I just need to think of a main present for Vince and a present for Holly and then decide what I want from Santa! I really have no idea..of course, I want a Nintendo Wii but thats a bit pricey so I won't ask for that. :) I'm going to save up and buy one myself and wait until the January sales when the prices will hopefully go down a little bit.

I think Christmas is going to be weird this year and the one reason I'm not looking forward to it is because Grandad won't be here, which still seems wrong. Nan is probably going to spend Christmas day with us this year which will be nice :) I'm hopefully going to be working a fair bit when I go back home, if the bay will have me that is! Fingers cross. I can't believe I actually want to work, haha. Hopefully Vince will decide to work aswell which will make it much more fun :D

Anyway, I must be off..more work awaits me.

13 November 2009

Essay time

I know I should be writing my contextual analysis essay right now but when it's so difficult and I don't know what to write, I get easily distracted. I have a literature review longer than the actual essay and no theory so far. When people say they don't know what to write, they are usually just exaggerating and they eventually get it done anyway but I'm really not exaggerating when I say I have absolutely ZERO clue about what I am writing. The books I have are useless, the lecture we had the other day on this, didn't help me one bit and I'm just generally failing at it. I'm not expecting a good mark because I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL I'M DOING, but no lecturers actually care or are willing to help so this will probably drag my final mark right down. I can't be bothered with it.

4 November 2009


My feet hurt so much! I worked Monday night 7-12, Tuesday night 6-12 and then today 10-3 and I have to wear proper shoes that don't have any support or anything so my feet are absolutely killing me! I could do with a nice foot massage :D Vince is coming round later, maybe I'll ask him :D:D Because I've been working I've hardly seen him! :(

We're going home tomorrow for the weekend which will be good, I'm going to try and get some work done and we're meeting up with friends for a meal, we're also going to try and find a fireworks display but a lot of them aren't actually on November 5th, which is silly.

I have an essay to complete before the 18th November and it's going to take all of my strength not to get mad at it and throw it like I usually do! I'm really having trouble understand it but I absolutely HAVE to do it so I'll get there in the end..wish me luck =]

1 November 2009

Happy Halloween!

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