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31 December 2010

Accessorize Molten Copper Nail Polish

Does everyone remember when the Swarovski Crystal Manicure popped up on the scene? I remember first seeing it on This Morning as Holly Willoughby got her toe nails crystallised. I was jealous, of course and wanted it done immediately, but unfortunately didn't have the money.

So instead, I asked Santa for a sparkling Molten Copper Nail Polish from Accessorize and gave myself a Crystal Manicure, ignoring the fact that this certain Manicure is more bronze than Crystal. Sssh.

At first, I splodged the Polish on top of a coat of Rock Star Idol Polish, but today I decided to make my nails dazzle with the Molten polish on every nail.

The polish from Accessorize is a very reasonable £4 and comes in a cute 10ml pot. The Molten Copper polish is pure glitter so can't really be painted on like a normal polish, instead I dabbed it on in two layers. It dries incredibly quickly but does need a clear top coat as the finish is rather jagged and raised. Don't worry too much about applying it neatly, as glitter polishes are quite hard to handle, instead just sit back and enjoy the sparkles.

Accessorize have a whole range of nail polishes, many of which will be making their way into my collection. Overall, I really love the final look, perfect for New Years Eve.

21 December 2010

New Years Resolutions

Millions of people all over the world make New Years Resolutions, often silly ones that they aren't going to stick to come the end of January and often ones that are so far fetched that there's no way they can stick to them...I've been thinking about mine for 2011 and I wondered if making my resolution to get a Journalism related job within the year is one of those that is too hard to achieve?!

I could make it a little simpler and say that in 2011 I want to gain some more Journalism experience, but why shouldn't I aim for what I want? Other people from my University course have already got jobs in the industry, but am I setting myself up for disappointment come this time next year?

Realistically, my resolution should be something along the lines of gaining more Journalism experience, applying for more jobs and generally being on my way up the career ladder.

What does everyone think?

On a less serious note, some more resolutions of mine are:

1. To work harder on all of the websites I write for, updating more frequently. Including this blog!
2. Gain another 100 followers on my blog!
3. Read more books!
4. Generally write more features and articles.
5. Gain more work experience at a Magazine

I think those are some more realistic resolutions, and this time next year, I'll try to remember to let you know if I've stuck to them or not!

What are everyone else's resolutions?

20 December 2010

Primark Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

I am never very impressed with Primark, although I sit here in one of their basic jumpers, I have never really purchased a proper outfit from them. I do buy bits and pieces such as accessories and the odd t-shirt and jumper, but their products never look as good on the hangers as they do in the magazine pages and press shots.

I recently posted about their new Spring/Summer 2011 on Styleclone.com, and I have to say, I am quite impressed with the images.

The Belted Chiffon shirt dress is by far my favourite piece from the collection. It's possibly something you'd see on sale in the likes of Urban Outfitters, but Primark are selling their version for an incredibly reasonable £15.

Although this isn't something I'd usually wear, I am looking forward to seeing it in stock in my local store and I really hope it looks as good in real life as it does in this image. I also, cannot wait to get my hands on that Mini Pocket Satchel!

This second outfit also caught my eye, mainly due to the candy red Pocket Stripe Crop Jumper which is very nautical without being over the top. I personally wouldn't team it with the Spotted Shorts but it's certainly a cute jumper, perfect for chilly evenings.

The 2 in 1 Chiffon Midi looks gorgeous in these photos, but it would drown me. My short little legs wouldn't be able to cope with the long flowing skirt, but I do love it so. I also particularly love the Cork Platforms which are due in store at the end of March.

These are just three of my favourites from the quite impressive Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook, but as I mentioned before, whether they look good in real life is the big question. They certainly do well in the cost department as most of the pieces don't exceed £20, but the only downside is, that we have to wait until January and even February and March until we can get our hands on any of these beauties!

*Images courtesy of PRShots

17 December 2010

The Fashion Buzz!

I really need to start blogging more! I've started working at Sandbay Leisure Resort again, just over the Christmas holidays. It's not the best job in the world but it's easy for me to go back to during the holidays to earn some extra cash, plus, it's full board at the moment, which means less work for us!

Anyway, the main point of this post is to let you all know about a new website that I've started writing for.

After a particularly moany post on this very blog, about my lack of a Journalism related job, I was contacted by Ceri from The Fashion Buzz who asked if I wanted to write for her!

Of course, I said yes, and am now writing a weekly fashion related post for The Fashion Buzz.

My first post was about my favourite topic of the moment, the Peter Pan Collar Trend and my most recent talks about New Years Eve Party Accessories!

Hopefully, you'll check out the blog and I'll regularly post links here. :)

7 December 2010

Diechmann Grey Ribbon Lace Brogues

I was recently contacted asking if I wanted to review a pair of shoes Styleclone.com.

The shoes I received were the Grey Ribbon Lace Brogues which are selling for £12.99.

Personally, I've never worn Brogues and I've never been 100% sure of them either. I've admired them from afar but haven't felt comfortable enough to wear them myself, however, after trying this cute pair on, I've fallen in love with Brogues and can't wait to start wearing them for non review purposes!

The ribbon laces are a nice touch but I thought they might be a little impractical and will loosen through out the day, therefore, I think they would work better with normal thin Grey laces. The shoes come in a gorgeous rich Grey colour and are really soft to the touch and a black and white gingham pattern peeks out at me cheekily from the insides!

Most importantly, these shoes are comfortable and look great with my skinny jeans. (I was afraid they wouldn't.) They look exactly like the image used on the website which is a huge plus and I genuinely love these shoes, I have been converted!

P.S - Check out my first ever post on The Fashion Buzz

This post contains PR samples

6 December 2010

Eyeko lipgloss in Knightsbridge

I am not a lip gloss kind of girl. I'm a lip balm sort of person, a chapstick fan, so when I received the Eyeko Lipgloss in Knightsbridge shade as part of my Eyeko Ambassador gift, I thought to myself...'well, I probably won't ever wear it!'

However, after trying the product, I probably would wear it on special occasions. The colour is a slightly sparkly, pale pink which looks really nice once it's on. It was really easy to put on using the tube and thankfully wasn't sticky or tasty enough for my to keep licking off. Always a good point.

As soon as I removed the packaging, I was overwhelmed with a gorgeous bubblegum scent which I really love, unfortunately this scent doesn't really stick around once it's on.

At £6.50, I wouldn't buy it for myself as I wouldn't use it enough but for lipgloss fiends, it's quite a bargain. The lip glosses also come in 'Primrose Hill,' 'Shoreditch,' 'Soho,' 'Portobello' and 'Mayfair.'

The size is fairly reasonable so it won't get lost easily in your handbag. Eyeko's packaging is always girly and pretty, which I really like.

If you fancy buying yourself a Christmas treat, you can use my Ambassador code E12339 to get yourself a free gift when spending over £15.


29 November 2010

Book recommendations - The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

My lovely boyfriend Vince brought me this book for my birthday. He had no idea what sort of book to get me but he knew I liked books with pretty covers and 'those girl type books' like the ones he has seen me read before. Luckily, he picked up a book by an author I was familiar with, Cecelia Ahern.

Of course, I'd read 'P.S I Love You' and loved it but I have been apprehensive about reading anything else by the same author, mainly because I always thought the prices of the books were too much, but I'm so glad I finally gave this author a chance as The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern was quite truthfully, stunning.

We join the bratty 16 year old Tamara on an emotional journey as she is abruptly moved to her Aunt and Uncles house in the middle of nowhere thanks to her Dad selfishly (in Tamara's eyes) committing suicide.

As Tamara's mother mourns her husband's death, Tamara feels completely alone. Like any teen, she's bored out of her mind, so when a young boy with a mobile library comes rolling through town, she's eager to get away from it all.

Finding an interesting book in the library, she takes it home with her only to discover that it's a diary and her tomorrows are already being written in it. As Tamara's suspicions grow, the book reveals many hidden secrets about the house she's staying in, as well as the people around her.

It didn't take me long to become completely engrossed with this book, staying up until 3am because I literally could not put it down. It's emotional, sometimes witty and at times, scary. Tamara grows from a spoilt teenager to a young woman, who becomes wiser of the world and more understanding of the events that happen to her in the story.

There are small hints through out the story that tell you the outcome of a few things, but this doesn't take away from the story. Instead it made me feel happy that I'd worked out one of the mysteries! The story is nothing I or anyone could ever have come up with, it's complete genius as it twists and turns through out the story. I urge anyone who hasn't already, to read this book as I was blown away by it. Always a sign of a good book.

Now I can't wait to start reading Cecelia's other books, where shall I start?

P.S. I'm just one follower away from 100, so if you're not already following, then please do! And thank you so much to all the commenters on the last post, I'll be returning your comments soon. :)

26 November 2010

Peter Pan!

No, this post isn't about the little pixie-like boy from the Disney films...it's about my favourite trend of the moment...the Peter Pan collar!

About 3 years ago, I had a Peter Pan collar top that I once dared to wear to work, but never wore again. Now I'm seeing the trend all over the place...does this mean I started a trend? (I doubt it)

Anyway, I've been spotting some lovely Peter Pan collar dresses on the high street recently. I previously had my eye on a black Topshop creation but have found a much nicer alternative on ASOS.com, which is £4 cheaper!

I've put together an outfit from ASOS that is possibly going on my wish/Christmas list!

It starts with this beauty...

It's not normally a colour I'd go for as I'd usually opt for black, but as I'd team it with black tights and boots, I thought I should add a little colour otherwise I'd look like I was going to a funeral. Plus £24 is a little bargain I think.

As I browsed the ASOS website, I knew I was looking for a pair of black tights. Simple, boring, but I came across these lovelies which ticked the black tights box but also give a bit of interest to the outfit, in my opinion!

Now for the best bit of the outfit...the shoes! Wedges are massive at the moment so I'd probably opt for something suitable for the winter, such as these gorgeous shearling winter wedges!

These wonders are £55 which is pretty reasonable, but with my lack of cash and the current length of my Christmas list, I probably won't be getting these until they are way out of date, boo!

So these are the latest additions to my wishlist, what do you guys think? I realise the majority of posts recently have been wishlist posts, but they are becoming my favourite thing to write recently, and seeing as I'm not up to much else, they're better than no post at all!

Hopefully this ASOS discount will help towards these items finally becoming mine! I might email it over to mother!

22 November 2010

Sleepy Head

This morning I actually gasped out loud at the state of my bank account.

I've been unemployed for nearly 2 months now...which was by choice by the way. Being in Southampton while Vince carries on with his third year of University, means that I obviously want to go home to Weston Super Mare for the Christmas holidays with him and not be stuck here alone, so in preparation for this, I saved money through the summer to help me live over the Christmas period. I didn't look for a job in this time because most of the shops are/were looking for Christmas temporary staff, and not being able to work Boxing Day is a big no no.

Anyway, the saving kind of worked and kind of didn't. I've managed to live this far but have obviously over spent majorly, as my lovely account balance now tells me that I won't be able to buy any Christmas presents this year!

So, I'm hoping to go back to work over the holidays at a holiday camp back at home. I'm just waiting anxiously to hear back from them and hoping that they need an extra hand over Christmas. They've been very good over the past 3 years or so, letting me come back every Easter, Summer and Christmas.

I'm not planning on staying unemployed for much longer. As much as I love being able to stay in bed all day and watching day-time television, it can get a bit boring and there's only so much cleaning I can do to keep myself occupied. When we come back to Southampton in the New Year, I'm going to go on a mahoosive job hunt, literally looking for anything. Hopefully I'll find something that can tide me over until I find a job that relates to Journalism in some way! Wish me luck!

P.S Thanks for all the lovely comments and *Hi* to the new followers, not long until I reach 100!!

18 November 2010

My Christmas wishlist Part 2!

Part 1 of my Christmas wishlist started out with the search for the perfect satchel, and now I think I've found my dream satchel, which I'm hoping will be sitting under my Christmas tree this year, thanks to my loving Sister!

The Stitch Detail Biker Satchel is everything I love in a bag/satchel. Lovely and chunky for all my rubbish. Leather look and black, to 'go' with everything. Perfect! £40 from Warehouse!

And now I'm going to show you the rest of the things on my Christmas wishlist. My mum has asked for a specific list so she knows exactly what to get me. Most of the list consists of books, but there's also the usual bits and pieces I get most years, such as slippers, PJs, a new Calendar and a Diary.

As you've seen from my Book Recommendation posts, I love to read so these books are all on my wishlist, and I expect the list will continue to grow!

So now you can probably guess what some of the future Book Recommendation books are going to include, but that's not all, there's still many things I want! Including these two Accessorize Nail Polish's in 'Rockstar Idol' and 'Illusion Molten Copper.'

I had no idea Accessorize did nail polishes or even cosmetics. I've also opted for a 'Molten Copper' eyeshadow.

Last but not least, I've found this scrummy Bubblegum Lip Scrub from LUSH, which I've also added to my wishlist.

I also really love this dress from Topshop, but I'm not really the dress type and it would probably just sit in my wardrobe for the rest of the year! Boo.

If I get all of these lovely things for Christmas, I'll be a very happy bunny...but I'll have to wait just 36 days!

What's on everyone else's wishlist?

15 November 2010

Eyeko Rain Polish & Strawberry Fat Balm Review

Having freshly painted nails is a great feeling and I change my nail colour at least twice a week.

I have recently been seeing a huge rise in Eyeko product reviews and with their new Ambassador program, people are really able to get involved with the company and the products they sell. I recently decided to purchase the new Rain Polish - 'For City Nails.'

When you think of a city, you'd normally think dreary greys, but this gorgeous light blue polish totally puts the glamour back into the city. I love the cute dinky bottle and the long lid is really easy to hold,obviously making it easier to apply.

The website suggests using 2 coats of the polish but I found that if you scoop out just the right amount, it looks fine with just 1 coat! I always prefer polishes that only need 1 coat as I find they last longer.

I love that there is a teeny tiny hint of shimmer in the polish and although not as fast drying as some, it wasn't too long before I could stop walking around with my hands held out in front of me!

Overall I was really impressed with this polish and for only £3.50, it's an absolute bargain!

As an Ambassador for Eyeko, I made full use of one of the site's free offers. I got to pick a free Fat Balm from the range, so I opted for the Strawberry. After seeing a few reviews around the net, I wish I had opted for the Mint flavour as the colour looks much more me.

This is the first time I'd tried Eyeko's Fat Balm and I was surprised at how small it was! The box is cute and fun and the smell is scrumptious. I love the fat holder it comes in and the lovely deep red shade. I know it's called a 'Fat' balm, but if I were to use the entire thing on my lips, I'd end with it all over my face, like a clown. Instead, I used the tips of the balm when applying it.

It left a not too sticky texture and my lips were left much less vampy than I thought they were going to be. I'm definitely going to continue to use the fat balm, it's a great alternative to my boring Chapstick!

If you want to purchase some Eyeko products, you can use my snazzy Ambassador code in order to get a free gift if you spend over £10! Just enter E12339 at the checkout!


13 November 2010


I'm glad people are starting to like my product reviews, I love doing them! It gives me a great excuse to go out and buy things, although I probably really shouldn't! I've just received some cute products from Eyeko.com, so I'll be reviewing those soon!

It's very hard to write a blog post when the majority of what I've been up to includes sitting in front of a laptop or TV for most of the day. However, last night I went to watch Kids In Glass Houses at Southampton Guildhall. I have to say they were pretty good. For a change, we decided to sit in the balcony and what a good choice we made! We had comfy seats and could see everything that was going on. It also gave me the chance to write as I watched, without getting bashed into my sweaty people.

Here are some not so good pics, taken on my Blackberry:

The lights at the back were pretty mesmerizing and distracting as they kept morphing into different shapes and colours.

As I was on the Guestlist for the gig, I didn't take any money with me, but when I got to the Guestlist entrance, the guy there told me I had to make a £5 charity donation. I'm really skint at the moment and obviously didn't take any money, which I explained but he said if I didn't make a donation, I wasn't getting in. I didn't have much of a choice really, so we went to get some cash and we were allowed back in, only to witness the girl in front be let through without making a donation. I thought donations were optional?!

I reviewed the gig for Portsmouth News, which hopefully means it will be printed in the newspaper, like my other review was. When I first signed up to write for them, I believed that my reviews were only going to be on the website, but having them printed is a great surprise and means I have more to put into my portfolio!

I had an offer of an short Internship at Top Sante magazine recently. There were a few dates to chose from, including January next year, which I opted for, but sadly it was already taken. They offered me a placement for November but I had to turn it down because I just don't have the money to travel to London every day for three weeks, or even stay there. They did offer £50 a week travel expenses, but for a week of travelling it costs about £120 and I still just can't afford it. It's a real shame because it probably would have been a good Internship, at three weeks long, there certainly would have been a chance of getting stuck into things, instead of sitting in the office sorting the post every day. :( Hopefully another opportunity will come along, when I'm a little richer!

11 November 2010

Primark Saint or Sinner eye-shadow palette review!

When I think of Primark, I think cheap and sometimes badly made clothing, but I never think, make up. Recently they've brought in a range of beauty products and today I decided to try some out.

I picked up the Saint or Sinner eye shadow palette for just £2, which for 10 eye shadows, is a bit of a bargain!

The box is really cute, but a bit hefty to lug about in a handbag or anything. There's a fair sized mirror which is great and although the eye shadows are only little, I think there is enough for them to last.

The eye shadow colours are: Vanilla, Bamboo, Dusk, Cosmo, Curfew, Galaxy, Matted, Rockstar, Charcoal and Emerald. The names are a little cheesy but I'll let them off!

I have to stay I'm relatively pleased with the colours, especially the darker ones such as Matted, which is a matt Grey, and Charcoal, a glittery grey perfect for smoky eyes.

The Vanilla and Bamboo colours are quite difficult to see so I wouldn't wear them individually, but they would make great highlighters. As you can the see, the Bamboo is barely visible.

Vanilla, Bamboo & Dusk

Cosmo is probably another colour that I would avoid, but not because it isn't pretty, it just wouldn't suit me. Curfew and Galaxy are much more my colours. They both have a hint of sparkle and would be great mixed together. Curfew comes out much more purple that it looks in the package.

Cosmo, Curfew & Galaxy

Matted is probably my favourite colour. It'd look great on it's own as well as with Rockstar, Charcoal and even Curfew for great smoky eyes. Emerald is a real party colour which I might whip out for a special occasion.

Matted, Rockstar, Charcoal & Emerald

Overall I think the palette is pretty good, and very reasonable! I personally prefer the darker colours but I love the slight sparkle in each of the colours. :) The packaging is cute if a little childish but if Primark continue to produce make up like this, they will have a big hit on their hands!

10 November 2010

NUS Student Demo

If you've been paying any attention to student affairs, you'll know about the Student march that is currently going on in London. Tens of thousands of students and lecturers have taken to the streets today to protest against cuts to further and higher education for the 'Fund Our Future' national demonstration, jointly organised by NUS and the University and College Union.

The Government is proposing to triple Undergraduate fees to £9,000 as well as abolishing the EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) grant and ALG (Adult Learning) grant.

Even if the fees do rise, they aren't going to affect me but having literally just graduated a week ago today, I know how expensive University is as well as how daunting it is for people thinking of attending. The rise in fees is going to deter a lot of people. People that should have the right to go to University and deserve to do so.

The tuition fee rise is going to split the country into those who can afford University and those who can't and I don't think it's fair. Why should the next generation suffer and be denied opportunities of good Education because of this generation's debts?

Having just Graduated, I now face having to pay back my student loan and although it is considerably less than it could be in the future, it's still a daunting process and will probably take me years. If people are made to pay £9,000 a year for tuition fees, they are going to be spending even longer paying back their student debts, which could possibly lead them to falling further into debt and scuppering opportunities such as getting mortgages.

Although the students marching in London are all for changing the proposed rise in tuition fees, I'm being realistic when I say it probably won't change anything. As much as I hope it does, the Government will eventually do what they want and mess up this country even more.

Good luck to all those marching! What are everyone else's thoughts on this?

[Edit] It's a shame that a select few right wing extremists had to ruin things for everybody and take the focus off the serious protest going on, by smashing windows and starting fires in London. What's the point? Now everyone's assumptions about Students have been proved right! [/Edit]

9 November 2010

Nails Inc, Hampstead Heath!

There's nothing I like more than a freebie, so when I noticed a mini Nails Inc polish free with the December issue of Glamour magazine, I had to have it!

I have previously used the Nails Inc 'London' polish which I love, and which I also got as a freebie. As much as I love Nails Inc, I can never justify spending out on a single polish, they are a tad expensive for me but with Christmas coming up, I may just have to add some to my wishlist!

I didn't fancy the Barbie pink colour that was on most of the magazine covers so I settled for this vampy, red 'Hampstead Heath' shade in 10ml.

The polish is so cute and dinky and I love the colour! It went on really easily, dried in a flash and only needed one coat, so it ticks all the important boxes! The shade of the polish is a deep red, very in keeping with the huge vampy theme that's going on at the moment. Usually I don't like red nail polishes as they can be a bit bright and trashy but I love this shade!

Hooray for Nails Inc! Good job!

7 November 2010

My Christmas wishlist

I know, I know it's still on November but everything is starting to feel all Christmassy already! The adverts are starting to include little jingly bells and the dark evenings make me feel all wintery. I can't wait to start wearing my woolly hat and gloves!

I'm already starting to think about what I want for Christmas, even though my dad says 22 is too old for presents! There's not actually many things I want, a few books, some nail polishes and I've put in my order with my sister for a new satchel bag!

I've found a few that I love but my sister and I have a bit of a budget so I've given her some ideas of the style I like, so I thought I'd show you guys aswell.

This Oasis Herringbone satchel is particularly gorgeous, especially at £35 from ASOS! It's in budget, but I'm not completely sure about the material pattern, it looks a bit Grandma to me.

This Oasis Casual Satchel is really cute and I love the colour but the £65 price tag and the size is a bit off-putting!

The Contrast Strap Satchel from Topshop is really cute, although a bit business like for me. £45 is pretty reasonable I think as it's real leather. It's growing on me actually...

The Real Sheepskin Despatch Bag is great for winter, but at £85, it would be my only present this year! Shame!

So, those are just some of the satchel bags I'm liking at the moment. I'm almost tempted to buy one myself so I can have it right away but I know the funds won't let me! I'd love to see other people's suggestions for satchel bags, what's on your own Christmas lists?
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