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31 October 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #54

Wednesday Wishlist
Topshop: Cobweb Glow in the Dark Leggings - £22, Conical Stud Horns - £12, J.W Anderson for Topshop Bat Handknit Sweater - £69.99
New Look: White Ghost Coin Purse - £4.99

I don't really do anything for Halloween any more. I think the last time I dressed up was back at University when absolutely everybody would dress up, but I never really put much effort into my outfits. These days people's outfits are a lot more imaginative and even fashion stores are getting in on the act as well.

I absolutely adore the J.W Anderson for Topshop Bat Handknit Sweater, but I don't adore the price. I actually picked up a dupe version for a fraction of the price from Internacionale, which I will definitely try and feature on the blog soon!

If you're struggling for a Halloween outfit idea for tonight then I'd suggest you get down to your nearest Topshop ASAP. They have such a great range of Halloween goodies. I just love the Conical Stud Horns, a much better take on the traditional tacky red devil horns in my opinion!

If I was dressing up this year I'd definitely go for the Cobweb Glow in the Dark Leggings. It's minimal effort and minimal price for an outfit with added glow in the dark, brill!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

29 October 2012

Look Beauty: Look Good Feel Better

Look Beauty: Look Good Feel Better
Make Me Blush in Pinch - £8, Nail Pop in Corsage - £5
Look Beauty: Look Good Feel Better
Eyeshadow in Satin - £4
Look Beauty: Look Good Feel Better
Nail Pop in Corsage - £5
Look Beauty: Look Good Feel Better
Lip Liner in Rock Candy - £4
Look Beauty: Look Good Feel Better
Eyeshadow in Satin - £4, Lipstick in Rock Candy - £7
Look Beauty: Look Good Feel Better
Lipstick in Rock Candy - £7
I hope I am just in time with this post! I was recently sent the above products by Look Beauty, who throughout October, have been donating 50p from the sale of their products to Look Good Feel Better charity.

As most people know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Look Beauty have teamed up with the charity to donate from the sales of products from their 'flirty five' pink products range.

There is still time to purchase from the range, which is available from selected Superdrug stores and LookBeauty.co.uk.

This post contains PR samples

28 October 2012

A slow week in photos

Usual Chinese / What if? / GBK fizzy drink / Mint burger! / Rosemary chips / New books! / More flowers / New polishes

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Sometimes, it seems like a week can go so very slowly! I think this week was one of those. Last Sunday I went shopping to Cabot Circus again with my sister and spent WAY too much money. We did discover Gourmet Burger Kitchen though, which was amazing! I can't wait to eat there again.

I had some of my birthday vouchers with me to spend, but didn't end up spending them all. It's always the way when you have vouchers. I did buy a new vase for the house but that was all!

I did buy four new books though. I'm currently in the middle of reading The Perks of being a Wallflower, but I'm not really that into it to be honest, which is a shame, because everybody seems to be raving about it. It was 3 for 2 in Waterstones so I picked up The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, so I can't wait to get stuck into those!

On Thursday night Vince and I hosted our first dinner party in our new house! Vince's family came round and we all had a delicious roast, very kindly cooked by Vince. We did have to buy two more chairs for the dining table and it was a bit of a squash but it was really nice. Vince's mum also brought me a new cake stand and a bunch of roses! I'm loving having lots of plants in the house and my herbs have even started to grow as well!

What have you all been up to this week?

26 October 2012

Here kitty kitty

Black & Multi Cat Print Belted Silk Capped Sleeve Dress
Lavish Alice: Black & Multi Cat Print Belted Silk Capped Sleeve Dress - £10
New Look: Black Drop Pocket Boyfriend Cardigan - £12.99
Zara: Basic Shopper - £19.99

I wanted to show you all my lovely new cat print dress from Lavish Alice. I've never tried buying anything from this brand before but I had a little look and snapped this beauty up from the sale section for just £10, bargain!

It's very rare that I am able to take a full length photo of my outfit. Once my spare room is sorted out I'm hoping to have some space to take pics, but until then this will have to do!

The dress is a lovely silky material, covered in multi-coloured cat print. It came with a bow style belt but I didn't really like it so replaced it with my studded Topshop one from years ago.

It's so comfortable and I really like the capped sleeves, great for when the weather warms up a bit. It's a bit shorter than what I usually wear but all in all, a really great find!

24 October 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #53

Wednesday Wishlist
Internacionale: Black T-shirt dress - £22.99
Matalan: All over stud clutch with tassel - £8
New Look: Limited Gold and Black Diamante Plate Rope Necklace - £9.99, Charcoal Skeleton Hand Print Tank Top - £9.99

This weeks wishlist seems to have taken on a dark theme as well. I guess black is just my go to colour when I can't be bothered to really put any effort into thinking about what to wear.

The dress I've chosen above is really lovely and one that looks effortlessly stylish, but I fear I would need to wear heels with it or it would look a bit frumpy. I'm not really a heels kind of person, but perhaps flatforms would be the obvious choice?

I think the clutch could really help dress up the t-shirt dress for a night out. I love the simplicity!

I'm really keen to try the necklace I've featured above. I'm seeing this style all over the blogging community but I'm a bit scared of wearing something so chunky, but I think this one is just perfect and for only £9.99, I think it's a bit of a bargain!

What's on your wishlist this week?

22 October 2012

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Watermelon

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Watermelon
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Watermelon - £3.99

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Watermelon
When I spotted this in store I thought it was a little pointless. Any polish can look 'high-shine' with an application of top coat, but after trying this out I can definitely see a real high gloss look that wouldn't be possible with a simple top coat.

I'm really glad I purchased this polish as I really love the green watermelon shade and it makes a great base coat for the Aqua Glitter I featured on the blog last week.

This polish is really lovely to apply and dries extremely quickly, which is always a bonus. It catches the light really well and the finished look does have a smooth 'gelly' edge to it.

I really rather like it and would certainly recommend! It includes all of the goodness of a polish and top coat rolled into one for the same price as a normal polish.

21 October 2012

An eating week in photos

Family rock cake recipe / Rock cakes / Thai Green Curry / Chilli Con Carne / Cat dress / Vince / Posing / Nandos! / Pretty fountain / Jasper / Elemis goody / Outfit photo

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This week all I have done is eat! Last Sunday I attempted to bake some brownies and rock cakes and failed miserably! I'm not quite sure how I messed up a Betty Crocker mix of brownie but something went very very wrong as they ended up a weird shiny, gooey mess. The rock cakes weren't too bad to be honest, but they had a case of soggy bottom about them!

Vince very kindly made me a Thai Green Curry during the week as well. I was all ready to cook it myself but he kind of took over when it was obvious I didn't know what I was doing. As usual it was delicious!

On Wednesday I went out for a lovely meal to a local Thai restaurant with some of the girls from work. There was only a few of us but it was nice and the food was scrummy!

Yesterday Vince and I went to Cribbs Causeway for a Nando's, which was pretty much the best idea we've ever had. It was delicious. I haven't had one in so long so it was a bit of a change. We did do a little bit of shopping, but I just find the shops there a bit rubbish. Today I'm off to Cabot Circus with my sister to spend my birthday vouchers, I can't wait!

What has everyone been up to this week?

19 October 2012

Prada Candy

Prada Candy
Prada Candy 30ml - £40

Prada Candy

Prada Candy
My mum and dad went on holiday recently and brought me this back. They did try and find the new Marc Jacobs 'Dot' for me but unfortunately it wasn't available, but I'm really glad I was given this because it's really lovely.

This isn't exactly a perfume I would usually even look at or try as Prada comes with quite a price tag, but I love it! When people buy you a present such as perfume it's always a bit risky as it may not be your type of scent. Luckily, this is exactly mine!

I really love the girly, fun packaging and the bottle is very cool. I do have a thing about perfume bottles. I don't like ones that are boring and plain, I always love ones that are a bit interesting like this. I really love the lid and the pink and gold colour theme.

Surprisingly caramel is a key note in this perfume, which is probably why I like it so much. It's a lot stronger than most perfumes I like and it has a hint of muskiness about it as well as being sweet and a tad spicy as well.

This is going to take pride of place in my perfume collection and when it's all gone, it's the type of bottle I'd keep and display!

17 October 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #52

Wednesday Wishlist
Topshop Dark side of Nude: Nails in Stardust - £6.50, Nails in Panther - £6.50, Eye Palette in Prism - £16, Eye Palette in Atmosphere - £16, Mascara in Onyx - £10

As soon as I saw the Topshop Dark Side of Nude make-up collection I instantly wanted it all! I love the dark and moody colour scheme but the prices are a tad over the top.
I particularly like the eyeshadow palettes in Prism and Atmosphere, but at £16, I think they're a bit overpriced. The shades do look really pretty and well pigmented though.

The Nails in Panther and Nails in Stardust are equally as gorgeous. I really like Topshop nail polishes and they're not too badly priced either.

The collection is just perfect for Halloween, which isn't too far away now. I love the gothic look with a glamorous twist and if I was a lipstick wearer I'd definitely be buying both lipstick shades that are available.

What's on your wishlist this week?

15 October 2012

Barry M Aqua Glitter

Barry M Aqua Glitter
Barry M Aqua Glitter polish - £2.99

Barry M Aqua Glitter

This has got to be one of my new favourite glitter polishes. I picked it up on a bit of a whim in Boots as it was 3 for 2 on everything. I'm so glad I did because it's a really cheerful and festive shade.

I teamed it with the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish in Watermelon and I think the combination works brilliantly. I also think the glitter polish would work well on top of a plain white, to create a 'frosty' sort of look.

I don't think it'd really work on it's own as you'd need so many layers that it would just end up peeling off.

It applies really nicely and I've only needed one coat for the above look. It dries tremendously fast. It does leave a rough feel after drying but that can easily be fixed with some clear polish over the top.

I just love the frosty blue glitter and larger flecks. It makes for a really lovely polish that is a bit different from usual!

14 October 2012

A birthday week in photos

Orange glittery flowers / Chocolates / New dining table / All you can eat! / Vince / Puddings / Vince posing with the new dining table / Simple dinners are the best / Goodies / Pasta bake / Casserole / Own birthday cake! / Apple TV! / Herb kit

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So, as I write this blog I'm now another year older! 24 to be exact!

On Thursday Vince took me to Cosmo in Bristol for dinner. He was working over the weekend so this was really the only time we could do anything. It was delicious and I ate so so much, I had to get my money's worth though as it was an all you can eat Chinese/Indian buffet, which is always our fave!

On my actual birthday my family came round and brought me lots of lovely presents. I got lots of vouchers so I'm looking forward to going shopping and spending them! I also got some nice presents for the house, including a herb growing kit. Let's hope I don't kill them! My sister also got me my first plant for my house!

Vince also very kindly bought me Apple TV for my iPad! It's brill and means I can use it when I'm lonely and bored in the house. I still haven't quite figured out how to use it completely but I'll give it a go and I'm sure it'll be fine.

Vince also bought a new dining table for the house, and it feels like it's really finished things off. It's made everything feel like a proper home now, it's certainly what we needed! It's really nice too, he did a good job!

What have you been up to this week?
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