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24 September 2009

Mixed up

These past two weeks have been the hardest of my life, of all of our lives really. I don't want to go into much detail here really but it will be hard to go back to Southampton and leave home behind, especially after losing Grandad. I keep expecting to see him down the highstreet, or in Sainsburys or for him to ring up about something he's seen for sale or pop in for a cup of tea. It was the funeral today which was hard but also nice to hear about his life and the nice things he said and thought about us all.

It's with mixed feelings that I'm going back to Uni, one half of me wants to get started with lectures and move into the new house officially but the other half wants to stay at home and not be grown up and independent. I'm going back on Sunday so I need to get back before ASDA closes so I can do a big shop, lol. Then Monday, it's back into the swing of things with lectures starting at 11am I think. The new timetable isn't too bad, but thats only because we have a major final year project to keep us occupied when we aren't in Uni.

I got an email from my lecturer today about a work experience opportunity at, writing for their online fashion blog, so I went ahead and replied and heard back from them today and they want me to write for them! It's great experience and although I blog already, this will be quite different as it's under contract with the chance of payment and other goodies in the future.

It's getting late now and I'm pretty exhausted so goodnight!

17 September 2009


R.I.P Grandad
01/10/1936 - 13/09/09

11 September 2009

Time for an update

Just over a month ago I spent £420 on a brand new laptop, one month later it's back at Acer being repaired because I broke the screen. I didn't notice that a headphone was sitting ontop of the power button and so when I closed the laptop, I heard a crunching sound and saw the headphone sitting there, grinning. I didn't realise anything had cracked until the laptop turned on and the screen went mental at me, crying for help. =P One week later, I've paid £138 to get it fixed and now all I can do is wait until it is done! I'm hoping it's going to be done before I go back to Uni otherwise I'm going to have to come back and get it, doh. It's my own fault, but I'm definitely going to be taking out some insurance on it when it's all fixed.

I go back to Southampton a week on Monday. I've emailed by lecturer about my dissertation but she says she doesn't want to talk about it over email and for me to go and see her, so as I have done nothing to it, I have to wait another week without doing anything to it because she won't email, when she actually told us all to email her through the summer about it. I'm still not looking forward to going back, though I am excited to be in my new house, I think it will be great as it's a proper house this time around, with a garden, big lounge, kitchen table and a bath! I know they are only little things but after living in a dingy flat for a year, it makes a nice change!

I am leaving Sandbay on Thursday and I can't wait! I've definitely had enough of that place now, but as the boss has gone on holiday for a week it means we can relax more and not care about getting in trouble for absolutely ridiculous things. I'm not sure if I want to go back for Christmas or not, I don't even know if she would want me back. Vince and I are leaving just before a major event where everyone works till 5am, still with only a 20 minute break! We have a week to relax before we go back to Uni on the 21st. Vince is playing the Joiners on the 24th which should be good, though I think they should be further up the bill. :P I am pretty bias though.

Vince and I had a fun adventure on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Vince had previously said he wanted some Chinese lanterns so I got him some for his birthday back in August and Tuesday was the perfect night to fly them, although we only got round to flying one as it was SO much hassle! I didn't realise they were so massive! We went up to our college which looks out over the sea as we thought this would be the perfect place but as soon as we stepped out the car (looking very dodgy at 2am) it started getting windy and spitting with rain, typical! It took absolutely ages to light and then it wouldn't fly! it just kept hitting the floor so we ran down some steps as the wind dragged it down and we caught it. We then tried getting it to fly behind the shield of some houses and the wind did finally catch it and it flew! Only, it flew into someones window and into some bushes so we immediately panicked because we thought the bushes would catch fire so we ran away, back up the steps and I quickly glanced to my right and saw it was miles up in the air! After all that trouble, we actually missed it taking off! It stayed up for absolutely ages and it moved further and further away, it must have gone right to the otherside of the beach. I took a video of it but it's only really a light in the sky at that point so it's not much to see, but in the end it was cool to see it for ages in the sky. We decided not to light the others because it was so much hassle, we're going to save them for another day, so we walked along the seafront instead, haha.

Heres a pic of Vince with the lantern:

and heres a pic of the lantern as it's about to fly into a window (on the left):

Overall I've had a good summer and I've done more than I usually do! It's my birthday in October and I'll be 21 so I need to figure out where I'm going for that. I think I'm going home the weekend before and going out for a meal so need to decide where!
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