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31 July 2012

Caudalie Grape Water

Caudalie Grape Water
Caudalie Grape Water - £9.90

I think every blogger around has tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I swear by it myself and use it every single morning. I'm already on to my third bottle, but I recently heard some other bloggers talking about the Caudalie Grape Water and thought it sounded very interesting, so decided to try it out!

The Caudalie Grape Water comes in a massive 200ml size for just £9 which is a real bargain when you consider the Beauty Elixir is just 30ml for £9.90.

The product aims to sooth and moisturise the skin and unlike the beauty elixir it comes in an aerosol can which you spray.

The mist is extremely light and quite refreshing but I was quite disappointing at the lack of scent in this product. I know grapes don't really smell that much but I was expecting a little scent. Instead it sort of just feels like I'm spraying water onto my face instead of an actual product.

The size of the product is great and it will last quite a long time. I'm intending to alternate this with my beauty elixir in the mornings to help revive my skin and wake me up a little bit.

I'm not sure why but the instructions say this shouldn't be massaged into the skin. It doesn't take long to soak in and it leaves the skin feeling wide awake!

It's a great price and I'm going to continue with it but I'm not sure if it's one I will repurchase again.

30 July 2012

Sure Women Maximum Protection

Sure Women Maximum Protection
Sure Women Maximum Protection - £5.30

I find that beauty blogs often lack reviews of products that are necessities to us all so I just had to post about this new magic product I've been testing out!

I don't know about you girls (I'm presuming most of my readers are girls, sorry if you're not!) but I've struggled to find a really good deodorant/anti-perspirant for years and years!

I've tried to many different brands and while they do their job well as in keeping me smelling nice, they don't tend to prevent sweating.

Most deodorant/anti-perspirant sprays and roll-ons will leave you feeling dry to start with but if it's a hot day I've found that they don't prevent stickiness and wetness.

I think I read about the Sure Women Maximum Protection anti-perspirant deodorant on Twitter as a fair few bloggers were raving about it.

I think £5.30 is quite expensive for something like this (they seem to be getting more expensive every week) but it's is SO worth it as it really works! It's quite similar to a roll-on but you turn the dial and it dispenses the product which you then use as normal.

It leaves you completely dry all day long! I used it last week when it was absolutely boiling hot, almost 30 degrees and I didn't break a sweat at all! Not even while I was sat in a hot, stuffy office. I'm pretty sure this project is magic?! It's absolutely brilliant!

The directions actually say this product should be applied before bed, which I find a bit weird? However, while you sleep it works its magic and the protection will last throughout the next day, even after a shower!

I've not actually tried out this method as I'm pretty happy with what I've been doing so far.

I can't recommend this product enough!

29 July 2012

A 'too hot' week in photos!

KFC dinner! / Cosmetic goodies / Caudalie Grape water / Sea / Pier / Walking along the pier / Fun house! / Hello Kitty machine / Gambling / Ice Cream / Fish & Chips / Daisy enjoying the sea / Tea / Burritos / New shoes / New slippers!

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This week has been ridiculously hot! So hot infact that I've had to go without a cardigan and have even been spotted in a dress and sandals!

If you know me then you know that's not something that happens very often! Vince and I have tried to make the best of the sunshine after work by taking another stroll along the beach. We walked all along the seafront and saw The Cafe being filmed for Sky tv. We went on the pier and lost all our money, had ice cream and even fish and chips! Very British!

We spent Friday evening watching the Olympics opening ceremony which was really impressive! I got fed up when all the teams started coming out though, it went on for absolutely ages!

I've not watched any of the actual sports going on though. Yesterday was another sunny day so we all took Daisy to the beach and we all went paddling in the sea. Daisy absolutely loved it! It was great!

We had some tea and ice cream and met up with my nan and grandad for more tea and cake! I couldn't believe that it started raining last night. It absolutely chucked it down! It's pretty sunny again now but not very warm!

I spent the morning playing with Daisy and then had a little shop at the local Boots and Matalan stores! I picked up some bits and pieces and was so close to buying the new Marc Jacobs Dot perfume! The 30ml bottle was really disappointing though, I think I'm going to wait until I can afford the proper version of the bottle. I don't just buy a perfume for the scent but I also buy it for the bottle as well and I keep it even when it's empty!

I've spent the afternoon tidying, hoovering and dusting my bedroom so I'm completely knackered now!


27 July 2012

Matalan Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook

I was so pleased to be sent this brilliant new lookbook for Matalan A/W 2012. I know it's still only July and the sun is just starting to make an appearance, but Autumn and Winter are my two favourite seasons when it comes to dressing.

I love being wrapped up in lots of layers and being nice and warm! Matalan has gone for a mix of dark and glamorous with cool and casual.

I'm loving the leather dresses and dark midnight shades as well as the warm and friendly jumpers paired with edgy leggings and accessories.

The accessories are even better. I adore browsing the rails in Matalan for cool scarves and shoes as well as jewellery and their stocks of bags are so impressive!

Matalan Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook

Matalan Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook

Some of the items are already making their way into stores which is extremely exciting! I'm keen to get my hands on the flatforms and the popular fox bags!

I think Matalan have done Autumn/Winter 2012 so well. There are so many things I absolutely adore in this Lookbook. I am quickly putting together my own Matalan wishlist!

26 July 2012

Flowers In The Window.

Monki: Pink Lerima Top - €8
New Look: Gold & Silver Spike Necklace - £4.99, Safia Dip Hem Skirt - £19.99

Not a brilliant outfit photo but I still haven't mastered doing full length ones just yet. I tend to take outfit photos while standing on my bed as that's really the only place I have a blank wall. I also tend to chop my head off outfit photos because I'm usually never wearing any make up and my hair is still damp as I've let it dry naturally! I will work on this though!

I haven't actually worn the skirt properly yet as it hasn't really been warm enough, but now the sun is coming out I think it might be time to throw it on! I decided to pair it with a tshirt I picked up from the Monki store on Carnaby street. It's really casual and loose fitting but can be dressed up as well.

The skirt has a lovely drop hem which I love. It's perfect for someone as short as me as it feels like I'm wearing a maxi skirt but it doesn't make me look really stumpy because you can see my legs at the front. Amazing! It's the perfect beach skirt as well and looks great with some cute sandals or flip flops!

If only I was going away on holiday this year, this would be the first thing I would pack in my suitcase!

25 July 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #41

Wednesday Wishlist
Matalan: Floral Printed Playsuit - £20, Stud Envelope Clutch - £8, Bow Print Tote Bag - £12, Contrast Heel Pointy Shoe -  £12, Colour Block Gladiator Sandals - £4
Topshop: Chevron Stud Purse - £16

I didn't realise this wishlist was mainly made up of Matalan products. I tried on the playsuit the other day during my lunch break but couldn't quite decide if it was for me or not. Having seen it again online I'm still undecided!

It's such a nice colour and print though and I love the shorts/skirt, but I'm trying to buy things that I'm actually going to wear instead of having them hanging in my wardrobe for ages going unworn.

I keep walking past the gladiator sandals which are currently on sale. I love the colour but I think I'd prefer a mint/blue shade, perhaps something like the colour of the studded clutch bag. I've never actually had a clutch bag before, I think they'd become a bit annoying to carry around but they're always so pretty. I like having my hands free so I prefer to sling a bag over my shoulder. How do you all deal with clutch bags?

What's on your wishlist this week?

24 July 2012

Jergens Cocoa Butter

Jergens Cocoa Butter
Jergens Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Moisturiser - £5.10*

I've never used Jergens before and I had no idea that the product was having a bit of a re-launch.

I've always seen the brand in stores but I've never had the urge to try it out. Recently I was sent some lovely body moisturiser to try out and I'm really glad I got the opportunity to try it!

I received a lovely Cocoa Butter moisturiser that smells amazing. It's a lovely thick moisturiser that leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and scented after application.

It dries relatively quickly and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky, which is something I can't stand! I love the fact that the scent stays on your skin as you get hints of it every now and then which is really lovely.

I've had a little look online and the moisturiser is priced at around £4/£5 which is quite reasonable for a 200ml product. This is going to last me a good while. I love just smothering it all over myself after getting out of the bath or shower!

This post contains PR samples


23 July 2012

House of Wolves.

Internacionale Mint Heart Print Dress
Internacionale Mint Heart Print Dress
Internacionale: Mint Heart Print Dress - £10
I'm not 100% sure about this dress. It's such a pretty colour and print but the waistband is just weird! It's much too high up and it gives me a strange shape. However, I think I could definitely get used to it.

I picked this up in the Internacionale sale. It was actually Buy One Get One Free and I didn't realise so when I got to the till and the cashier informed me I had to do a quick dash around the sale rails and find something. This dress had been catching my eye for weeks and as they had it in my size still I guess it was some sort of sign!

I can't complain too much if I got it for free I suppose. It's another nice addition to my wardrobe and I think it will be fine for work. What do you think?

22 July 2012

A 'first steps' week in photos

Matalan Bright Tote / New purchases / My fave choc! / New purchases / New bedding / Choc cake! / Dinner / Lovely candles / New necklaces / New shoes / Tote bag again / Cheeky takeaway / Lovely walk on the beach / Zara tee / Choc eclair / Daisy at the park!

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The weather has finally taken a turn for the better this weekend. On Friday evening Vince and I took a nice walk along the seafront and I even kicked off my shoes and headed for the sand!

The reason we ended up on the seafront was because we went to have a look at a flat we'd seen and fallen in love with. We didn't actually get to look inside because we hadn't booked anything but we just wanted to see the area and what the outside was like. Unfortunately the flat is in a bit of a cold feeling tower block and is right at the top.

The coldness of the building really put me off but the inside (from what we can see from the pics) and the view is amazing! We can't really afford it yet to be honest so we're probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves but it's such a brilliant view of the beach and the pier that is almost outweighs the downsides of the building.

As usual my weekend has been pretty boring. We took Daisy to the park yesterday afternoon which was nice! She didn't want to go on the swings or anything, she just wanted to stand and hold onto a yellow pole! Haha!

However, she did take her first few steps on her own which I managed to catch on video! We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get her to do it again! She's growing up so quickly!
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