Cherry Pie : A 'house hunting' week in photos

5 August 2012

A 'house hunting' week in photos

Chinese takeaway / Spag Bol / Jasper / Curls! / Fried Aubergine and Spam!

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Apologies for the lack of photos this week! I can't believe that this time last week it was so sunny and hot and I was in the sea! Now I'm sat in my PJs and it's pouring with rain outside. Yesterday was even thunder and lightning!

This week Vince and I have been setting up properties to view and we saw a load yesterday. Some were so horrible and we hated them straight away and others were really nice and we love them but we can't decide what we should do!

There's two that we really like and if we want one of them we have to act fast but every time one of us decides we like one better than the other, the other person decides they like the opposite one so it's really annoying!

How has everyone else been spending their weekend?


  1. So much good looking food, haha! I hope the house hunt sorts itself out, I'm sure you'll eventually come to a decision :) Nice to hear you've found some places you like though!

    I've spent my weekend having ridiculously long lay-ins and watching movies.

    Charlotte xo

  2. Oh house hunting is exciting but stressful! Are you looking for a place to rent or buy?


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