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29 February 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #20

Wednesday Wishlist #20
Topshop: Drop Hem Check Shirt - £28, Heart Print Tee by Roksanda Ilincic - £30, Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Wraps - £7, Sisters of the New Moon Nail Tattoos - £7, Sisters of the New Moon Nail Polishes in Zodiac & Hypnotic - £6.50

Seems like check shirts are back again, typical after I've just got rid of one that I brought last time around. I spotted the Drop Hem Check Shirt in store not long ago and the material is lovely and soft! I like the kind of faded colours on it so I definitely think I'll be buying this sometime soon!

I recently spotted the new NEWGEN collection available on Topshop.com and the Heart Print Tee by Roksanda Ilincic is probably the main one that caught my eye, and the only one I'd probably wear. They're a tad expensive though at £30, so I'm not too sure whether I'll be purchasing or not! I'd have to try it on in store first!

I really wish I'd brought the Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Wraps when they were in stock. I don't know if they're coming into stock at all or not but I'm desperate to try them!

I'm loving the new Sisters of the New Moon collection that has recently become available online. The packaging is just gorgeous and I really want to try their new nail polishes and nail tattoos! Again, I want to see the products in store before buying, but I can safely say I need them in my life!

What do you think of this weeks choices? That check shirt is calling me...

28 February 2012

MUA Glitter Nail Quake Polish

MUA Glitter Quake Polishes
MUA Glitter Nail Quake - £2.99*

When I was sent the MUA x Love Hearts collection from the lovely people at MUA, these two polishes were also in the package as their also new to the brand.

I actually briefly tried a green version of the MUA Glitter Nail Quake in a Superdrug store and actually wasn't that impressed, but I'm guessing I just didn't give them enough of the chance because after using them properly, I actually really love them!

I received the Gold and Silver polishes, but there's also a few other lovely colours available, including Pink, Green, Blue and Copper, which is refreshing to see.

Unlike most crackle polishes, you don't have to only use one coat of polish. With these you can use as much as you want to get a greater crackle effect. I used both of them over some of the new Love Hearts polishes and I love the finished effect! The colours work so well together!

As you can see, I alternated the colours so you could see what the Gold and Silver looked like over the Orange and Pink Love Hearts polishes. I think they're great and it's my new favourite colour combination!

These polishes are extremely reasonably priced for £2.99 and I'll definitely buy some more, possibly the Copper and Green crackle versions!

Have you tried the new Glitter Quake polishes yet?

This post contains PR samples

27 February 2012

Glossybox February 2012

Oh Glossybox. This past week or so you have disappointed me beyond belief.

Apparently Glossybox have been having a lot of payment problems, and guess who suffered from them? Moi! My payment was unsuccessful around four or five times and each time I received unpersonal, repetitive emails from the customer service department.

I emailed Glossybox a few times and again was told the same as before, so I took it upon myself to contact my bank and find out exactly what the problem was. It turns out that Glossybox were trying to take the payment via Credit Card when it should have been via Debit Card.

I went on to ring Glossybox, telling them exactly what the problem was and I was told that the message would be passed on to the payment team and then I got the typical 'we want you to receive you're Glossybox as much as you do,' blah, blah, blah. It turns out that the message wasn't passed on at all and I still received computer generated emails telling me that if payment continued to be unsuccessful by Friday, then someone woud be in contact with me. No one got in contact with me.

In the end, because I wanted my Glossybox at the same time as everyone else got theres (which still didn't happen), I unsubscribed from the box and resubbed using Paypal as my payment option. Payment was then taken successfully, on 17th Feb, and I heard nothing more from anyone at Glossybox.

Glossybox posts are actually some of my highest viewed posts on my blog so I hate to be behind with my reviews of the boxes. Because of all the payment problems, I received my box late and saw plenty of spoilers beforehand, which didn't fill me with excitement.

So after much annoyance, a few Twitter and Facebook comments ending in no result/help and a long wait, my box arrived.

Glossybox February 2012

Glossybox February 2012

Glossybox February 2012
Contents: Como Shambhala Shower Gel, DR Bronner Hand Sanitiser, Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell Hair Treatment Oil, Becca Cheek & Lip Tint, BM Beauty Eyeshadow
When I opened this months box I was really unimpressed. All of the products had fallen under the tissue paper into the corner and it just looked really unappealing. I think Glossybox could probably get away with cutting their box size in half.

The theme of this months box is London Fashion Week, which I'm not really keen on as most of us weren't at LFW, and this box just kind of rubbed that fact in a bit. Even if I was at LFW, I'm not sure these would be my essentials for the week either. I was also disappointed to see a repeat product in the form of Como Shambhala. Granted, this is a much larger version and I got a Shower Gel instead of a Moisturiser, but the whole idea of Glossybox is to discover new products, not to keep trying the same ones over again. I am glad that I got a shower gel though as you can never have too many!

The Becca Cheek & Lip Tint is a brand I've never heard of before but I don't really like or use Lip/Cheek products, so I'll probably pass it on to my sister.

Becca Cheek & Lip Tint

I'm yet to use the Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell Hair Treatment Oil but on first impressions, I think it could make my hair too greasy as it is oil based, but it has a lovely smell and is quite thick so I think just a little product will go a long way.

I'm pretty sure I've heard of BM Beauty before, but have never tried their products before. I received the BM Beauty Eyeshadow in Her Majesty which is a shimmering pink shade and not usually something I'd go for. I think it could work if blended into another, darker shade. It looks like it will be quite a messy product due to the loose minerals, a bit like Barry M Dazzle Dust. The packaging is really unappealing and cheap looking but the product is quite vibrant and pigmented so I think it will be a hit with a lot of people.

BM Beauty Eyeshadow in Her Majesty

I was most disappointed in the DR Bronner Hand Sanitiser. I understand it's reasoning for being in the LFW themed box but as someone who can't use hand sanitiser due to it causing my hands to inflame and get very dry and itchy, so this product is completely useless to me. I'll probably give it to someone else.

I think my first impressions of the box have changed slightly. The eyeshadow isn't too bad and I'll probably use it when I feel like doing a more 'girly' make-up look. The shower gel will probably be put in my bathroom for everyone to use and I think the Hair Treatment Oil would come in handy once I've finished my current products, but the Lip/Cheek tint and Hand Sanitiser will probably go to good homes.

I think the initial bad customer service and payment problems made me want to hate the box but there are some good points alongside the bad ones. Glossybox tend to have a run of really good, impressive boxes and then they bring out one like this, that divides people's opinions and gets them talking all over the blogging community. All press is good press. So I think Glossybox know exactly what they're doing.
I'm going to stay subscribed to the box, but I'm also trying new, different boxes that are being released. I'm intrigued about their mysterybox and I'm hoping there's good things to come. If you do want to sign up for the box, you can do so HERE.

26 February 2012

A working week in photos

My favourite fizzy sweets / Leaving present from work / New alarm time / Dinner at Vince's / Pancakes! / Glossybox / New rings / Saturday morning / Lovely invitation

These pics aren't really anything to do with work, but this week my blog has been a bit quiet due to me starting a new work placement. I'm working 9am until 5:30pm and when I eventually get home around 6:30pm, I haven't really been feeling like blogging! Thankfully I have weekends off so I've been able to write and schedule a few blog posts.

It was my last day at Sandbay on Sunday and my friend Sarah got me some lovely Roses and an Easter Egg as a little leaving present! It's so nice not having to do evening shifts and work over the weekends. I'm also enjoying not smelling of chips every day after work as well!

So, I started my new placement on Monday morning and the week has just flown by. I'm still getting used to the office and the way that everything weeks. I'm there until the end of April and I think I'm going to enjoy it.

I don't expect my week in photos post is going to be the only one to feature pancakes this week! I like mine nice and simple with lemon and plenty of sugar! Vince came round for dinner and we made them afterwards. I ate about 3 and a half so didn't beat my record of 10! Disappointing!

Talking of disappointment...this month's Glossybox arrived. I'll have a review of it up on the blog tomorrow. My first impressions weren't so good but I think I've been won round slightly. My opinions on Glossybox are always so up and down!

Lastly, I spent my Saturday morning sat infront of the TV with a cup of Tea, whilst playing with the dog every now and then. The rest of the day was spent on the laptop catching up with blogging and dinner with Vince! I also received a gorgeous invitation to a new store opening by Lola and Grace, but unfortunately I can't make it! The invitation was so pretty though, I just had to photograph it!

I'm back to work tomorrow, so will catch up with you soon!

22 February 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin

No7 Beautiful Skin
No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm for Dry/ Very Dry Skin 150ml - £9
No7 Beautiful Skin
No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry / Very Dry Skin 50ml - £12.50
No7 Beautiful Skin
No7 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue 50ml - £12

I'm probably not the first girl/blogger to take on a quest for perfect skin. It's an ongoing process, one that I'm not even sure has an end. There's not really such a thing as perfect skin, but there is something close. Unfortunately my skin will never reach such a point, instead it fluctuates between awful and OK.

Recently I've been suffering with extremely dry skin as well as ridiculously high sensitivity. Central heating, harsh winds and rain really don't help and every day I wake up with patches of really dry skin on my face and even after moisturising, they'd reappear halfway through the day.

I decided to pick up a few products from Boot's No7 Beautiful Skin range, to see if I could combat my skin somehow.

I was disappointed that there wasn't a 'sensitive' option within the range and the prices are kind of on the high side, but I actually really like the products so I feel that it has been money well spent.

I begin each day by applying the Cleansing Balm to dry skin. 'll then lightly wash it off with a bit of warm water and already my skin feels nice and smooth!

The Day Cream is applied before your make-up and again, it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft, making application of Foundation/Tinted Moisturiser even easier.

After applying these two products every morning, I've found that I've still had a little breakout but my skin feels softer, smoother and is definitely a lot less dry. I've not been waking up every morning with horrible dry patches and I've even been using the Skin Rescue less and less often as my skin isn't drying our through the day, which is great news.
I was wary of using a new skincare range as my skin is so sensitive and tends to 'burn' and react badly when I use something new, but this range is extremely kind and gentle and even after a few weeks of using, my skin is getting better. The products are really great sizes as well and because you only need a little product, these are going to last absolutely ages!

Have you used Boot's new No7 Beautiful Skin range yet? I'd highly recommend it!

20 February 2012

ASOS Vera Pointed Flatforms

ASOS Vera Pointed Flatforms
ASOS Vera Pointed Flatforms - £40

ASOS Vera Pointed Flatforms

ASOS Vera Pointed Flatforms

Not too long ago I posted about one of my new favourite trends; flatforms. I originally wanted the popular 'Willow' flatforms from Office but they were sold out before I was even made aware of them. I searched everywhere for a similar pair but had no luck. Luckily Caroline posted a picture of the ASOS Vera Pointed Flatforms and after talking to her about how comfy they were I just had to order a pair.

I admit that the image online doesn't do them justice at all, they're much lovelier in real life! For some reason I had SUCH a problem ordering them online. I had a code for 20% off but it wouldn't work for me and I was told that the code was for certain customers only, which I didn't think was very fair.

Luckily for me there are some helpful and lovely bloggers in the world as Charli very kindly offered to order them for me using the code and have them sent to my address! I couldn't believe how out of her way Charli went for me so I want to say a HUGE thank you!

The shoes arrived in quick time and luckily they were gorgeous and fit well! I say they fit well, but they actually kept slipping off when I walked, which is something I've found a lot of bloggers to be saying about them! I actually purchased some heel liners to stop this problem and now they're pretty much the perfect pair of shoes!

As you can see the shoes are a soft suede material which means no wearing them in the rain! The shape of them is really comfortable and there's no pinching or blisters!

As a person that doesn't wear heels, these are perfect! They're a bit of a mix of platforms and wedges, but they feel just like you're walking in normal flat shoes, except with a little added height!

What do you think of flatforms? Do you own a pair?

19 February 2012

A slow week in photos

Highest score ever on Bejewelled / Daisy's cute face / New blog design / Valentines Day / Dinner & Takeaway / ELLE Collections / MUA Polishes / Recent Read / New rings / New buys!

This week has been pretty slow! Not a lot has happened if I'm honest, Vince and I had a quiet Valentine's Day with a nice Takeaway to celebrate! One day this week (I can't remember which) I went to Vince's for dinner and his mum cooked a delicious Adobo which is a traditional Filipino dish. It was so yummy and even though I was really surprised to find an egg in the middle of it, I ate it all!

Vince very kindly designed a new blog header for me! I had tried doing it myself but the fonts I used were too simple and boring so he put together something more interesting in the perfect colour scheme for Spring 2012!

Picked up the ELLE collections magazine despite the £7 price tag! I also spent way too much in town yesterday, but there was quite a good reason for it! The job I originally went for at a PR company in Bridgewater got back to me. Unfortunately they didn't think I was experienced enough for the job I was interviewed for but they did offer me a 3 month plaid work placement to see how I get on. There could be potential for employment at the end of it so I popped into town and brought a few new bits and pieces to wear for work! I start on Monday which is great. I'm a bit nervous but also excited as this is the first piece of work/experience I've had in quite a while now! Wish me luck!

18 February 2012

Celeb Style Steal #15 - Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton is one of those actresses who's style has never stood out to me before. Recently I came across this image of Thandie attending the 'Good Deeds' film premier in LA and she was rocking the metallic trend to it's very best!

Lace will always remain popular and I just love how Temperley have teamed it up with a metallic shade for a really glamorous dress! This one is actually from their Pre-Fall 2012 collection and features three quarter length sleeves, detailed waist band and a full hem.

The dress is pretty simple but it makes quite a statement, meaning accessorizing only needs to be minimal. Thandie's chosen a simple black clutch and strappy Jimmy Choo heels but it's her hair style that's the best accessory of all!

Celeb Style Steal #15 - Thandie Newton
Topshop: Floral Print Lace Dress by LOVE - £40
ASOS: Chinese Laundry Strappy Platform Cork Sandal - £48, NARS SS12 Pure Matt Lipstick - £18.50
New Look: 2pk Leopard Spot Hair Bow - £2.50, Black Beaded Scallop Clutch - £19.99

As soon as I saw Thandie's lace dress it reminded me of ones I had seen in Topshop before so I immediately headed over there to see if there were any replicas, and what do you know, there was! Thandie's outfit is pretty glam so is perfect for nights out/special occasions and even Christmas parties if you plan that far ahead! The Floral Print Lace Dress is quite reasonable at £48 and could be worn again and again in a number of different ways. I just love it!

Black accessorys are so easy to come by and I'm sure most of us wouldn't need to buy new ones for a special occasion as we probably have loads stashed in our wardrobes already. I'd love to wear these heels along with the dress and a pair of black tights!

Unless you can find a curled hair piece, I think another hair accessory is probably the way to go. I spotted a great 2pk of Leopard Spot Hair Bows that are so cute and really fit in with the colours and style of the outfit!

What do you think of Thandie's style? Will you be recreating this look?

17 February 2012

MUA and Love Hearts Collaboration

MUA and Love Hearts Collaboration
MUA x Love Hearts Collaboration*
The MUA Cosmetics and Love Hearts collaboration is probably the most exciting launch of the year so far.

You all know how much I love MUA and I've reviewed a lot of their products after spending my own money on them in stores. Now I'm very lucky to have been sent a few bits and pieces (and lots of sweets!) from the new collection which I was so excited to try!

I was hoping to attend the actual launch event but it was in London and would have cost me about £60 to get a return ticket at such short notice. However, because I missed out the lovely MUA sent me the products to try!

I was seriously surprised at the amount of sweets that were included in the package! I haven't had Love Hearts sweets in so long so I promptly stuffed myself with them! Surviving my sweetie coma, I went on to try out the products and get them reviewed for you! I received two of the new look nail polishes in the range in 'U R FAB' and 'I WANT U' which are both lovely.

MUA x Love Hearts
MUA x Love Hearts Nail Polish in U R FAB and I WANT U - £2*

MUA x Love Hearts
I particularly like 'U R FAB' as it only takes one layer and dries really quickly. It's a lovely deep Pink shade which works well alongside the 'I WANT U', a sherbet Orange shade! 'I WANT U' took two layers of polish as it's a little bit thinner but the overall finished look is gorgeous, perfect for Spring/Summer!

The polishes are really lovely to apply and I really like the new white lid for the bottles, it reminds me of Models Own polishes. I think these could be a great rival and I think I'll be purchasing a few other shades from the range!

MUA x Love Hearts

MUA x Love Hearts

The other part of the new range are the lip balms which come in five different shades. I was very kindly sent 'HOT LIPS', which is a deep red/pink and 'SUGAR LIPS', a sweet baby pink. Both of the lip balms smell sugary and sweet and are really very generous in size!

MUA x Love Hearts Lip Balm
MUA x Love Hearts Lip Balms in 'SUGAR LIPS' and 'HOT LIPS' - £2*

Both lip balms are really lovely and soft on application. Once applied they don't taste sweet which is great and the colour is only very subtle which is also great for people like me that aren't comfortable with lip colour.

The 'SUGAR LIPS' balm didn't actually leave any colour on my lips as it's a bit too light but I much prefer it like this! 'HOT LIPS' leaves a nice rosy sheen to my lips which I could totally cope with from day to day. I really love the finished effect of these balms and thankfully they don't leave your lips feeling sticky/tacky after application. I'd definitely recommend them as a cheap and cheerful addition to your makeup bag!

The MUA and Love Hearts Collaboration has generated a real buzz in the blogging community. As I've mentioned in the past MUA are really making a name for themselves and it's great to see that a budget brand is doing so well! I absolutely adore MUA and always check out their makeup counters when I visit Superdrug stores! I was also sent a few other bits and pieces so you can expect a lot more MUA reviews to come!

This post contains PR samples
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