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25 February 2010

Rain rain go away

I've just come back from a dreaded tutorial with my course leader. I asked her what sort of level I'm currently working at and because my first finished piece is only research based it can only be at a 2:2 level..but there is good news. She said because I have done my interview..when that is complete, it will balance out my Major Project and I shall be working at a 2:1 level! I'm so happy and although I was barely in her office for five minutes I came away feeling really motivated and wrote a 500 word live review. I'm now rewarding myself with a little bit of music, a new blog post and possibly a cup of tea in a minute. :) I am seeing her again on March 8th, I think she really wanted to see me earlier but she gave me the choice and I can get more work done if I don't see her for a week and a half. She wants my 'Influential Artists' piece FINISHED and I also said I would have the live review and interview transcribed.

Talking of my interview, Tuesday went really well. I was quite nervous because I was on my own and the band and audience were all quite old but I needn't have worried. At 9pm I hung around the Merchandise stall and a blur of long hair and tracksuit (not very metal is it?) came running towards me and asked if I was doing the interview. Myself and Brian (guitarist of Diamond Head) and also another Journalism went into the room next door and did the interviews. Brian was really talkative and even talked about stuff without me even asking the questions first which was really good. Now I just need to transcribe it and hopefully get it written into a feature format like they have in Kerrang! My course leader says I'm taking something or something has switched in me to start doing well as before I was doing horribly and now I really know what I'm doing which is great. :D

A bit of sad news now, my dog had to be put to sleep. :( He was a German Shepard dog but he was quite old, we'd had him 9 years and he was already an adult when we got him. He was quite ill as he had loads of problems with his legs but he had a heart attack on Tuesday which is really sad. :( Dad says no more dogs..but he said that last time after our dog Bouncer died and it's just TOO weird not having a dog. I don't like it, although I haven't been home yet but I can imagine.

As I can no longer rack my brains with more news to bring I shall end it there. Tea time!

22 February 2010

Are you addicted to the internet?

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is excessive internet use that interfers with a person's daily life.

Usually a person is considered an addict when their psychological state, including mental and emotional states, are impaired by the overuse of the internet or computers.

This is a call, a cry for help to all the bloggers out there. I am hopefully going to try and write a feature about Internet addiction for my Life As A Freelance unit, which you've probably seen me talking about in past blogs. I have seen many stories in the local papers about internet addictions and I would like to interview somebody that is addicted to the internet.

So, if you are addicted to the internet or you know somebody that is and is willing to be interviewed for a piece of University work, then please get in touch. (cherrypie_13@hotmail.com) You don't have to be officially diagnosed but if you believe you are addicted and it is getting in the way of your daily life then please talk to me!

17 February 2010

Things are looking up..

Since my last blog I have managed to bag an interview with an eighties metal band on Tuesday 23rd in Bournemouth. I can't tell you how happy I am with this, it means my Major Project will actually have some sort of substance and not just be a load of rubbish. I have to take the night off work and travel to Bournemouth 02 Academy but a friend has told me where to go and it sounds so simple, I'm sure I'll be fine. I have to meet a member of the band by the merchandise stall after the show so I better memorise what he looks like...

I'm also going to kill two birds with one stone and write up a review of the show - eighties band's reforming! Hallelujah!

My lecturer also looked over my current 'Most Inspirational Artists of the 70s & 80s' piece and said that she really liked it, I even caught her laughing to herself about it so I must have done something right. Apparently I've relaxed and got over the awkwardness of the first 3000 words I wrote. I don't know what went on there..it must have been some sort of blip because what I wrote belongs in a rubbish dump.

I've also bagged a telephone interview with another eighties band, but in order to do a telephone interview I have to use some massive contraption called a marantz which records the telephone conversation and I cannot for the life of me remember how to use one. I also don't know where my little orange book is that allows me to rent one from Uni. :\

The Life as a Freelance unit is scaring the hell out of me at the moment. Apparently the pay for freelancers has gone right down and my lecturer advises us not to get into freelancing straight away..she has also in the past advised us that we will not get into the magazine industry straight away either..so what have I been working towards for the past three years? A bar job? I'm not confident enough that I will get features done, I'm not confident with ideas and I have a mini portfolio of pitches and feature ideas due in one month. I should probably get on with it..

15 February 2010

Excuse me.

I'm currently taking a break from my hectic work schedule of writing about the most influential British rock artists of the 70s and 80s, so far I have Jimmy Page and Ozzy Osbourne. Although both of their bands were formed in the late 1960s, it wasn't until the early 70s that they gained much success. I felt like on of those music know-it-alls then, but I'm certainly not. This is probably the most difficult subject I've ever written about it, but being a music fan, I was expecting it not to be. I kind of wish I had chosen to write for something like Company magazine for my Major Project but I guess it is too late now. Sob :'( The only thing that can get me through is endless amounts of tea.

Valentines day was fun. Vince got me the new Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Wii game and I'm already onto the second level. I love it. I bought him a new necklace as he lost it and looked naked without it, hehe. Yesterday was also Chinese New Year and there was a big parade in town with lots of stalls, we decided to have all you can eat Chinese for lunch but as the prices were a ludicrous £17.80, we thought better of it and got some noodles from one of the stalls, which actually filled us up just as much as the lunch would have, lol.

We decided we would cook our own dinner this year instead of going out for a meal and being caught out by Valentine's prices like we did last year (our bill last year was nearly £80!) so we made Shepherds Pie and it was the BEST thing ever! We did buy a chocolate cake but we were too stuffed to eat it! In the evening we settled down and watched The Day The Earth Stood Still, which I was really disappointed about actually. It seemed to be over far too quickly, before developing the stories properly.

After having just read a friends blog I've been reminded of something I wanted to say before. In a recent lecture we were told that we shouldn't blog because it makes us put our opinion into our formal writing too much and that employers could look at our blogs and be put off from giving us a job. Can't anything be personal anymore? This really annoyed me actually because an employer should be giving me a job based on my personality and my writing for their magazine, not for a blog where I write down the odd thought here and there, they wouldn't base my job on my private lockable diary that was stashed under my matress would they, so why should they base it on this? If I can write a good article for their magazine then thats great, I am pretty sure I can stop myself putting my opinion into an article where I shouldn't be putting it. /rant.

P.S - My first official blog on February 9th 2009 means that I've been blogging for one year!

13 February 2010

Paranormal Activity review

This film came out a while ago but I wanted to wait until the new issue of SONAR magazine was published before I put it up, so here it is.

Paranormal Activity
Directed by Oren Peli
Starring: Katie Featherston & Micah Sloat
Review by Cherry Pullinger

This low budget horror film started its life way back in 2007 when it was screened at various film festivals such as Slamdance and Screamfest and now the hype surrounding Paranormal Activity has seen it blow up in popularity, raking in millions of dollars from the Hollywood box office.

Katie and Micah live together in San Diego, California, but what Katie failed to tell Micah before moving in with him was the fact that she has been haunted ever since her childhood. Eerie noises start to wake the couple up in the middle of the night and Katie fears that whatever it was that haunted her before, is back. Help comes and fails in the form of Dr Fredrichs who refers the two to a Demonologist, who very conveniently, seems to be out of the country when the couple need him most.

The film has a particularly slow start and about as much paranormal activity as an episode of Most Haunted but stick with it and you find yourself gripped to your seat as you witness the strange goings on..including bizarre thuds, footsteps and general aggravation which develops into a full on attempted kidnap by the ‘demon.’

Although Paranormal Activity is in no way billed to be a comedy, there are some priceless comedy moments concerning Katie’s boyfriend Micah who’s whole take on the haunting leads him to filming every waking, and sleeping, moment, à la The Blair Witch Project. This causes Katie much annoyance in the process as she continuously has a camera shoved in her face and the fact that Micah has to pick up the camera before rushing to Katie’s aid adds some well needed giggles.

Although Paranormal Activity has been described as ‘one of the scariest films of all time,’ it can only really be compared to movies such as The Blair Witch Project and The Last Broadcast which both use the same style of ‘found footage,’ to engulf the viewer in terror. With a bigger budget, Paranormal Activity, could have been up there with the likes of Cloverfield, but its atmosphere and pure thrill would have been sacrificed.

As previously mentioned the film does take a while to really get going but once you’re in, you’re not getting out, as it makes for seriously gripping viewing and you will be left with an imagination that will run wild after witnessing the films fateful ending that reveals enough, but not too much.

10 February 2010

So sleepy..

You know when you wake up from a nap and you feel even more tired? That's happening to me right now, and I have an evening of University work to do!

Last week I had to write a feature pitch, pretending it was 'real' and that we were sending it to the editor of a magazine. Our lecturer sent our pitches to the editor of Grazia magazine..and down came the chopping block which took off most of the classes heads. Although what she said was relevant to my pitch it still made me feel bad when she said my pitch would ultimately fail. I'm going to try and do it again seeing as we have to submit four pitches in our final workbook so wish me luck!

Third year has been hard so far, although we haven't really done anything in Advanced Magazine Design yet I can feel that Life As A Freelance will make us all want to kill ourselves. I'm wondering how I'm ever going to become a freelance writer if I can't even write a pitch. The main problem for me is case studies - so if you know of a young professional aged between 20-24 that still lives at home with their parents, PLEASE let me know!

3 packages arrived for me this morning, one was the dress which I really like! The other was the skirt which is a bit more floaty than I expected and the third was a freelancing book I got for 1p!

Valentines is on it's way and I already have Vince's present wrapped up nicely. We're planning on just going out for lunch I think, we figured it might be cheaper than going for an evening meal, and then cosying up together in the evening watching TV or a DVD. We'll obviously be so full up from lunch that we are bound to have a nap, hehe. The best thing about this year's Valentines is that it's on a Sunday so everyone can be really lazy!

I haven't been home since Christmas so I'm starting to want to go back, but I wan't to try not to keep spending all my money and I know if I'll go home I'll end up going on a massive shopping spree with my sister. I had a small shopping spree this afternoon where I just picked up a few bits and pieces..including this Cameo necklace from Accessorie for £5!

9 February 2010

More purchases!

I seem to be developing a slight eBay addiction, but I figured out that it's probably better to buy clothes from eBy then to spend £20 on a top from Topshop. I'm still waiting for the dress in the post below but yesterday I purchased these two beauties:

Topshop Draped Vest - £7.60!

Black Topshop skirt - £7.50!

I'm currently watching some skinny jeans on there seeing as I need new ones AGAIN because I managed for the second time, to dye purple lines into them by washing them with my dressing gown, when will I learn?!

I bought the skirt because when I went out on Saturday I didn't have a thing to wear so ended up wearing what I always wear. The green dress I'm selling is currently at £5 which is great :)

Anyway what do the joys of Tuesday hold for me? Doing Uni work and then going to work at the Union, great fun. I've put myself down to do some extra shifts which will give me a bit of extra money and for the rest of the week I'm going to be doing pretty much the same..nothing.

7 February 2010

What'sa been goin on?

What has been going on since Friday eh? Not much in particular..I got my University bursary on Friday so I spent the whole day forcing myself not to go into town and go shopping. I did however bid on a dress, but I had planned to bid on the dress for well over a week so it didn't count! I have a similar one to it that is plain blue which I really like, perfect for wearing to work experience. The picture really does it no justice.

Of course it's from Topshop and in the store it would have cost me £28 but on eBay it cost £7.87!

I've never actually worn it properly, I've only tried it on and like always, I thought it looked nice in the shop but when I got home I changed my mind but never bothered taking it back, which I should really stop doing!

Saturday didn't really pick up until the evening. Vince and I spent Saturday day time sleeping and then on a shopping trip to asda, which I advise anyone not to do on a Saturday. Saturday evening was much more fun as we all went out. We played drinking games before hand and unluckily Vince had to down a saucepan full of about 8 different drinks and it did look and probably taste as discusting as it sounds, I'm so glad I didn't have to do it! The night was good and dramatic all in one, none of us got to bed until about 4am so I think everyones having an early night..except me.

Today was the final day of waiting to complain/contact Play.com about my DVD that never arrived! It's so ridiculous that you have to wait 21 days before being able to contact them, I think it should be about a week or two at maximum. Well, I told them I wanted a refund and that I would get it elsewhere! Idiots.

My other DVDs from HMV came in about 2-3 days, The Proposal is very funny and I also got The September Issue which is a documentary about Vogue magazines most important issue of the year, it was really interesting. It also amazed me that the editor was British and her father was a top London Journalist so she kind of followed in his footsteps, the fashion designer there worked as a Junior Editor in Britain and worked her way up to having one of the top jobs! I am so jealous, why can't that happen for me? The Devil Wears Prada book and film is based on the editor of Vogue which reminded me I hadn't yet read the book so I've got that on the go now!

Other than that theres not much else to talk about, I have a bunch of work to catch up on which I should have really been doing today but it turned out to be a lazy hangover day really, oh well, it couldn't be helped!

5 February 2010

The Smoking Hearts - George Street Wrestling

The Smoking Hearts - George Street Wrestling

The Smoking Hearts will be unleashing a whirlwind of punk music into the world on March 8th 2010 with the release of their debut album 'Pride of Nowhere,' but for now, the band are concentrating on the release of the first single from the album.

'George Street Wrestling' is an in your face, spitting and snarling sort of a track. There is an air of urgency about it thanks to the insane guitar riffs and thunderous beats. Parts of the track relay the sound of old school punk which gives the track a harder, raw edge.

Having already toured with the Misfits, Gallows and Skid Row, it is clear where the band get their inspirations from. Touted as ones to watch in 2010, the album that will follow the single is certainly something to look out for if you're missing your current punk fix.

3 February 2010


This was passed on to me from Claire so here we go..

The recipient of this award is required to list seven interesting things about themselves and then pass it on to seven bloggers...

1. I was born on Friday 13th!
2. I used to want to be an author and a teacher
3. I've had asthma since I was about 7
4. I have 11 piercings
5. I collect CDs and DVDs
6. I played the recorder in junior school!
7. I have two guitars and can't play either of them


1 February 2010

Product Review: Polaroid Pogo Instant Printer

The Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer uses the latest ZINK, Zero Ink Technology which means no buying expensive ink cartridges every few weeks.

The ZINK paper that comes with the printer already has cyan, yellow and magenta crystals implanted in it, with a protective polymer cover over the top. When it comes to printing a picture, the printer activates the colour crystals and forms the image.

The Pogo printer is very simple to use, you simply connect your Pictbridge compatible digital camera with it's USB lead in order to print your pictures or you can send your pictures via mobile phone bluetooth. The product came with 10 pieces of zink paper, but it is not expensive to buy more.

The printer itself is about the same size as an iPhone but a little heavier. You simply remove the back of the printer to put the paper in and away you go. The printer is very portable and will probably fit nicely into your pocket or handbag so it is great for printing spur of the moment pics.

Printing time takes about 60 seconds in total which for a printer that doesn't use ink catridges, is pretty impressive.

The instruction booklet that comes with the printer should be pretty easy to follow but if something goes wrong with the printer, there are no explanations or help within the instruction manual so you will have to resort to looking online. I initially had trouble with connecting my digital camera and searched online for reasons why it could not be working, however, one clever boyfriend later and it's working perfectly. This was only a reflection on my stupidity and not the product itself.

In the UK, the Polaroid Pogo Instant Printer is reasonably cheap. I found this one on Amazon.co.uk for £20 and other websites are selling it for between £20-£30, which is very reasonable.

As you can see, the printer itself is pretty small which means small pictures, 2x3 to be exact. The pictures are the perfect size for fitting into your wallet or displaying around your rooms as the pictures also double up as stickers. If you want a printer that will print normal sized photographs, I wouldn't recommend this one.

The final images are of a good quality and the product itself is particularly good for the price you pay. I would certainly recommend it, it is a fun piece of gadgetry and especially good for printing mobile phone pictures.

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