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26 August 2010

Is University a waste of time?

I was really interested to read the latest debate in this week's issue of Grazia magazine, titled: 'Is University a waste of time?'

To be honest, I've been struggling to answer it myself. How ever many reasons I come up with in the 'Yes' catergory, I can come up with an equal amount for the 'No' catergory. Having lived through the whole experience, I can safely argue with myself in an attempt to answer the question...

It's an age old saying..."It's not what you know, it's who you know." I'm really starting to believe this as many people, those who have even studied for a degree, are managing to land jobs/positions because of who they know, or because of pure luck. It's extremely infuriating, seeing as I've worked so hard for three years to get nowhere.

The other thing that makes me say "yes it is a waste of time," is the fact that University graduates can't get a job, therefore, studying for three years just to end up as a sales assistant, proves just what a waste of time it all really was.

As much as the above reasons, annoy and anger me, I'm leaning towards the 'No' catergory. Before I started University, I was a shy little creature, but moving away from home and then being forced into housing with people I barely knew, made me grow up a lot. It gave me much more confidence and I feel I can actually survive in the real world on my own.

I also feel that studying Magazine Journalism for three years has made me realise my dream. I used to want to be a teacher, then an author, and now a Journalist and I now know what my dream career is and I'm going to try my hardest to get to it.

Many people will have different opinions, but I think in my case, I've managed to answer the question. Is University a waste of time? Personally, in my case, no it is not. If I didn't go to University, I don't know what I would have done after college. I feel I have achieved something worthwhile and something to be proud of and I hope and pray it will lead to me doing a job I love.

25 August 2010

Good News!

Despite it being a rainy rainy day, I recieved the good news that I have a job interview next week. The job is a week long, reporting from a very very exciting event for review/news website. So, I'll be making my way to London on Thursday for the interview, plus some shopping and a fun day out with Vince - despite possible rain!

Wish me luck! I realise I haven't been blogging as much. I'm losing a bit of motivation for it, I think. The blog is a bit of a jumble and a mess, so I'm not sure what to do with it!

18 August 2010

Voi Jeans in conjuction with Discount Coder!

Today, I'm here to talk to you about jeans...A girl can never have too many pairs of jeans. With so many styles, cuts, fits and could literally have a different pair of jeans for every day of the year. I wish!!

I live off my black skinny fit jeans and have had so many pairs, I can't keep track.

I don't know about you readers but I have a real problem finding good fitting jeans...9 times out of 10, if they fit around the waist, the length won't be long enough and vice versa. And not to mention the price of jeans these days!

Luckily, Voi Jeans stock a really great range of quality jeans for men and women. 100% cotton, slim fit and intricate detailing make their range of jeans a must have, and at £24.99, they are a reasonable price.

Take the Reena Blue jeans for example...they are a great alternative to black skinnys as they are a good fitting slim fit with patchwork effect on the back pocket.

Our good friends at Discount Coder, are offering the readers of this very blog, some absolutely great discounts on Voi Jeans which, if used, will lower the already great price of the jeans!

12 August 2010


I haven't blogged properly in quite a while and I can't say I have much of an excuse for you..except for the fact that nothing remotely interesting is going on right now.

As you can see from previous posts, I completed the writing work I was doing for my University website and now all of the features are completely finished and hopefully my payment for it has gone through. I'm going to be taking on another 4 weeks worth of writing work for another website linked with the University...and I'll be getting paid for it aswell! Unfortunately I didn't get the Web Content Writer Internship that I had an interview for. I was really disappointed because I really felt I would be good at the job. Apparently it was close between me and someone else but I guess the best person won in the end. Boo hoo. :'(

The summer has become pretty mundane and boring as most of it is spent at work at the holiday camp for the over 50's, oh the joys. Everyone thinks old people are sweet and smell of talcum powder..well the majority of them are rude, horrible and smell of something completely gross. Hah. I''m currently working in the cafe, serving cups of teas and coffees in a vicious circle of boredom.

As for the rest of the summer...I don't have anything special planned. Vince is in Weston right now which is really nice and it's his birthday soon so I better get present hunting! Sorry about the random/boring post but I felt like I was neglecting my blog a bit!
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