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31 August 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #1

For a while now I have been contemplating bringing in a few weekly posts that will be posted on the same day each week (provided I can keep it up!). I was in two minds about doing it because on some blogs, I often find the same posts every week can get a bit boring, but hopefully with these wishlist posts, there will be a bit of variety seeing as the products will change every week.

I've decided to start posting my weekly wishlists on a Wednesday under the guise 'Wednesday Wishlist'. See what I did there? Genius!

Now, on with the show!

The majority of this weeks list is from Topshop. I love love love quilted jackets and I tried one on the other day which I loved. This one is from Topshop, so comes with a Topshop price tag which is a little too high for me so I might buy something similar for half the price!

Although I am not a big short wearer I am loving 'winter' shorts at the moment. I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear tights so I can team them with a pair of these cute shorts and some little booties I've had my eye on!

The skirt isn't something I'd usally go for either but it's pretty simple and it needs to be a part of my wardrobe I'm afraid! The velvet ballet pumps look insanely cute and comfortable and will be the perfect winter footwear on those very rare days that it isn't raining!

I was going to buy the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre eyeshadow to celebrate finishing a great week at work experience but I just don't have enough money at the moment! My birthday is coming up in October so I may add it to my birthday list, I'm just not sure I can chose only one shade!

If I ever get my hands on these beauties, you'll see them pop up in a future haul post!


30 August 2011

August Favourites

I know every blogger is going to say it...but how is it the end of August already? Someone please enlighten me because this month has literally flown by! The summer weather is slowly disappearing and I was even wearing a jumper the other day!

Anyway, I have a few products to feature in this months 'Favourites' post that I've been loving...
Fudge Pump Up, Sebastian Volupt Spray, L'Oreal Oilixir

After having my hair cut by the guys at San Rizz for a Your Hair magazine photoshoot (ooh get me!), I'm happy to report that it now has a lot more volume. Luckily, the lovely girls at Your Hair magazine gave me a goody bag on my last day of work experience and it included the incredible Fudge Pump Up worth £7.65.

This has been a bit of a miracle hair product for me. As someone who's hair is always lank and straight, this has given it tons of volume. It's a nice mix between a gel and a foam and you only need a tiny pea sized amount. Once you have a small amount, rub your hands together and the gel expands into a foam before your eyes! Magic! This means it's bound to last absolutely ages and once it does run out, I'll definitely be purchasing some more!

While I use the Fudge Pump Up on the majority of my hair, I like to spray the Sebastian Volupt Spray on the roots to give it a bit of texture and volume. I think I purchased this from the Red magazine beauty sale for a few pounds, but can't be sure. It's worth around £15 and is a cute little gel spray. At times it sprays in sharp squirts that are a bit annoying but after a quick shake, I can get it to spritz my hair all over, which I much prefer. I'd certainly recommend this product as well, I didn't find it any good to start with but once my hair was a little shorter, it worked wonders.

In my goodybag I also got this cute pot of L’Oréal Professionnel série nature Oilixir worth around £15. This product is especially for dry hair which is great for me. Frequently nicknamed 'liquid gold', I spray into my palm and rub into my hair before washing and shampooing. You can also add a few squirts to your ends before blow drying to protect from damage.

I've used this before washing my hair and find that it leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny which is just what I want. These three products have really changed hair-care for me. I've always been someone that can't be bothered and now volumising products have really worked before but these products make me want to bother with my hair in the mornings. :)

Dove go Fresh deodorant

The new Dove Go Fresh range of deodorants are another new favourite of mine. A little while back there was a sweet promotion with Nails Inc and the new range of deodorants. I ending up having to get 4 of the roll on deodorants in order to get the two pots of nail polish. Roll on's annoy me a little bit so I went for the sprays instead and love them! One of the best deodorants I've used in a long long time! They don't leave my under-arms feeling sticky like a lot of others do. Would definitely recommend!

You would have seen the two products above on my blog very recently. You can see my review of the Sleek Make-up Storm i-Divine Palette HERE and you'll be able to see that I'm very impressed. I'm loving mixing up the different shades and trying out the caramel and beige shades which I would never usually wear.

It's my first proper eyeshadow palette and I think it's going to be a huge staple of my make-up bag. The shadows are rich and velvety and lovely to use. They blend extremely well and I'm keen to try the new Sleek Nude Collection which hits stores tomorrow!

I posted about the Elemis Absolute Eye Serum at the beginning of the month and it too has become a staple of my morning skincare routine. I was sent it for review so didn't pay for it but it is worth around £26.

I adore Elemis skincare and love the luxuriousness of it. I've become quite a fan of the Elemis Fresh Skin range, but I always want to make sure the skin around my eyes is kept healthy. I know I don't have to worry about ageing just yet but this is a great product to use to refresh the eyes and protect against sun damage which will definitely benefit me in the future. I would highly recommend this product and I'm surprised my mum hasn't pinched it from me yet!

There's quite a nice little mix of products here and they've all become must-haves for me. What have been your must-haves for August?


29 August 2011

Missguided MissTique & Models Own Blooboo

Before we start today's post, how about a little nail art? I've been meaning to post this for absolutely ages but I lost the Missguided MissTique nail polish after getting it free in a magazine. I finally discovered that it had rolled underneath my bed, silly.

Anyway, quite simple nails but I absolutely love the colour of it and I thought I'd use some cheeky Models Own Blooboo as well on the ring finger. :)

This past weekend hasn't been too eventful. Quite relaxing really. On Saturday night Vince and I visited our friends for a chilled out evening of chatting and watching TV/The Ugly Truth.

Sunday evening was spent at home 'looking after' Daisy. She fell asleep on me for absolutely ages, it's so funny just watching her and seeing all of the funny faces she pulls.

I also sat up and watched Muse play Reading festival...and wow. It was awesome! It reignited my love for Muse and now I'm downloading all of the songs that I love. In particular their performance of Stockholm Syndrome was amazing.

On Friday evening Vince and I also sat up and watched My Chemical Romance live at Reading and again, wowsers. My favourite band in the entire world only went and pulled out all the stops by getting Brian May up on stage with them. It really was a mouth hanging open type of moment.

Just watching it on TV was amazing so I can't imagine how mind blowing it was to actually witness it in real life. This is the type of thing that makes me kick myself every year for never going to festivals. One year I just need to bite the bullet and go!

Today has been spent walking miles through the high-street with mum and Daisy and doubling back on ourselves to go and get a drink from the local Costa Coffee. I do love their new flavoured iced teas, yum! We also had a quick visit to my Nans and now I'm absolutely knackered!

I was planning on sorting out my bedroom and seeing if there's anything I can sell. My room is starting to get messy and bug me so it needs a good sort! Keep your eyes peeled for a possible blog sale!

27 August 2011

Internaçionale A/W 2011

I'm sorry to bombard you all with Autumn/Winter Lookbooks but I can't get enough. After spending Tuesday morning in town, I decided to pop in to Internaçionale just incase they had anything I might like. I'll be honest, I have stayed away from the shop because I thought it was a relatively tacky/cheap place to shop and I had no interest in anything they had to offer, but what a fool I was!

I was really pleasantly surprised when I went in store to see a lot of Topshop/New Look replicas for more than half the prices. I ended up filling my arms with goodies and heading to the changing rooms where I picked up these two little beauties as modelled above!

The Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook also equally impressed me and I still need to get many of these little gems into my wardrobe. Most of them are already available in store but my bank account just won't let me have them yet.

As you can see, the scallop vest top is in this Lookbook so I thought it would be great to post a pic so you can all get an idea for what it looks like in real life. It's very similar to the ones from Topshop but at a fraction of the price. I noticed a lot of Topshop replicas, including the contrasting peter pan collar button up shirts.

Anyway, here are my favourite picks of the Lookbook:

I really love the winter bag and patent loafers. I also spotted the heart print cardigan in stock which is really cute, as is the navy quilted jacket which I loved but couldn't afford.

What items do you want to get your hands on?


26 August 2011

Wishing on a star

There's a trend brewing. Have you spotted it yet? Maybe the clue in the title will help you out.

Above is Dolce & Gabbanna's Fall 2011 collection and they have really started a trend for Star print this season. Above are a range of dresses from the collection that are covered in the print but the designers have also opted for star patterned trousers, jackets, skirts. You name it, they've put stars on it.

As you'd expect, quite a few celebs have also been spotted wearing the trend on the red-carpet including Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, Rose McGowan and Fergie, and it's even started filtering through into the high-street so the general public such as you and me can wear it too!

What do you think of these looks? I'm not too keen on Fergie's bright yellow and black but I love Olivia Wilde's star print body-con dress and sleek hair.

I've managed to scoop out some star print on the British high-street just incase you wanted to get in on the trend yourselves! I think I could get on board with it but it's difficult not to go over the top.

ASOS Petite Belted Dress with Star Print, £45

ASOS Petite Exclusive Star Print Peg Trousers, £25

Topshop Black Star Print Tee, £32

New Look Sheer Star Dropped Back Shirt, £15

What do you guys think of this trend?


25 August 2011

Sleek Make-Up 'STORM' i-Divine Palette

I know this isn't exactly the 'latest' product from the Sleek make-up range, but I felt like I wanted to get on the Sleek bandwagon and see what all of the fuss was about.

I decided to pick up the 'Storm' i-Divine palette as the shades are very 'me'. I always wear dark colours on my eyes such as greys, blacks and browns but I also loved the deep blue and the rich red in this palette and thought they'd be a nice change for me. The palette also comes with some caramels and beige shades that are absolutely gorgeous!

The shadows themselves are shimmery and velvety soft and apply really well. You can use the two headed eyeshadow brush to get the base for your eye look, but I also used a few blending brushes to help mix different shades and try to build a more interesting look. I'm not for one minute saying I'm any good at make-up but I'm trying to practise different looks and trying to work out all this 'contour' and 'crease' nonsense at the same time.

I've really tried my best to capture the colours for you here. I've also created two looks below using the darker and lighter shades in the palette. The colours aren't too great in the pics to be honest.

The first look was created with the lighter and darker browns with a little hint of the red shade. I admit it has come out a little darker than in real life but I think you get the idea.

In this second look, I've used the caramels and beige shades which are all really lovely. I think they will make a great change for me from the dark shades!

So what do you guys think? I don't have a proper eyeshadow palette so this is going to be my number one go to product when I fancy mixing things up a bit. I'm aware that there are so many other palettes available and a new Nude collection will be released at the end of the month.

I think this palette is extremely good value for money at £6.49 as you can create so many different looks just with this one palette. What do you think? Are you looking forward to the new Nude collection from Sleek?

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