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30 May 2009


So hello on this VERY sunny and VERY hot day. I'm sat here in my Pyjamas at the moment while my dad clears out the conservatory, ready to tear it down. Mum's asleep and Holly has spent the day getting ready to go out tonight. (I know!)

I'm not a big fan of the sun at all, hence why I'm as white as a ghost, but I've bought some summer(ish) clothes so I'm prepared. It's never usually this hot.

The whole Glade web feature and program feature is now not happening. I waited about two weeks for the line up to be announced, I emailed asking if they knew it yet and would they please send me it so I could get on and write the pieces, turns out they got the line up and decided to write it themselves. They told me, 'thanks for offering.' I had already started the pieces!! It was quite frustrating because it would have been a good piece of work to put into my portfolio. =[

I'm not sure if the interview with Aiden is still going ahead as I haven't recieved a confirmation of times yet but the magazine I emailed about it said unfortunately they couldn't publish unsolicited work but they would be happy to take a look at it! Which is great, a magazine editor looking at my wook. Good-o. =]

Tonight I'm going to the fun fare! Apparently theres one in town and I'm going to it with Vince and two friends, and then after we're going for dinner! I've got the whole weekend off which is great, I've already caught up on website stuff and tomorrow I might work on my dissertation a little. Work has been back to normal this week, though little, petty things are starting to get annoying now, but I only have to stick it out until September and then I'll be freeeee, till Christmas..

24 May 2009

Not much going on..

So since my last blog which was almost a week ago, I haven't particularly done much. About three weeks ago I was contacted by a girl from my University asking me to write a feature for Solent's website about Glade Festival and the Solent tent that we have this year, she also asked me to write a feature for the on site program that is made and designed by the Uni, but I need some vital information before I can start and that is the line up for the Solent tent which nobody has told me yet! It's so frustrating because they need the articles a.s.a.p but the people I've emailed haven't got back to me and the line up isn't announced anywhere else. All I have at the moment is a press release which a rather boring quote which I really don't want to use. All I know is that my boyfriends band Statement Code will be playing but I can't really write the whole feature about them. :P

In other news, I have been able to contact Victory Records and set up an interview with Aiden when they play at the Joiners in Southampton. It means taking a day off work, but it's a good bit of experience. I interviewed them back in 2007 and it was my first ever interview so I was quite nervous, but now I think I will be a lot better at it. They have a new album out and theres been lots of features in magazines for me to use as research, so hopefully I can come up with some decent questions. I bought a new digital dictaphone that plugs into the computer but it's really confusing to use so I need to get used to that. This interview will be great for my dissertation as I want to write for an existing magazine and this is something I can possibly use, but I've also contacted a magazine to see if their interested in it too.

My third year dissertation is approaching and we've been told to have a think about what we want to do and come up with ideas, which I have been doing, but now I can't decide if I want my lecturer to help me out with it or my old Music Journalism teacher. He doesn't have set office hours or an office for that matter so it would be hard to get hold of him, but he definitely knows what he's talking about. Tricky.

I had a lovely shopping trip the other day, all by myself which sometimes is best. I spent way too much money but if I've got it and theres things I want to buy, then why not. I bought my new dictaphone, underwear, Bride Wars DVD, three quarter length jeans, vest top, socks and earrings. The clothes are very summery which is unlike me, the vest top has a really nice picture of Paris and the Eiffel Tower on it which I love. I also got Vince a little present for when it's out 1 year anniversary, but I need to get something else aswell!

I'm thinking of getting a digital camera as the one I have now is rubbish!

It's 13 Mega Pixels and only cost £100, I think thats pretty good and it will be really good for when I go on holiday.

I've been working all week at the Holiday camp, it's been 'Big Band' week which is really boring and full of really snobby people who don't give tips! This weekend is 'Winemakers Weekend' and the bar has been empty because they bring their own wine! I'm not complaining though, I've only had to work 2:30-7pm this weekend, oh yehhhh.

18 May 2009

First post

So here is my first proper post on a blog I've had since February, not a good start really is it? At first I created this blog to showcase all the writing I do but after hearing that our lecturers apparently encourage us to blog (since when?) I thought I would start one up. I think this is the best time to start one as I have quite an exciting event coming up this summer that will give me experience and knowledge in the Journalism world. I have a week long work experience placement at Reveal magazine and although I'm VERY nervous, I am also VERY excited to see how an established magazine really works.

I was sent a 'workie pack' with lots of information on what I would be doing; the usual making tea and filing aswell as looking for feature ideas, answering phones, replying to reader letters and plenty more I expect. Thats when this blog will hopefully get a little more interesting!

As for now, I've just finished the second year of University, which was probably the worst year as far as work is concerned. I had some less than pleasing marks and have found it very hard to actually write a full feature. I guess it just takes practice, which reminds me that I need to get back up to speed (60) on my shorthand ready to take it up again in September.

Apart from University and my box of a house, my second year in Southampton has been great, mainly due to the fact that my boyfriend (Vince) and I have spent SOOO much time together and it's been great. We don't even have to be doing anything special to have fun, just hanging out at home is perfect and cooking dinner is brilliant because Vince is an AMAZING cook, he can cook for me every day if he wants. :) I've also been able to see him put together a band he's really passionate about and I'm very proud of him for completing his first year of University. The band is great and I love watching them live, especially Vince because he has so much energy and he is amazing at playing the piano, I am quite jealous! I love him lots and I'm sure he will feature in my posts very often!

So what else is there to say? I'm in pain right now because I had a filling this morning. I really don't remember a filling ever hurting for this long. It's 5:30 and I had it done at 9:30 this morning, what is going on there? The paracetamol isn't working and I can't open my mouth very far. Sad times, but I have a cup of tea beside me which will make everything better!

12 May 2009

Credit crunch friendly nightlife

This small article was written for MIXMAG dance magazine. They were looking for students to write about the local night life in their area and I entered my piece in hope it would be published in the magazine. Unfortunately it didn't make the cut. You can read it below.


With an established live music scene, Southampton is working to create a buzzing hotspot for nightlife in the South.

Clubbers can find a not so wallet friendly nightout if they visit mainstream super club, Oceana, which provides a good night out, but who wants to spend their night standing next to the dancefloor because you aren’t allowed to take drinks on it?

Those looking for a cheap and messy night out will do well to visit Kaos nightclub, where Vodka & Mixers are just 90p on student nights. Although Kaos resembles a basement rather than a club, it caters to everyone’s tastes with a range of tunes played to a constantly packed dancefloor.

Making the most of your night means moving on to other clubs in the city. Alternative nightclub, Unit, will play indie kids their Razorlight tracks but not much else, while the more popular, Rhino, has rooms dedicated to Indie, Rock and Metal in a plush venue, growing in popularity due to their Lets Kill Disco student night.

Junk and Whitehouse may live up to their names – one being painted white and the other..well, you decide, - but they provide a chilled night out for R’n’B fans. Whitehouse provides a Shisha lounge for those who are so chilled out, they should have stayed at home.

Southampton’s successful nightlife shows, when clubs fill up by 11pm and people from surrounding cities visit for the clubbing experience. The city has successfully created a buzzing nightlife for those on a budget.

2 May 2009

The Joiners Listings - Local Ones To Watch - Kumiss

The following was created for the Joiners music venue listings magazine for May 2009
You can read the full magazine at:

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