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30 June 2013

A routine week in photos

Cheeky Daisy / Nails / Preparing upcoming posts / 24! / Roast dinner / Chinese takeaway, oops / Leave me alone! / Cous cous and sweet potato / Spag bol! / Daisy's birthday party invite / The Cherry Pie palette! / Vince's 'studio' / New skincare / Charlie's new toys / Weird pizza / Part of a certain someone's birthday present / Mini strawberries growing in the garden / More plants from my nan / Roses growing in the garden / Pizza / My new addiction!

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Wow, compared to last week I've done a lot better with the photos! Not much has really happened this week if I'm honest. Yesterday II met my sister and Daisy for a lovely coffee and I blew a good portion of my wages on bits and pieces. Do you ever go shopping, spend loads of money and then wonder what you actually bought? I seem to do it all the time. I suppose it's because I have to buy lots of boring house stuff like cleaning products and other essentials. Boo.

Today I'm probably going to get on with some housework, check my bank balance and make some excuse to pop to the shops. I also need to plant some of my news plants in the garden. My nan very kindly got some for me! While out in the garden yesterday I noticed my strawberry plant was growing teeny tiny strawberries so I'm really looking forward to these being fully grown and trying them. I also have a weird wild blackberry bush so I'm hoping something starts growing on it. I LOVE blackberry picking and used to do it lots when I was younger. Blackberries in a bowl with loads of sugar, delicious!

Next week is going to be a short one for me! I have Thursday and Friday off work so need to cram everything into three days. On Thursday it's Daisy's birthday. I can't believe she is two already, madness! I went shopping for her birthday present yesterday and really had no clue what to buy her. The giant Peppa Pig is just one of the things I picked up, hope she likes it! I personally think Peppa is annoying!

On Friday I'm hoping to get my hair cut. I've had enough of my fringe now but I can't stand the growing out process so I'm not sure what to do to be honest, it's driving me mad. On Saturday I'm off to London with some uni friends so next week's week in photos should be jam packed!

28 June 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - £10.99

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Ok, I admit I'm not a regular wearer of foundation. I don't wear it on an everyday basis, actually I no longer even own a foundation.

I recently bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum on a whim while in Boots. (This happens a lot!) as I thought the 'serum' part of the name sounded pretty interesting. I also decided to invest in a decent brush to apply it to make sure I could really get the best out of it.

I picked up shade 52 Vanille. I don't actually know what is the correct shade for me but this seemed closest. First of all this serum/foundation smells lovely and it simply sinks into the skin and blends effortlessly, which for someone as lazy as me, is quite a bonus.

The product itself is a bit more watery than your usual foundation so you don't need very much. After blending I personally think it looks quite natural on my skin although I would like a bit more coverage. It's a very light foundation so I find it doesn't go 'cakey' and nasty looking, it just glides over the skin forming a nice smooth look.

27 June 2013

Seventeen Off The Wall Graffiti Nail Effects in Bluetone

Seventeen Off The Wall Graffiti Nail Effects in Bluetone
Seventeen Off The Wall Graffiti Nail Effects in Bluetone - £3.99

Seventeen Off The Wall Graffiti Nail Effects in Bluetone

It seems every brand of nail polish is releasing some kind of sequin/glitter top coat and Seventeen is no different. I picked up the 'Off the Wall' Graffiti effect polish a couple of weeks ago mainly because I was attracted to the name and the pretty deep blue/silver sequin shade.

To be honest I'm not sure why it is labelled as graffiti nail effects because personally I see it as anything but graffiti like. If it were to be called anything it should be confetti/sequin effect. There's nothing graffiti about deep blue flecks and bigger silver sequins if you ask me.

It was a bit gloopy on application but I like the navy blue and silver combination. It dried pretty quickly too and gave quite a sparkly effect to my minty green base coat.

For £3.99 it's very cheap and cheerful and I would recommend it. It's not exactly anything really special but it makes for a good dupe of more expensive sequin/confetti polishes.

26 June 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #83

Wednesday Wishlist
Next: Ceramic Heart Sculpture - £20, Distressed Birdie Mantle Clock - £16, Cut-out Detail Vase - £20, 4 Aperture Desk Collage - £25, Wooden Elephants - £20, 

I'm feeling in the mood to redecorate and accessorise the house. I get quite bored of furniture and ornaments/vases and like moving them around and changing them up. I've got that feeling again now and feel like I want to paint the walls and go completely mad, but I thought accessorising might be safer seeing as we're in a rented house and there's not much point painting.

The whole downstairs of our house is light and airy so I've chosen a few bits, which I think would go well. Next are really doing well in its homeware department at the moment so I'm desperately waiting to get paid so I can go on a bit of a spree.

What's on your wishlist this week?

23 June 2013

A red roses week in photos

Bit of a different week in photos this post, mainly because there is only really an image of one thing and that's the roses Vince got me for our fifth anniversary. They're sooo lovely!

I guess it's cheating a bit but I barely took any post-worthy photos on my phone this week for some reason! Bad blogger! I spent the majority of Monday curled up on the sofa not feeling well. It's surprising how fast the day goes even if you're at home doing nothing!

On Friday Vince and I celebrated being together for five years! We didn't really do anything special except get a takeaway, which is what we usually do on a Friday night anyway, haha! We didn't get each other any presents or cards but I came home from work to see a bunch of roses in a vase for me, they're so pretty and were a lovely surprise!

As I wasn't at work on the Monday the rest of the week whizzed by. Now the weekend has flown past as well. My sister and I planned to take Daisy swimming this morning but we got to the pool and they were shut due to a gala! Daisy was so disappointed and cried her eyes out. There was a long queue of disappointed children. What a day to shut a swimming pool, on a Sunday. Mad!

What have you been up to this week?

21 June 2013

Barry M Confetti Nail Polish in 'Dolly Mixture'

Barry M Confetti Nail Polish in Dolly Mixture
Barry M Confetti Nail Polish in 'Dolly Mixture' - £3.99

Barry M Confetti Nail Polish in Dolly Mixture

Barry M Confetti Nail Polish in Dolly Mixture

Barry M Confetti Nail Polish in Dolly Mixture
I couldn't wait to try the new confetti polish from Barry M. As usual my local store was really behind in getting it in stock but during a random visit recently it caught my eye and I snapped it up.

I picked up 'Dolly Mixture', not just because of the name, but also because it was the prettiest looking one from the new range. It contains strands of pastel colours that look like hundreds and thousands, which you sprinkle on top of cakes, and I decided to apply it on a nude base, which I think looks quite pretty.

After painting my nails I decided to give the polish the ultimate challenge - the washing up. I'm pleased to say it stood up really well and didn't chip at all, which I was really impressed about. It dried pretty quickly too, which is always a positive and it's lasted really well too. After a week of wearing it it's only now just started to chip.

I would definitely recommend!

19 June 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #82

Wednesday Wishlist
New Look: Black Slinky Coated Chain Necklace - £6.99
Matalan: Stone And Thread Collar Necklace - £10, Short Fabric And Rhinestone Wrapped Necklace - £8

I wish I was more confident when it came to chunky, statement necklaces! I see them on the stands and think they're all so pretty and perfect for dressing up otherwise quite plain outfits, but I tend to pick them up and put them straight back again. I usually can't think what to wear them with and think most people, who don't quite understand 'fashion trends' would think they're a bit silly!

I'm definitely going to try and be a bit more confident with accessories and who knows, you may even see an outfit photo featuring some statement necklaces in the near future!

What's on your wishlist this week?

18 June 2013

The Pet Tag - Meet Charlie

The Pet Tag

If you're a regular reader of my blog you probably would have come across my kitten, Charlie. I saw The Pet Tag over on the lovely Bee's blog and I just had to do it myself and introduce you all properly to Charlie.

What is your pets name?
Charlie. Vince actually came up with the name Charlie although my own nickname is Charlie as well so it's a bit weird...

Does your pet have any nicknames?
Charlie Barley or Charlie Barley Booba depending on his cuteness levels at the time!

How old is your pet and how long have you had your pet friend? According to his previous owner, Charlie was born in November 2012, so he is around seven months old. He is really small for his age though and probably won't get much bigger. We have had Charlie since January when he was a cute bundle of fluff.

We went to see a litter of kittens and we wanted a boy cat. One was handed to me and he immediately snuggled into the fur on my coat unlike the others who were jumping around everywhere. He was the only one that let me hold him and we just knew there and then!

How did you get your pet?
We were thinking of getting a pet for a little while. I was constantly looking online but there weren't many around for sale or they were quite expensive. One morning I came across an advert online about a little of six black kittens so I asked Vince if we could go and have a look. It turned out the kittens were living in a caravan on a football pitch...which was a little unnerving but the owner was really friendly and the kittens were gorgeous. I did want to take them all away but we chose Charlie.

Looking back I think we should have perhaps looked at some rescue cats but I can't imagine not having Charlie now.

What are some quirky things about your pet's personality?
When he was a teeny tiny kitten he used to sit on my shoulder like a parrot. He doesn't do it so much now that he's older but there is the odd occasion where he's feeling particularly snuggly and he'll come and sleep on my chest and throat! He has a very squeaky meow and he loves chasing flies and birds. He is also very puzzled by the washing machine. He liked to try and chase the drum as it circles and he scratches at the door. It's so funny! He's quirky in his own funny way I suppose.

What are some of your favourite past times with your pet and what are your favourite memories?
we haven't had him even for a year yet so he is still very new to the house. My favourite memory is being home from work on a snow day. I was trying to do my work but Charlie kept peeking over the top of my laptop. It was pretty distracting!

Another quite worrying memory is being in the bedroom when he climbed up the curtains. He made it to the curtain pole and tried to jump/fly onto the bed but instead I heard a huge crash as he'd landed on the floor between the curtains and the bed. It must have hurt!


17 June 2013

An ill ending week in photos

Tortillas! / New confetti polish / Homemade curry / Charlie being cute / Clarins HydraQuench Mask / Being greedy at Za Za Bazaar / Planting

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As you can see last week started off quite well, with a couple of new purchases and some cute snaps of Charlie. On Saturday Vince and I went to Bristol for the afternoon as miraculously he had the evening off work so we decided to go to Za Za Bazaar for some all you can eat food and a quick shop in Cabot Circus.

I gobbled down three plates of food and dessert and Vince gobbled down four! It was a nice afternoon and we were both so full up so I had a lovely nap when I got home and went about the rest of the day as normal. However on Sunday I had really bad stomach pains and was quite ill for the majority of the day and night, which was horrible! I'm not sure if it was something I ate that didn't agree with me or if it was some sort of bug but it ruined the end of my weekend and I had to take Monday off work too. Bad times.

I did manage to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 while curled up on the sofa so that was a bit of a bonus!

On Sunday night Vince and I had a bit of cat drama. Vince came walking through the conservatory carrying what I thought was Charlie and he asked me 'is this Charlie?'. Obviously I thought it was but the cat itself looked a lot bigger than Charlie and we suddenly realised it wasn't! It looked exactly like him but a bigger version, which led us to think it could be a cat that has gone missing in the area so we phoned the owners but it turns out it wasn't the missing cat, just a random one Vince had picked up and bought home! Poor little Charlie came bounding over the wall and was awfully confused!
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