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31 May 2014

Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All

Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All
Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All bubble bath - £6

If ever there was a bubble bath that you need in your life, or on your bathroom shelf, then this is it! This is another of those products that I got completely on a whim and because it was on 2 for 3 and my sister couldn't decide on her third product so I got lucky!

I'm not usually one for baths and I don't really stay in them for very long as I get a bit bored but I've been trying to enjoy them more with the use of lovely bath bombs and bubble baths. The Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All bubble bath doesn't really have a scent, which is unusual for a Soap & Glory product but it does have two in one uses. Not only is it a bubble bath but it's also got a built in body lotion so you can soothe your skin as you soak.

If you pour this under a running tap it produces absolutely loads of bubbles so it's perfect for a pamper session. At £6 it's a lot more expensive than a lot of bubble baths that are out there of the same 500ml size, but you're probably paying that little bit extra for the Soap & Glory name as well as the fact it has built in moisturising properties. I would really recommend getting this though as it leaves your skin feeling lovely afterwards.

Have you tried this? What's your go to bath time product?


30 May 2014

Barry M Cor Balmy in 'Adam & Eve'

Barry M Cor Balmy in Adam & Eve

Barry M Cor Balmy in Adam & Eve
Barry M Cor Balmy lip balm in 'Adam & Eve' - £3.49

So, you had a quick sneaky peek of this in my post earlier in the week but here is a full post dedicated to the delight that is Barry M's new Cor Balmy!

First off lets just appreciate the name of this fab product shall we. Ok now on with the review!

It's inevitable that this is going to be compared to the Maybelline Baby Lips products as lets face it, they're pretty similar with the bright colours and funky packaging. I have tried the Baby Lips but I stuck with the non-tinted one as I'm not usually someone who goes for tinted products. I am always, always using lip balm so to continually be applying a tinted one would be a no-no, but that was until I found the Cor Balmy in Adam & Eve. The balm is the palest shade of them all, the tint is so very, very subtle and barely there - perfect for me. I often have dry lips that do loose their colour a lot due to my asthma/being cold so the Cor Balmy gives them a little helping hand in getting their flush back.

Now, not only is this a tinted balm but it has a moisturising core running through it, which means it keeps your lips lovely and soft at the same time. £3.49 isn't too pricey for a tinted lip balm in my opinion - this is perfect for me and I'm really pleased I gave it a try, I'm a tinted lip balm convert!

Have you tried the Barry M Cor Balmy yet?


29 May 2014

New Look Crochet Trim Shorts and Vest Top

New Look Black Floral Print Crochet Trim Shorts New Look Black Floral Print Crochet Trim Shorts
New Look Black Floral Print Crochet Trim Shorts
New Look: Black Floral Print Crochet Trim Shorts - £12.99, Cream Daisy Broderie Button Back Shell Top - £12.99
Internacionale: Wedge Boots

Me, in shorts? What is going on? Not too long ago I had quite a few vouchers to spend in New Look so I went a little mad and bought a whole lot of spring/summer clothing. I say spring/summer clothing but I've only ever worn these shorts with tights so far!

I have to say I do prefer shorts to skirts. I don't like tight/hot pant type shorts, I prefer ones that are quite loose fitting and I really love ones with pockets. I spotted the Black Floral Print Crochet Trim Shorts and thought they were so pretty I just had to try them on. I really liked them and I think for £12.99 they're a real bargain, great for when it is actually hot!

I recently wore them on a night out with tights and the very boots you can see pictured and I felt super comfortable in them. They're quite a thin material and I just love the crochet trim on them. There was another pattern available on the rail as well, which I think I might have to pick up.

I also picked up the Cream Daisy Broderie Button Back Shell Top, which again is really unlike me. I am NOT one for vest tops and showing off my shoulders at all. I'm VERY self conscious about them but recently I've just sort of thrown caution to the wind and thought why the hell shouldn't I wear a vest top. I need to be braver when it comes to clothes and this is just the start. I love the lacey detail on this, it's super pretty, but I'm very wary that it is white as me and white don't usually mix. Any white clothing I have usually ends up with some kind of food down it!

Now I just need some sunshine and I can loose the tights and boots. I must admit the boots are the biggest bargain I've got this year. They were £4.50 in the Internacionale sale and they are SO comfy. I wore them on a night out and usually if I wear any type of heel for more than five minutes my feet feel like they're going to fall off but these were just lovely to wear. They are going to get so much use in the autumn/winter time, I can promise you that!

Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments. How else would you wear these shorts?


28 May 2014

New releases from Barry M

New releases from Barry M

New releases from Barry M

I'm quite annoyed as this is the second time I've written this blog post. How annoying! I had it all scheduled and then I went and scheduled another post, which then made this one disappear. Not quite sure what went on…but anyway rant over, now onto the good stuff.

I have been a fan of Barry M for as long as I can remember, years and years. It's one of my absolute favourite high street brands and if you look at my nail polish collection you'll see just what a huge fan I am. Recently on lots of blogs I've seen mutterings of some new releases from Barry M. I thought I wouldn't be getting my hands on any of these for quite a while yet as my local stores are useless when it comes to new ranges but I recently went into my local Boots and all these little beauties were staring back at me.

The Gelly range has been a huge hit with myself and tons of other blogs and I was really pleased to see some new shades for summer! I went for the bold blue shade called 'Damson', which is a nice alternative to all the pastels that are around at the moment.

The matte range is also one that I'm a big fan of and I was really glad to see more new colours being released. I opted for the interestingly named shade Rhossili, which is a deep pink shade. There's also a clear matte top coat so you can give absolutely any polish the Barry M matte finish but I didn't pick it up, kind of regretting it now.

I also picked up the gorgeous coral shimmer polish Carousel, which is just gorgeous. It's part of the new limited edition range, where all the polishes come with cute heart print lids. The range is inspired by the sun and the seaside so it's perfect for summer!

Although not a nail polish, I did also pick up the new Cor Balmy lip balm in Adam & Eve. I've already given this a go and so far I really like it. It's very subtly tinted and has a moisturising core running through out. It's perfect!

Have you tried any of the new products from Barry M? I'll be featuring full reviews on the blog soon!

27 May 2014

My baby blue...

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Minty Fresh
No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Minty Fresh

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Minty Fresh

*Breaking Bad reference alert* Sorry!

The title is also a reference to the perfect blue nail polish for summer. I picked this up in Boots quite a while ago actually and I've been meaning to feature it on the blog for absolutely ages. Finally I've got around to it!

This was and still can be found on the Boots reduced shelf for £3, which is a real bargain! The name of the shade is Minty Fresh but I wouldn't really class it as mint when its on the nails to be honest, it's blue, blue, blue! I love this because it has a lovely wide-angled brush, meaning you can cover the entire nail in one swipe. The polish is a little thin on application and I've used three layers to get the desired look above.

This is definitely my favourite shade for summer, it's a nice alternative to the pastel trend at the moment. Something bright and bold is the way to go!

What's your perfect nail shade for summer?


25 May 2014

The Sunday Catch Up #20

Rainbow / new perfume / new mascara / new Barry M goodies

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This week has been one of those weeks where I've barely taken any pictures and I've not really done much either to be honest! On Tuesday evening I went to my nan and granddad's house for dinner after work, which was lovely. We had a really yummy stir-fry, which was extremely filling, but I still had a teeny tiny bit of room left for a relish apple pie for dessert, made by my nan! I took the recipe home with me and I'm hoping to give it a go when I get paid and can buy all of the ingredients. I may blog about it if it turns out ok. Who knows though, I usually get annoyed at baking and it all goes horribly wrong!

Other than work I've not really done much at all. I'm really glad about the three day weekend as I've got lots of blogging done today and I'm hoping to get more done tomorrow too. I really want to get some outfit photos taken but it's just a case of putting some together. I seem to have lots of tops but nothing to go with them.

Yesterday I spent most of the day lazing around then cleaning the house and visiting my mum and dad. Vince was supposed to have the evening off work but got called in at the last minute, which really spoilt our plans of eating dinner at a reasonable time. He doesn't get home until around 8.30pm so we end up eating pretty late.

Today I've done a ton of blogging as I mentioned and also popped to my mum and dad's again. My sister is usually there with Daisy and Oscar or they stay over so I'm always there at the weekends. Daisy went to the Sealife Centre today so couldn't stop talking about it, she loved it!

This morning I very naughtily popped to Boots and had a bit of a splurge. Payday isn't until Friday so I'm not really sure what I was thinking going to Boots, but there are just so many new products out at the moment I just wanted to snap them up!

How have you spent your weekend so far?

24 May 2014

The furry friend tag

I found this cute tag on HelloZelda and decided to give it a go so you could all get to know Charlie a little better!

Q. What is his/her name?
A. Charlie! Vince actually came up with the name and while it is one of my nicknames he actually came up with it as when he was a child there used to be a black cat called Charlie that would always be around his house that he just loved so this was in homage to him!

Q. When did you get Charlie?
A. We got him in January, 2013. I wanted a kitten for ages and had been looking on the internet one morning when I spotted an advert. We went to see him that afternoon and he came home with us.

Q. What is something Charlie does that annoys you?
A. He can get quite scratchy/bitey when you just want to stroke him and he also meows REALLY loudly when we're trying to watch TV. Such an attention seeker.

Q. What type of breed is Charlie?
A. He is just a general shorthaired tom cat - common as muck!

Q. Has Charlie ever had a near death experience?
A. Not that I'm aware of. I do worry though because we live on a bus route so I have horrid visions of him going under a bus. If only you could teach animals the green cross code.

Q. Does Charlie know any tricks?
A. To put it bluntly - no!

Q. Does Charlie love to snuggle?
A. He's not the type to come and sit on your lap and curl up but he often sleeps on the bed so I will go up to see him and he loves to be tickled under the chin and around the ears so in that respect he is quite snuggly.

Q. Where did you get Charlie?
A. Looking back I wish I had visited some rehoming centres before getting Charlie but unfortunately we didn't. Maybe I'll try there next time…anyway I saw an advert online for Charlie and it turned out the owner of him was actually living in a caravan near a football field. He said he was between places, which was strange looking back, as it was winter and he was just living in this tiny caravan with five cats. It was pretty messy but the guy was very friendly and quite obviously a big cat lover.

I probably shouldn't have judged based on first impressions but I couldn't really help it. It turned out he was very nice and even let us have Charlie for cheaper than what he was asking for.

Q. Does Charlie get along with other animals?
A. I don't think he's keen on dogs. I've seen him spot a dog and freeze on the spot, he's also not keen on next door's dog either but I think most cats are like this unless they're living with one. With other cats he's as you would expect, quite territorial, but recently another cat came to visit him about three days in a row and he let her come and play and they sat in the garden together, which was really cute.

Q. Does Charlie get along with strangers?
A. No, he get's quite scared when people come round. It usually takes quite a few hours before he'll make an appearance. He does like Vince's parents and brother and sister though!

Q. How much does Charlie weigh? A. On his last vet visit he weighed just under 4kg, which is the average weight for a male cat of his age so he's right on target!

Q. Do you ever dress Charlie up?
A. No, never!

Q. Has Charlie ever tried to run away?
A. No, he always comes back in the evenings for his dinner!

Q. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10? A. Definitely more than 10! I'm so, so glad we got him and he's fit in really well. I couldn't imagine not having him.

Let me know if you've enjoyed this tag and if you do it too!

21 May 2014

Yves Rocher L'Eau Moment de Bonheur perfume

Yves Rocher L'Eau Moment de Bonheur perfume

Yves Rocher L'Eau Moment de Bonheur perfume - £38*

Yves Rocher L'Eau Moment de Bonheur perfume

I was recently contacted and asked if I'd like to try out the Yves Rocher L'Eau Moment de Bonheur perfume and being the perfume lover I am, I quite obviously couldn't turn it down.

I went for this particular perfume because the green colour scheme really interested me. I know you shouldn't judge a book, or in this case a bottle, by its cover but when it comes to perfumes I definitely do. I loved the sleek look of the bottle and it just looked like it was going to be refreshing and perfect for summer and that it is! When you're buying perfume online you kind of have to judge it on first look and from the description and just pray it turns out ok, thankfully I'm really pleased with what I've chosen.

The perfume itself is really cooling and refreshing. I usually go for much fruitier scents but this has quite a woody base with hints of rose and grass. There is a hint of sweet apple but it's really not too strong. Overall I really like it and I've found it really nice to wear during the warmer weather. It's not too heavy or musky and it's made a nice change from my usual scents.

Have you tried this? What are your favourite scents for summer?

This post contains PR samples


18 May 2014

The Sunday Catch Up #19!

Charlie enjoying his new Purrbox / Daisies still going strong / Olympic park / Wahaca lunch / Tequila! / Giant Whoopie pie! / Semi-healthy dinner

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This weekend has flown by as usual. Yesterday I travelled to London to meet my friends from Uni. We haven't been together as a four since we left uni four years ago but we've all met up at odd times so it's been about two years since I've seen one friend and one year since I've seen the other two. Anyway, it was great to catch up and I really enjoyed being in London too. We wondered around the Olympic park, which was really cool and despite it being about two years since the Olympics you could still feel some kind of strange atmosphere around the place.

We went into the Velodrome where the cycling events took place. It was a lot smaller than it looks on TV and there were actually cyclists going round it so it was really interesting watching them do so and watching them do some of the actual team events. We spent a little while in there watching the cyclists and then wondered over to where the pool is but unfortunately we couldn't get in.

We stopped off for some lunch at Wahaca and some tequilas for afters. Not my idea, haha! I've never been to Wahaca before but it was ok, I had a burrito, which was pretty good and the other girls' salads looked really yummy and came in edible bowls. I was too hungry to get a salad though.

After that we did some more walking around and just soaked up some sunshine before heading to a Hummingbird Bakery to pick up some cakes to take home. It was such a good idea as they taste amazing! I've never tried anything from there before so I picked up some cupcakes for Vince and my sister and then a giant Whoopie Pie for myself, which was absolutely delicious. I'm gutted there's not a bakery nearby.

Before we knew it it was time to go home so we headed back to Paddington for another drink and to catch our train home. I got home around 9pm and Vince and I grabbed a KFC for dinner, oops. My legs were, and still are, really aching from all the walking and my ankle and foot actually swelled up a bit, which is worrying. It was probably due to the flat shoes I had been wearing all day around London, probably not a good idea.

This morning I had a well deserved lie-in and lazed around in front of the TV. I did a bit of cleaning and then got ready to go to my mum and dad's for a barbecue. It's been super hot and sunny this weekend so I actually got my legs out for the first time this year in my new shorts.

I'm quite looking forward to next weekend as it's yet ANOTHER bank holiday. May is absolutely full of them! I don't have anything planned but I really do just want a day where I can get organised with my blog. I want to take lots of outfit photos and get some inspiration back as I've been lacking my blogging mojo recently. Hopefully I can find it again.

Before you go, why not catch up on the posts from the past week:
  • Revlon shadowlinks
  • Makeup Revolution nail polish in Cool Days

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    15 May 2014

    Revlon Shadowlinks

    Revlon Shadowlinks
    Revlon Shadowlinks (From left to right) Onyx, Khaki and Moss - £2.99 each

    Revlon Shadowlinks

    Revlon Shadowlink in Onyx

    Revlon Shadowlink in Khaki

    Revlon Shadowlink in Khaki

    I've been trying to get my hands on these singular eyeshadaow palettes for ages but they seem to be extremely popular and have always been sold out every time I've been into Boots and Superdrug. Finally, last week there were still some left on the shelf and they turned out to be just my sort of colours. To be honest I was planning on trying something a bit different but as this was all that was left I took it as a sign.

    For £2.99 these are little palettes of loveliness that click and connect with others from the range so you can pick and mix what shadows you want in your palette. They're great on their own as they're teeny tiny so will fit in your bag/travel bag nicely but you can also build them up to be the mother of all palettes!

    There is such a wide variety of colours available and even though I have gone for pretty common ones, these are still beautifully pigmented and really stand out on the eyelids. They're lovely and silky smooth to apply and have a lovely subtle hint of shimmer too. The Onyx shade works really well as an eyeliner as it's so bold and actually has a touch of glitter to it so is really out there for me. I wore it recently on a night out and it stayed in tact for hours and helped me create quite a bold look.

    The Khaki and Moss shades are more of my every day go to shades and again, these have really great staying power. I've been switching them both up on a daily basis and am really enjoying them. They're great for blending together and I think the Khaki and Moss shades really compliment one another.

    I'm really keen to try out some more shades and build up a palette for every one of my eyeshadow needs. Have you tried the Revlon Shadowlinks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


    13 May 2014

    Makeup Revolution Nail Polish in Cool Days

    Makeup Revolution Nail Polish in Cool Days
    Makeup Revolution nail polish in Cool Days - £1.50

    Makeup Revolution Nail Polish in Cool Days

    Makeup Revolution is big news at the moment. It's certainly working hard on its blogger outreach and I'm seeing lots of good things coming our way in terms of products/releases. I was recently, very kindly, sent a selection of products to try out and I have to say even on very first impressions (taking them out of the envelope) I am extremely impressed.

    Now, you can choose to read into the rumours/gossip surrounding the brand but to be honest I'm not bothered. I see this as a new makeup brand trying to make its way in the very crowded market and it's providing us with affordable, good quality makeup and that is all that matters. I've started off by trying one of the new nail polishes, in a colour that is right up my street called 'Cool Days'.

    It's the perfect bright mint shade - a good dupe for the new Barry M Gelly Shine polish, Sugar Apple, and half the price. As I expected it was a bit streaky to apply and the finished look above is created with three layers of polish. I'm always wary of polish that needs two layers or more as it usually chips after only a short while, but on the up side it dries SUPER fast and it's staying power is pretty good so far. It has definitely survived the washing up test and if it can survive that then it can survive anything!

    For £1.50 this is by far one of the best budget nail polishes out there and I'm really excited to try more from the range. I would definitely recommend trying out the range of polishes because at this price you can't really go wrong!

    Have you tried Makeup Revolution? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


    11 May 2014

    The Sunday Catch Up #18

    Makeup Revolution goodies / Pretty nails / New eye palette / Purse / Cheeky Charlie / Afternoon tea!

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    Hope you've all had a good week and weekend! I can't believe the week just gone was only four working days long, it seems like a lifetime ago.

    I spent Monday watching my nan and mum doing some gardening in my own garden. My sister also popped round with Daisy and Oscar so we all mucked about in the garden for a while before a trip to Homebase for new plants. There's still a lot of work to do in the garden, lots of pulling out of bushes and I want to plant lots more flowers but I'm too lazy so I'll probably never get around to it to be honest.

    The four day working week really went quickly so before I knew it it was Saturday again, hooray! It was my sister's 24th birthday on Saturday so we visited Dr Fox's Tea Room on Knightstone Island on the seafront and I would really recommend it! It's a very pretty little cafe with cute decor - very blogger friendly! We both had a cream tea each, which was delicious! We'll definitely be going back.

    In the evening I headed to Bristol for a night out. I wore my new floral shorts that I featured in a Sunday post last week with my bargain £4.50 boots, which was such a good idea because they were super comfortable and I didn't feel like my feet were going to drop off like I usually do with heels. I wish I was able to get an outfit photo but it was so windy outside that I couldn't possibly and the light in the house isn't great either. I might recreate it in a posed situation! A girl I used to work with was having her hen do in Bristol and kindly invited me. It was a good night and I certainly drank too much, but thankfully felt fine this morning! Phew!

    For a couple of weeks now my dad, Vince and I had been planning to visit a tattoo convention in Bridgwater. Today was finally the day we went and it was a bit of a let down. I thought it would be in a huge hall with lots and lots of stalls and tattooists but it was one quite small hall with about 40 tattooists, all tattooing people and that was it. I thought there would be tattooists milling around chatting to people, talking about their work etc etc but unless you actually wanted to sit in their chairs for hours and have a tattoo there wasn't really a point in going. It certainly wasn't worth the £10 entry fee!

    We had a pretty lazy afternoon with Vince watching football and me falling asleep on the sofa. Now I'm just trying to prepare some blog posts for the next week. I feel like I've lost a bit of my blogging mojo/inspiration for some reason. My blog seems to be review after review after review and I'd really like to introduce some more varied posts with hints/tips, lifestyle posts and fashion posts but it's so difficult when you literally only have two days per week to do it as well as enjoy your time off. It's tricky.

    Before you go, why not catch up on the posts from the past week:
  • Free From Frizz Blowout Watermelon Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Candyfloss Cutie and Fizzy Applelicious

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    7 May 2014

    Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Candyfloss Cutie and Fizzy Applelicious

    Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Candyfloss Cutie and Fizzy Applelicious
    Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Candyfloss Cutie - £3.99
    Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Fizzy Applelicious - £3.99

    Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Candyfloss Cutie and Fizzy Applelicious

    Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Candyfloss Cutie and Fizzy Applelicious

    Rimmel Sweetiecrush in Candyfloss Cutie and Fizzy Applelicious

    I've been waiting to spot this range in my local Boots/Superdrug stores for quite a little while now. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I keep a list on my phone of products I want to try after having read about them on various blogs and the new Rimmel Sweetiecrush polishes were high on the list.

    The range consists of five different candy colours and the polishes themselves are textured, almost like you're painting coloured sugar onto your nails. I picked up Candyfloss Cutie and Fizzy Applelicious and have to admit I was sold on the names alone. They're very girly and sickly sweet but the colours are really pretty, the perfect spring/summer shades.

    The packaging continues with the candy theme as you can see from the bottle tops. The colours remind me of sherbert and they compliment each other really nicely. I only needed two coats to get the finished look and they were both lovely to apply thanks to the wide brush. I would probably recommend popping a top coat over these to seal them as textured polishes do tend to chip easier as these have after a day or two.

    For £3.99 these are really reasonable and a perfect pick-me-up polish when you feel like you need a treat. There's also a yellow, blue and purple in the range, which I'd love to try out as well.

    Have you tried the new Rimmel Sweetiecrush polishes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


    6 May 2014

    Free From Frizz Blowout Watermelon Shampoo and Conditioner

    Free From Frizz Blowout Watermelon Shampoo and Conditioner
    Free From Frizz Blowout Watermelon Shampoo and Conditioner
    Free From Frizz Blowout Watermelon Shampoo - £5.99*
    Free From Frizz Blowout Watermelon Conditioner - £5.99*

    Recently I was contacted and asked if I'd like to review this new shampoo and conditioner combo from Free From Frizz. I've never heard of the brand before but its products claim to fight frizz with a new patent pending system. To be honest I don't have particularly frizzy hair, it's much more fine/flyaway but I was told the new watermelon range might work for me as its targeted at fine hair, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    The range is now available from Boots and each bottle pictured above is worth £5.99, which is probably you're general price for a shampoo or conditioner these days, but it still seems a bit expensive to me personally. I just absolutely love the milkshake/fruit juice look and packaging of these. I also have the kit, which comes in milk carton shape packaging and is so so cute!

    As I mentioned and as you can probably see from the pictures, this is watermelon scented and just smells amazing!! I can't get enough of the scent and it's one of those where you just want to use it ALL the time. The conditioner is lovely and thick, almost like a milkshake, and it smells even more divine and stronger than the shampoo.

    I've been using these for a little while and have found that after use my hair feels extremely soft and smooth. So much so that I just touch it and run my fingers through it all day long. Most de-frizzing treatments tend to weigh the hair down but Free From Frizz uses a formula called 'Floraceuticals', which works to soften the hair, smooth out the frizz and leave it shiny and manageable. I have to say it really does a good job and I'm very impressed.

    I would like to see how girls with very frizzy hair have found the treatments as I'd like to know how powerful the system is. As I mentioned my hair is quite flyaway and this does seem to help and keep my hair soft and smooth but it may benefit someone with much more frizzy hair.

    I would really recommend giving this a go even if you're just looking for a super scented hair product that will leave your hair smelling gorgeous all day long as well as feeling super soft and healthy.

    Have you tried this? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

    This post contains PR samples


    4 May 2014

    The Sunday Catch Up #17

    New books / New shirt and shorts! / New tops / New nail polishes / Revlon shadow links / New shorts / New boots / More new tops

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    Wowee this week has gone super fast. I'm not sure why either but I'm not complaining as I'm currently in the process of enjoying my three day weekend, yay!

    The week was actually pretty good as I celebrated my second year of being an official Graduate PR Consultant at work. I can't believe I've been there for two years, it seems to have flown by. I've learnt SO much and hopefully will learn lots more in the future too. My colleagues gave me a voucher for New Look to say thank you so this weekend I went shopping. I also had £20 of vouchers already, which were able to be spent at New Look so I put them all together and bought lots of lovely summery clothes, including shorts, which is really unlike me.

    I also found some serious bargain boots in Internacionale too. It's closing down so everything is reduced. I spotted the boots with a £9 sticker on and a £6 sticker as well but when I got to the tills they were £4.50. I know it's not really boots weather but they'll be perfect for the autumn/winter, which will no doubt be here in the blink of an eye.

    As well as shopping I spent most of Saturday afternoon at my mum and dad's and then came home for a celebratory chinese takeaway with Vince in the evening. We decided to watch Angels & Demons too, which was actually pretty good. I thought I wouldn't like it at all but I really enjoyed it. However, I wish I'd read the book first.

    This morning my mum and I took Daisy and Oscar swimming, which was really nice. Oscar really loves it and just splashes himself in the face, hehe. Daisy really enjoys it too and had some toys with her that she liked to throw into the water and swim towards. Afterwards we went back to mums for a fry up, yum!

    Tomorrow my nan, mum, sister and Daisy and Oscar are all coming round. Mum and nan are going to help me out with the garden, repotting plants and pulling up weeds so fingers crossed the weather holds out!

    How have you spent your bank holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments.

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