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31 August 2009

Nice times

So, it's been about a week or so since I last blogged, though not much has happened in that time really. It was Vince's birthday on the 28th and the guys at work bought him some pints and a cocktail and got one of the entertainment's team to sing happy birthday to him over the mic, which he found highly embarrasing.

During the day of the 28th we had to go to Southampton so Vince could hand in his coursework. He did plan to stay up all night to get in finished but he didn't complete it and so we didn't leave until about 1pm, when we got to Uni we had to literally run across the whole university to the computer rooms to print out the last piece and then run across to the other side to hand it in. We handed it in with 15 minutes to spare! I just hope he passes it all now after that! We made it back to Weston for 7 and went for a meal with his family which was REALLY good, the curry was so so nice, best I've tasted in ages!!

On Thursday Vince came round to mine and we all went to the pub for a meal with my mum, dad, sister and my sister's boyfriend. It was also really nice, I had sticky chicken! Haha.

So after all that fun we had to go back to work, bad times. This week and weekend has been the most annoying ever. Some people are just total idiots who don't know what they are talking about!! They obviously don't know a THING about drink because when we explain to them they are like 'oh oh, erm..' and don't have a response. IDIOTS!!!!!!! I can't wait to leave! I don't mind going back in the holidays but the summer is a LONG time and I've had enough now! Our last day is 17th Septeber so not long to go, though we have to go through the Cruise events, where the guests pretend they are on a cruise!? For some STUPID, INSANE reason. Why don't they just go on a cruise instead of pretending? Pointless.

I think I'm going back to Southampton on either 20th or 24th September, I can't quite remember! Vince has a gig on the 24th so he needs to practice. I still don't want to go back, I haven't done anything on my major project, oh well!

21 August 2009

Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go

I always get this weird feeling at this time of's the dreaded University feeling and the fact that I'm 50/50 about going back. It's not so bad that it means I'm going to drop out but I hate the feeling of having to leave home again, the ONLY thing that makes it bearable is that Vince is with me. I don't know what I would do if he wasn't at the same Uni as me. =]

I've had a really good summer this year! The best. I remember when I was younger and back in school, we used to have to write about what we did in the summer holidays and I never had anything to write about but this year I can safely write about everything I've done. I had a great experience at Reveal, both good and not so good. I feel I got quite aquainted with London and next time I have work experience, (and there WILL be a next time) I won't feel so daunted by the whole prospect. I also got to experience the sights of London on a brilliant day trip with Vince.

I also had a great great holiday with Keely, Kayleigh and Vince and can't wait to go away again next year (though they don't know it yet, lol!) aswell as a great day out at Thorpe Park with Vince, although my 2 for 1 entry wasn't valid on the day we went and I only found out once we had got there! Although the actual working side of working behind the bar and dealing with idiot customers gets a bit sickening, I've enjoyed working with Vince and spending most days with him.

But back to University. Everytime I think of it I get this horrible feeling. Back to the cheap ASDA shops, nasty food, early starts, bills and Uni. Thinking about it, I have learnt a lot about Magazine Journalism but there are crucial pieces I feel we haven't done enough of - like writing features for example. When it comes to me sitting down and trying to write a feature, I am stumped. I definitely need to sort this out!

The start of a new Uni year usually means going out, freshers week most people but I'm not bothered by it. I'm not a typical Uni student at all, don't get me wrong, I enjoy going out at times but the same places gets boring after a while. I'd much rather stay home and relax, most people will think it's sad but that's me and I don't care. =]

I still have many things to look forward to in the rest of the year, my 21st birthday on October 13th, (hint hint) though I don't know what on earth I'm doing for it. I'll probably come back home and go for a meal and see friends. Then on October 28th I'm going to see Green Day! I actually cannot wait! I'm listening to them now and appreciating them all over again. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) is my absolute favourite song and I can't wait to see it performed live and hear everyone singing it back. The best sound in the world is a crowd singing the words back to the band.

I'm in a strange mood tonight. I've had a productive day, replying to emails, putting up reviews, working on my own reviews, working on my dissertation, a visit to the post office, a nice relaxing bubble bath and generally doing bits and pieces. I'm all confused with my dissertation at the moment so I will return to it tomorrow and Sunday and see what can be sorted out. Goodnight

Alberta Cross - ATX

Alberta Cross - ATX
Released September 14th 2009

Taken from the band’s debut album ‘Broken Side Of Time,’ Alberta Cross are set to shake things up with the release of ‘ATX,’ on September 14th 2009.

The track, which came out of a drunken jam, is apparently about David Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth.’ “It’s about an alien, being out of place,” says front-man Petter Ericson Stakee; and a galactic vibe can certainly be heard throughout song. Standing at a solid 3.39 minutes, the track is plugged with fuzzy, distorted sounds, accompanied by the eerie vocals from Petter.

Though sounding like something from another planet, the track works well as an experimental alt-rock marathon but is unfortunately thwarted by its abrupt and disappointing ending.

The track is a huge leap away from their acoustic based EP ‘The Thief and the Heartbreaker,’ which was released back in 2007. Alberta Cross have experimented with everything in their reach to create this beast of a track.

14 August 2009

Above Them - Blueprint For A Better Time

Above Them - Blueprint For A Better Time
Released September 28th 2009

West Yorkshire lads ‘Above Them,’ are back, and this time they are upping the ante with the release of their debut album ‘Blueprint for a Better Time.’ Recorded over a 10 day period, the album is due for release this September and is the follow up to their successful E.P ‘Put Your Heart Into This,’ which received rave reviews from the music media.

‘Blueprint For A Better Time,’ is one almighty crash of sounds. The furious guitar riffs and the pop punk stylings, mixed with a Yorkshire accent makes this album an extremely British affair – an album with a raw, cutting edge to rival the fresh faced, clean pop punk that makes it to the mainstream.

Listening through the album, it is easy to hear similarities to popular bands such as Fightstar and Biffy Clyro, which is something for this band to be proud of. Though they share similarities, the band still manage to boast a sound that is all their own. Monstrous and hungry for more, Above Them have mastered a solid first attempt. They show flare and guts for a relatively new band that are breaking out of the DIY music scene and into the more established.

Standout tracks: For Those Who Paved The Way, Keep Smiling
Rating: 6/10

11 August 2009

Here comes the sun!

Here comes the holiday blog! Enjoy!

On Friday we set off for the beginning of our mini holiday to Dawlish. As we couldn't check in until 4pm, we decided to go to Crealy which is a small theme park and quite frankly, we were much too old to be crawling around in the play area. It's certainly no Thorpe Park or Alton Towers but Keely enjoyed the rides and I enjoyed seeing all the animals! We stayed there untill about 4pm and then decided to head to a supermarket to buy food for our stay as it wasn't provided on the camp site. Well, we were in Sainsburys for about an hour! We should have been more prepared and made a list as we kept thinking of things to buy and having to run back down the aisles. In the end we bought £47 worth of food and drink which wasn't too bad as it was shared between 4 of us.

When we got to Golden Sands holiday park, the reception was closed, which panicked us a bit but eventually we got the keys to our chalet (we were expecting a mobile caravan) and settled in. The chalet wasn't that bad to be honest, for a 'bronze' star chalet, I was expecting worse. I was expecting it to be a lot like Sandbay (where I work) but it was all very nice, we had a nice little living room which was joined onto the kitchen, two bedrooms and shower/bathroom. As we were all knackered from running around Crealy all day, we just had a quiet night in and had dinner in the chalet and just chatted for most of the evening.

Day two was equally as sunny, so we started the day with a swim in the pool. It was quite crowded but there was an inside and outside pool which meant more room for us to muck about. Although poor Vince had to sit and watch from the side =[ After swimmming we decided to have a barbeque outside the Chalet and it was goood! We had burgers and sausages, but we also made chicken kebabs with peppers which were soooo nice!

Again, we decided to have a bit of a chill out night, though this time we headed to the bar. We decided to play Bingo but unfortunately none of us won =[. The entertainment team's show was a bit lame and only last 20 minutes so we headed back to the room and played cards, which was hilarious! Vince taught us a new card game and Keely (who was definitely drunk!!) could not grasp the rules at all and everytime she said she understood, she would do something wrong and need the rules explaining again. So funny! We stayed up until about 3am so we were all knackered the next day.

Sunday was again a boiling hot day (we really got lucky with the weather) so we headed to the beach resort. The beach looked lovely and I was dying to go swimming, though we hadn't bought any of our stuff and no one else really seemed keen. =[

We strolled along the beach and Vince and I headed to the arcades. We played on the fruit machines and Vince managed to win about 500 tickets! It was so funny, everytime we went on them, the pictures would match and the ticket fund would rise and rise. It took about five minutes for all the tickets to come out and they were rolling up on the floor. I picked a money box for 150 tickets and a buddha for my mum and some sweets aswell. We met Kayleigh and Keely in the pub and then made our way back to the chalet via the local shops to buy presents. We had an afternoon nap and ordered chinese for dinner! When I got back I realised I was quite badly sunburnt which NEVER happens to me so I'm quite happy about it!

That night we decided to play Bingo again and still didn't win anything! The entertainment that night was a bit better but the bar closed at 12am so we headed back and relaxed a bit before bed time. Monday was a rainy day but it was the day we left so we didn't really mind. We headed to Woodlands, which is another theme park about an hour away from where we were staying.

I definitely enjoyed these water slides the most, though the twister one was quite scary, I thought we were going to come off the side of it! It was a fun day, although a little annoying that we had to walk around all day with wet clothes! It seemed like it took ages to get home so I went to sleep in the car. All in all it was a good holiday and nice to get away from work, but I think I'd want to go for longer next time and to a place where there is more to do. Here are some more pics:


4 August 2009


I can't believe it's August already, and four days in already! Where does the year actually go? Can someone tell me?

So what have I been up to since I last blogged? I got my new laptop! It's so pretty! It's 4GB, with 360G Hardrive, if that means anything to anyone. :P It's shiny blue on the outside and actually has a fully working keyboard, unlike my other DIY keyboard! LOL! It set me back £420 so I bought an external hardrive aswell so I can store all sorts of things, maybe I could download some films! There are so many that I want to see! The Proposal, Bruno, Harry Potter, The Time Travellers Wife to name a few. Being a film editor will probably open my eyes to more films and I'll actually beable to talk about films with Vince who always gets annoyed that I know nothing about them!

Vince's band put on a really great show on Saturday at the Unsigned Music Live Festival '09. The best I've seen yet! They even gained some new fans so it looks like things are looking up! Sometimes they can be so negative!

Work is all going fine, though very boring, frustrating and busy. It's starting to get a bit 'same old, same old,' so having four days off will be a nice break! As I've previously said I'm off to Devon for four days and it's expected to rain but I'm sure we can amuse outselves if it does! We don't really have an idea what our accomodation is like, or what the place is like so it's all going to be a big surprise and hopefully a good one! 3 days to go. :)

So I need to dry my hair and get ready for another day at work, fun times! Bye!
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