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30 September 2012

A quiet week in photos

New Green Day album / Meatballs / Chilli / Cheesecake! / Pink skies / Picnic with Daisy / New book / Louise Gray for Topshop Nail Polish

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As the title suggests, most of this week has been pretty quiet. My mum and dad have gone away on holiday for a week so I've had to temporarily move back home and look after the dog. I took Thursday and Friday off work so I could get a few things done and just generally lounge about the house.

On Thursday afternoon my sister and I took a trip to Bristol to Cabot Circus for some much needed shopping. As usual I spent way too much money and even got myself a new Zara bag, oops! The traffic coming home was horrendous so we were both really worn out after.

I spent Friday doing a few things here and there. I had a nice little visit from my sister and Daisy and the rest of the day was spent sitting on the sofa with my iPad.

Saturday turned out to be quite a nice day so I went to the park with my sister and Daisy for a picnic. We absolutely stuffed ourselves and Daisy loved pointing at all the birds and the aeroplanes that flew over.

I don't have much planned for today, other than to schedule a few posts. How have you spent your weekend?

28 September 2012

TOWIE: Love Addict

TOWIE Love Addict
TOWIE Love Addict Fragrance 100ml - £17.99*

TOWIE Love Addict

TOWIE Love Addict

I for one didn't ever imagine I would be featuring a TOWIE product on my blog. I will admit to watching the series, but it's one of those ones that are so cheesy and trashy, yet you can't not watch it. It's a guilty pleasure and I know for a fact that lots of other bloggers watch it too!

I was recently invited to the TOWIE fragrance launch but as usual, because it was in London, I couldn't make it and so politely declined the invitation. To my surprise I was sent the fragrance through the post and found it very nice that even though I declined the invite, I wasn't just forgotten about and cast aside by the PR company.

I think if this fragrance was under a different, popular brand name, then people would be much more willing to accept it. The fact that is says TOWIE in huge capital letters means most people instantly dismiss it but I tried to give it a bit of a chance.

TOWIE Love Addict

TOWIE Love Addict

TOWIE Love Addict

I do like the purple colours and the bottle really isn't too badly designed. I quite like the pretty ribbon and the diamond shaped indents, but the smell isn't completely me.

I thought this sort of fragrance might be a bit sickly sweet and floral, which is what I usually quite like, but I found it a bit too strong for me.

It's quite a woody fragrance but it does have notes of lemon anise and raisin and there is definitely a hint of floral in there, which you can smell after the fragrance settles a little. Although it's quite strong I think I could definitely get used to it.

It's probably going to be one of those fragrances that I would keep and use every now and then when I fancy something a bit different. The TOWIE label doesn't bother me, at the end of the day it's another fragrance to add to my collection and the box will just go in the bin anyway!

TOWIE Love Addict

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26 September 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #49

Wednesday Wishlist 49
New Look: Grey Prism Cosmic Tank  Top - £12.99, Pink & Blue Scalloped Collar Top - £14.99
Topshop: Vaudeville Boucle Ballet Pumps - £20
ASOS: Jewellery Hooks - £12, Barry M Croc Nail Effects - £3.99, Illamasqua Generation Q Eye Palette - Complement - £34

It was quite tricky to find some pieces for the wishlist this week. Having not had the Internet in a few weeks I haven't been able to browse as and when I've wanted to. I've had to instead browse most of the websites today and catch up with what's going on.

And what is going on? Well, it's officially autumn! My wishlist isn't exactly autumn themed but the two tops could both easily be warmed up with a snuggly cardigan!

While snooping around ASOS I came across the Barry M Croc Nail Effects in Red, which I really need to get my hands on. I haven't seen this in stores so I need to keep my eyes peeled for it. I really liked the black version and this deep red version is a lovely shade for the autumn weather.

The Illamasqua Generation Q range has recently caught my eye and I think the Complete palette is really pretty. If only I could wear purple shades without looking like I've been punched in the eye!

What's on your wishlist this week?

25 September 2012

Primark Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook

I just love the distinction between the Autumn and Winter looks in this lookbook. The autumn looks bare a very English countryside resemblance. The style is very tailored with a cute, feminine edge.

I love the polka dot and diamond patterns and the embellished collars and I also love the mix of different patterns in each outfit. This is really great, everyday wear and I particularly love the bags and accessories!

The Winter looks are a complete contrast. It's all about bringing a touch of glam to the winter wardrobe and I really love when companies think like this. Just because it's winter doesn't mean our wardrobes have to become dowdy and unimaginative. I especially like the denim shirt and sequin skirt, not something I would have thought of putting together but I think it really works.

I'm hoping to take a trip to Primark on Friday so I'll definitely be trying to source some of these bits.

24 September 2012

Autumn nails

Models Own Slate Green and Purple Grey
Models Own Slate Green and Purple Grey - £5

Models Own Slate Green and Purple Grey

As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, I instantly feel more drawn to darker, warmer shades of nail polish.

Today I've chosen two great autumnal colour that have been collecting a bit of dust in my collection. I don't think I've ever tried these two shades together but I really think it works well, very leaf like!

I chose two Models Own polishes, Slate Green and Purple Grey, for this look as these are both real favourites of mine.

I love the dusky purple hint alongside the fresh green. What do you think?

Models Own Slate Green and Purple Grey

Models Own Slate Green and Purple Grey

23 September 2012

A 'long time no see' week in photos

Hi everyone! Apologies for not blogging in such a long time, but I haven't had any Internet due to moving house! Now we finally have some sort of fibre optic, magically fast broadband, I can now get back to blogging as normal.

All of the photos below aren't really from the past week, they're from the past week or two actually. I've been saving them all up for you and hopefully they'll be of some interest!

The move went really well and we've been all settled in now for about two weeks, however, there is still lots of sorting out to be done! There are a couple of problems here and there that we've been on to the property agents about so fingers crossed those are fixed soon!

I will be able to do some sort of house tour once everything is sorted!

New house! / Empty house! / Garden / Yankee candle / Delicious food / Mini desserts / Breakfast with Vince / Unpacking / Watching Aristocats / Casserole! / Breakfast / Curry / Unsuccessful car boot sale / Dinner / Chocolate cake / Huge new TV!

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The actual moving process didn't take very long at all! Vince still hasn't brought a lot of his stuff over, mainly just his clothes so far, so there is still more to come!

During the evening we went to our friend's surprise leaving meal! She has gone travelling in Australia so we had a nice meal at a local pub with her friends and family. She definitely looked surprised and I'm very jealous with all the pictures she's sent me.

Last Sunday my sister and I decided to do a car boot sale and it was an absolutely huge failure. Thankfully the rain held off but it was absolutely freezing and we barely made any money at all! People would ask me how much something was and would then make up a completely new, cheaper price and expect me to agree to it. I did on a few occasions but some of their suggestions were ridiculous. I think we're now going to wait until the Summer before we do another one.

I'm quite looking forward to this week coming as I've got Thursday and Friday off work. I'm hoping to take a little trip to Cabot Circus in Bristol to do a spot of shopping. I don't want to spend too much but I definitely need a little look around Primark!

I'll be sure to post about any new purchases I make!

12 September 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #48 - Louise Gray for Topshop

Louise Gray for Topshop

Louise Gray for Topshop: Mascara In There and Black - £10, Eye Cream Duo in Wave Machine - £8, Brush Set - £32, Make Up Bag - £12, Nail Polish in Hat Trick - £6.50, Nail Polish in Dart - £6.50, Eye Palette in Blink - £12.50

Someone please buy me everything from this collection right away!

I'd heard murmurs in the blogging community about 'Louise Gray for Topshop' but I didn't look into it or research anything about it at all. Then, while I was browsing the Topshop make-up section I came across the collection and immediately fell in love!

I just love all of the ice cream colours. They are the perfect pick me up during the colder, darker mornings! The product packaging is cute and ditsy and I love the mix of pink, green and purple with accents of gold!

I think all of the products are priced quite reasonable. £10 for a mascara is pretty much your average price these days and with this collection, you're getting a bit of a designer edge as well, which is great.

I also just love the new glitter nail polishes. The burnt orange shade is really different and for £6.50 I will certainly be picking one up!

I can't wait to get my hands on a few bits from the collection. Will you be splashing the cash on Louise Gray for Topshop too?

10 September 2012

Morning Routine

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream - £12.50
Caudalie Beauty Elixir - £9.90
MUA Undressed Palette - £4
L'Oreal Super Liner - £6.49
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara - £16.50
Barry M Bold Eyeliner - £3.99

I don't have much of a daily routine but there are some products that I always, so I decided to create a blog post to showcase them all!

I usually start my day using a makeup remover wipe on my eyes to remove the last of my make up from the day before (yes I know I should remove it before bed) and then I spritz the Caudalie Beauty Elixir all over my face for a nice refreshing and awakening feeling!

Once the elixir has dried I use the No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream on my face, which I have found to be the only moisturiser/cream to help improve my skin instead of irritate it. I've been using this every day for months and I absolutely love it.

It's not too thick and sloppy and it sinks in nice and quickly. Along with the Beauty Elixir, I've found that my skin has really improved!

Unlike most bloggers I don't really ever wear foundation/powder or blusher. My skin is bad enough as it is and foundation or any kind of product that sits on your face all day just irritates my skin and makes it worse. I tend to just wear eye makeup and have a few bits that I tend to alternate between.

I absolutely adore the L'Oreal Super Liner that you can see above but I can't find it anywhere anymore! They still sell the darker black liner but this one is a lighter grey with a hint of shimmer which I love! I have about three of these and I'm literally using the last dregs of each one!

If I fancy something a bit darker I tend to use the Barry M Bold Eyeliner, which like the SuperLiner, stays put every day and is absolutely brilliant!

I do also like to keep my MUA Undressed Palette handy as it has some lovely feminine shades that I sometimes like to use when I'm in a girly mood.

These are pretty much my every day products and ones that I will continue to rebuy over and over again.

What products do you use daily?

7 September 2012

Trends I'm currently loving: Berry shades

Trends I'm currently loving: Berry shades
New Look: Plum Horse Print T-Shirt - £9.99
Topshop: Ariya Skirt by Goldie - £45, Lipstick in Inhibition - £8, Lace Trim Ankle Socks - £3.50, Heart Crossbody Bag - £22
Internacionale: Plum Supersoft Skinny Jeans - £17.99
ASOS: NARS eyeshadow pencil - £16.50

While browsing various fashion websites I've noticed a new colour combination cropping up everywhere.

Plum and berry/cherry shades are perfect for Autumn/Winter dressing and the trend has already started to creep into my own wardrobe.

I have personally worn a berry shade with something else that is quite plain, such as a black or white. This way the shade really pops in your outfit and you don't really have to work too hard!

The shades can be teamed with a simple print. For instance, the Horse Print Tshirt above is a great subtle way to add even more interest to an outfit!

Plum and berry shades aren't just cropping up in clothing, but also accessories and make-up. A plum/berry coloured woolen scarf would make the perfect cosy winter accessory with a cool winter coat.

Are you loving the plum/berry trend for Autumn/Winter?

5 September 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #47

Wednesday Wishlist
New Look: Brown and White Retro Print Peter Pan Collar Top - £16.99
Zara: Basic Shopper - £19.99
Matalan: Chelsea Boot - £10, Leopard Print Creepers - £12, Aztec Shorts - £18

Again, this weeks wishlist is made up mostly from Matalan items. They continue to impress me and every time I go into one of their stores I try on the black Chelsea Boots, but I am put off from buying them because I just don't know what to wear them with. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

I also spotted the Leopard Print Creepers while browsing the website and instantly loved them. I do like creepers but they're usually too chunky for me. I think these ones are much more suitable and I definitely want to get myself a pair!

I also spotted the Aztec Shorts while in store recently and thought they were so cute! They're perfect for wearing with tights in the colder weather. I may have to make these a new addition to my wardrobe.

I also recently spotted the New Look Brown and White Retro Print Peter Pan Collar Top and thought it would be perfect for a smarter outfit and the Zara Basic Shopper would look brilliant with it. I just love Zara bags and I love that they have the odd hidden gem that's priced at just £19.99, what a bargain!

What's on your wishlist this week?

4 September 2012

Moving House: Part One

Sometimes this blog doesn't seem very personal and you don't really get to read a lot about me and what is going on in my life. As I'm moving house on September 7th, I thought I would write a little diary to keep you up to date with how things are going!

Part one probably should have been the whole process of looking for a house to actually move into but I didn't come up with the idea then, so we will have to start with the very exciting job of packing!

On Saturday I went to look at our new house again while it was empty. I managed to get a good feel for it and imagine where things might go.

Now comes the very boring process of packing up all of my stuff. I probably should have started packing quite a few weeks ago but I'm not really sure where to start! I had a few kitchen bits stuffed away in the loft that I brought back from Uni but it's nowhere near enough to kit out an entire kitchen!

There is so much stuff to buy still. I'm basically taking a ton of clothes and beauty products with me.

I'm trying not to take too much rubbish with me. I don't want to fill up draws and wardrobes with stuff I'm not going to use. I thought that way I can buy more to make up for it!

I've managed to be pretty ruthless with the clearing out of my wardrobe and there are just a few bits I'm taking along with me. I can't however get rid of any of my CDs and DVDs and they are definitely all going to have to come with me. My CDs have taken up five boxes and I've not even got started on the DVDs yet!

I move this Friday so I really need to get on with things and I will definitely document it all for you to see! Wish me luck!

3 September 2012

Shavata Totally Tropical Tweezers

Shavata Totally Tropical Tweezers
Shavata Totally Tropical Tweezers - £9.75*

Shavata Totally Tropical Tweezers

I don't think there's anything better than these cheeky, fun tropical tweezers from Shavata!

I was sent them recently for review purposes and I was really keen to start using them as I seem to get through tweezers quite quickly. I've not really splashed out on tweezers before, I've either used ones that come free in some sort of eye kit or ones that have come in beauty boxes in the past. These don't tend to be particularly brilliant and I find they go blunt and a bit useless quite quickly.

I have seen tweezers in stores that have been priced ridiculously, but I don't think you have to pay much at all to find something that will work. The Shavata Totally Tropical Tweezers come in at just under £10, which I think is probably the maximum price I would pay.

These tweezers are a bit stiff to use but I think they'll ease up as I use them more often. They are designed to provide a wider grip area and I did find it a lot easier to grip eyebrow hairs. I did try using the tip of tweezers to grab the hairs but the slanted edges mean you can get in under the hair and really get it all out. It's also really easy to grab hairs in bulk as well.

I think these are a really nice addition to my tweezer collection! I love the Totally Tropical range which also features plain neon shades, glitter and a teeny bikini!

This post contains PR samples

2 September 2012

A 'should be packing' week in photos

Packing up DVDs and CDs / Best game ever! / Sweet treats! / Celebratory tea and cakes / Birthday chinese / New candle! / More food / Giant slipper! / Yankee candle heaven / Animals at the garden centre / Fish! / Scones for lunch / Daisy / Yankee candle haul

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So, I probably should have spent the past week and this weekend furiously packing everything ready for moving on Friday, but I've packed my CDs and DVDs and that's about it!

Yesterday I went to see the house again as it's empty now and luckily I still really liked it! There's some bits of work to do here and there and some painting but overall I'm really looking forward to moving in! I just know it's going to be stressful though!

Yesterday I also went to Cadbury garden centre with my mum, sister and niece. It's surprising how you can manage to spend most of a day just at a garden centre. Daisy enjoyed looking at all of the animals and I enjoyed smelling all of the Yankee candles. I bought a few for the new house!

Today I'm just going to spend most of the day blogging. I'm not sure when I will get internet so I may schedule more posts than usual in case we have to go without for a while!

How have you all spent your weekends?
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