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31 July 2011

Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter

I was recently contacted about a new product in the Good Things skin and body range. I was asked if I would like to review the new Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter. Well, how could I say no? I LOVE body butters!

This one arrived super quick and I was impressed by the size of it. A lot of body butters are quite small, The Body Shop ones for example, but this one was very deep, meaning more lovely product!

This very body butter will be available in Boots and Superdrug stores (though I've already seen it in Sainsburys ahead of the official release date) from tomorrow (1st August) for £6.49. I would have to say that £6.49 is a bit pricey for a body butter but when you get this much, I think the cost per use works out well.

Good Things pride themselves on being great for young skin and all of their products include super fruity goodness which means the smell is so gorgeous I can't do it justice. I only wish my photographs were able to give off a scent, then you could all see what I mean. I personally love fruity products and especially those that stay on for the best part of the day as it means I can smell the lovely scent all day long.

The Ultra Rich Body Butter contains Papaya & Mango seed oil as well as an aroma of pomegranate and red grape. As I said, I can't describe how lovely the scent is. It's so good it makes me want to eat it, which has only happened once before with the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub! I have been using this body butter after using one of the new Dove Body Washes that contains Plum and Sakura blossom scent and the two compliment each other brilliantly.

After slathering body butters all over myself after a shower I often have to wait ages for them to dry/sink in. I'm so impatient and end up getting dressed too early which means I have to wiggle into my jeans as my legs are still covered in the butter. With the Good Things Body Butter I had to wait less than five minutes and it was gone, leaving behind the lovely scent. I could smell the butter all day long and it has left my skin feeling lovely and soft and pampered.

As I said, this will be available in stores from tomorrow and I would highly recommend it! I now have a new Body Butter to add to my collection and it is by far one of my new favourites!

You can find Good Things products at GoodThingsBeauty.com as well as Boots, Superdrug and Sainsburys!


28 July 2011

Debenhams Christmas 2011 Press Day

On Tuesday, Vince and I got on an hour late Megabus to London in order to go to the Debenhams Christmas 2011 press day! I know what you're thinking...Christmas in July? Well, yes. PR's and magazines/websites work well in advance and many magazines will be working on their Christmas issues already, so of course, PR's need to provide products and content for these issues.

After a lovely three hour journey, we finally made it to the very lovely Kettners restaurant for the event. Stepping inside, we were greeted with Christmas trees, presents and gifts galore! I'm sure most people don't take their boyfriends to press events but I didn't fancy going alone and the kind people at Debenhams said it would be ok. I wasn't sure Vince would really like it, but once we had stepped into the gifts room and spotted the huge piano, Vince was happy. I personally think he should have played a few Christmas tunes for us while we were there!

I was quite impressed with a lot of the gifts and spotted a few things that would make good presents. I particularly liked the Keep Calm And Carry On themed gifts and decorations. Of course, there was lots of cooking utensils and products from the likes of Jamie Oliver and the Masterchef duo which would be perfect for my mum. There were also lots of fun, quirky gifts for men as well as some nice jumpers and nightwear.

In the 'fashion room' I was impressed by the amount of bags and accessories available this Autumn/Winter 2011. I loved the look of the Pyjamas, Slippers and Socks as well as the jewellery, scarfs, bags and little tidbits. There were of course some party dresses that were perfect for those Christmas parties.


My favourite part of the press day was seeing the cute Christmas outfits for kids. I think my niece Daisy might benefit from one of the cute T-shirts that I saw! I also really loved seeing some of the make-up brands that are coming up in Debenhams stores across the country. There were new products from Betty Jackson that were exteremely cute in lots of pastel pink shades. The popular Ruby and Millie products have been transformed into the brand new Ruby Hammer line, complete with nail polishes, manicure sets, make-up sets and brush sets in cute compact boxes.

Debenhams is going to look a bit like Santa's grotto this Christmas as there are so many lovely products ready for everyone to snap up. Perfect stocking presents as well as main ones and lots of cute bits and pieces for the home. I will definitely be doing some Christmas shopping there this year!

Vince and I also got to spend a little time in London. We checked out London Bridge and all of the impressive buildings including the new Shard building. We wanted to go on a boat tour or on the London Eye but the queues were ridiculous. Obviously because it was a hot day and it's now the Summer holidays, it seemed that every family in London was out and bout. I managed to snap a few pics of us messing about...

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27 July 2011

Win a Dirty Works 'Go Set Go' Mini Luxuries set

To celebrate reaching 25 'fans' on Facebook, I've decided to hold a little giveaway! You might remember me featuring a product from the Dirty Works range which I really loved, so I've decided to give away a product from that very range.

I am giving away a 'Get Set Go! Mini Luxuries set over on the Cherry Pie Facebook page. The set contains a 'All of a lather' Body Wash, 'Think of England' bath soak and a 'Bare Neccessities' Body Lotion in 100ml pots.

In order to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is like Cherry Pie on Facebook and comment on the correct post with your name, contact email address and your best blogging tip! The giveaway will end on August 8th 2011 and a winner will be picked from Random.org. One entry per person!

Remember, to enter you must comment on Facebook, not here! :)

25 July 2011


Have wanted to try Ombre nails for such a long time now and seeing as I have so many nail polishes, I thought I'd have more than enough shades to attempt this! I'm quite happy with how they turned out but my god, how messy are my nails? They're horrible and short which means the polish goes all over my skin, not good.

17 Fast Finish in 'Catwalk Couture'
Barry M in 'Turuoise'
Barry M in 'Cyan Blue'
Collection 2000 in 'Show Off'
Barry M in 'Cobalt Blue'

Nails Inc in 'Heather Grey'
17 Lasting Fix in 'Parma Violet'
Barry M in 'Orchid'
Barry M in 'Bright Purple'
Barry M in 'Vivid Purple'

Barry M in 'Mint Green'
Nails Inc in 'Haymarket'
Collection 2000 in 'Boho'
Beauty UK
Models Own in 'Slate Green'

Tomorrow I'm off to London for the Debenhams Christmas press show! I'm really looking forward to it as well as spending a bit of time in London with Vince. I think we're going to check out Chinatown and probably pick a spot on the tube map and go exploring! I will definitely have a post up about the trip by the end of the week! 

Over the weekend, my mum and dad were entrusted with my niece Daisy which they were very happy about. I did manage to pull her away from my mum and get some cuddles in and watch her make funny faces in her sleep. She is still so tiny and only three weeks old today but it feels like she has been with us forever!

Anyway, it's time to watch a bit of Only Fools and Horses on TV...hope you all enjoy the rest of this surprisingly sunny Monday! 

Ta ra!

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