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27 June 2010


Billy Gregory - If You Be You Then I'll Be Me EP Review

Portsmouth based acoustic artist Billy Gregory has released his debut EP ‘If You Be You Then I’ll Be Me’ through Furious Records. It’s surprising that Billy describes himself as an acoustic artist as the first track on the EP, titled Dance, bursts out of the speakers accompanied by some great drum beats and guitar riffs as well as his trusty acoustic guitar. I have to admit, I was expecting a poor sounding, empty acoustic track but I’m pleasantly surprised by the catchy, summer time vibes that hit my ears.

Second track, Never, has a much more acoustic sound to it. Not only is the acoustic sound more evident, but it has a rougher edge than the previous track. Billy’s vocals work brilliantly with the strum of the guitar and his southern accent gives the track a raw edge, reminding the listener that we are actually listening to someone with personality in their vocals instead of a generic American twang.

It’s a short and sweet EP at only three tracks long, but closer, If You Be You, is a great way to finish things off. The track is definitely calmer and more comforting to begin with but it picks up brilliantly, transforming into a quirky, almost acoustic little pop song with a dramatic chorus and catchy lyrics which will definitely have it whirring round the listener’s brain for the rest of the day.

Billy Gregory has created a first class debut EP and its three tracks wrap up into a neat little package of brilliance. However, I feel that labelling himself as an acoustic artist isn’t doing him any favours, like the James Morrisons and Jack Johnsons of the world; he’s definitely got some great hits bubbling under the surface so should think about re-branding himself as an acoustic-pop artist.

Review by Cherry Pullinger

22 June 2010

Francesqa - We Lived E.P Review

Francesqa - We Lived EP

What a difference a year has made for Oxfordshire based quintet Francesqa. It has taken them just that amount of time to rack up quite a name for themselves through shows alongside the likes of The Automatic, Canterbury and Futures, as well as an opening slot on this year’s Slam Dunk Festival’s Introducing stage, handpicked by none other than Tom Delonge of Blink 182.

Recorded in Devon with producer Peter Miles (The King Blues, Canterbury), the band’s debut 5 track EP ‘We Lived’ is a successful, soaring and uplifting piece of work. The EP is released on July 19th, with opening track Ghosts being its first single, and what a great track to launch the start of their career with. It’s a great opener for an EP, deadly catchy as well as being super sophisticated and a great indie summer anthem.

Luckily, follow up track ‘Hopeful’ doesn’t let the side down. Much like ‘Ghosts’, this one is the ultimate in feel good rock and front-man Ashley Wilkie’s vocals run smoothly over the intricate guitar hooks and melodies that make up its bursting choruses.

Crooked Little Sun is much sharper and faster than previous tracks. It shows the band having much more fun and experimenting with crowd chanting and guitar riffs and beats that rush past so fast that you barely have time to take a breath. This is definitely the stand out track within the EP and hopefully the next single too.

Last but not least, title track ‘We Lived’ is the most interesting track on the EP as it weaves soft, calm vocals with blasting atmospheric guitars, more chanting and crescendos that will knock you to the floor. It closes the EP perfectly, simmering out to the low rumbles of guitar feedback that leaves the listener wanting to hear more from the band.

Francesqa have achieved so much in the past year that they deserve all the positivity that this EP will bring them. We certainly expect big things from this band in the future.

Review by Cherry Pullinger

21 June 2010

2 years!

Today is the day that Vince and I have been together for 2 years. He is in Southampton at the moment and I'm in Weston Super Mare and although we both agreed that we couldn't afford to buy presents for eachother, he was extremely naughty and sent me some lovely lovely flowers this morning along with a cute card and yummy chocolates!!

Just a quick blog post today to show off my flowers :P I'm glad people liked the last post!

18 June 2010

Happy Days

According to ITV's 'This Morning' program, today is supposed to be the happiest day of the year.

"Apparently the feeling of optimism caused by the combination of lighter evenings, the prospect of holidays and memories of childhood summers is at its peak on June 20.
According to the research this has been worked out using the equation O + (N xS) + Cpm/T + He.

O stands for being outdoors and outdoor activity, N is connection with nature, which is in full bloom now, S is socialisation with neighbours and friends, Cpm stands for childhood positive memories, T is the mean temperature which is now usually warm, and He is holiday expected."

Well, thank you Telegraph.co.uk for that, but I am not a fan of Maths at all!

I don't really have any prospects of holidays to look forward to but it's a pretty sunny day and I don't have anything to do so I'd say that's a pretty good start. Anyway, this 'happiest day of the year' malarky has inspired today's blog post..

What is making me happy at the moment?

1. Sunny Weather

I'm not usually one for the sunshine but I can stand it until it starts to make me sweat! It's a great excuse for eating ice lollies and I love that it doesn't get dark until late. Vince and I are definitely going to be having some picnics on the beach this summer!

2. No more education!

This morning, while talking to my sister, I realised I've been in education for 17 years so I definitely think it's about time it was over!!

3. Graduating!

I'm the first person in my dad's side of the family to actually go to Uni. I get my final result on the 16th July and although it's a bit scary, it's good to know that I've achieved something!

4. Being at home for the summer!

It's nice being home again and not having to worry about loads of bills, food shopping and rent. Now I can just concentrate on earning some money and enjoying the summer.

Those are the main things making me happy today, hopefully everyone will have a nice happy day today! :)

16 June 2010

Weston SUPER Mare?

I'm glad people are liking my CD reviews and are checking out the bands aswell! 

Anyway, on to today's subject, which actually came to me while I was walking around town looking for a Father's day card. In case you don't know, I live in Weston Super Mare and have done for around ten years now. Today I realised just how aweful it is. It might just be because I am young but I am so sick of seeing charity shops, phone shops, estate agents and holiday shops popping up everywhere! I know people are going to say that you can find some great stuff in charity shops, but as Weston is full of old people, you really can't find anything here but a smelly old jumper. So many shops are closing down in the town center, and then they are being replaced by things that are useless to us.

I have to go to Bristol if I want to do any decent shopping, here we have a small Topshop store that is about 6 months behind everything else, a Dorothy Perkins which I hate and a New Look which is really packed full of rails and is also about 6 months behind the times. It's really frustrating because Weston is a seaside town and the council just don't make use of it. It would be great to see quaint little cafes and tea rooms as well as cool, funky boutiqes and we desperately need a music shop!

Obviously this is just my idea of the perfect place to live, of course not everyone is going to want the same stuff as me. I guess the old ladies like their rubbish charity shops and I'll just have to make do with travelling an hour to Bristol everytime I want to find some decent shops!

15 June 2010

Twin Atlantic - Human After All

Twin Atlantic - Human After All

Twin Atlantic seem to be doing alright for themselves. It’s only July and so far, 2010 has been a grand year for the band. They played a sold out show at the 1250 capacity Glasgow ABC, they hit Europe with Enter Shikari as well as diving into a US tour to round things off.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the band have been personally invited to support The Gaslight Anthem when they tour here in the UK. To celebrate these massive achievements, Twin Atlantic have released an exclusive Innerpartysystem remix of the ‘Vivarium’ mini-album track ‘Human After All.’

‘Human After All’ is a driving force; a bouncing, up-tempo piece of indie greatness. Vocalist Sam McTrusty claims that the track is the darkest from the album, but to be honest it’s so head-noddingly catchy that we can’t put our finger on any elements of darkness that protrude from within. Sam’s Glaswegian accent works in the band’s advantage and gives the track a raw edge, while the guitars and beats give it an electrifying and vibrant aura.

Review by Cherry Pullinger

13 June 2010

Job hunt & this week's Styleclone.com posts!

It's really hard to blog about anything interesting when you sit at home all day doing nothing because you have no money, so I'm sorry to the follower that left me because my blogs aren't interesting enough!

Anyway..I finally got my bedroom sorted yesterday. I'm stuffed into the box room so it was quite a job, especially with the amount of DVDs and just general 'stuff' that I own. I could do with a few more shelves and a desk but so far it isn't too bad. I'm so glad I've got my CD player up and running, now I just need to ask Dad nicely if he can set up my TV.

Here's my 'dressing table' where I'm storing pretty much everything that won't fit on the shelves! Notice the very appropriate poster!

My personal DVD store:

On my last blog I mentioned that I was quietly thinking about job related things..well, on Thursday morning I applied for a Web Reporter position and on Thursday afternoon I recieved a reply asking if I was able to go in for a chat! Well I've thought about it and of course, I'm going to go in for the chat on Thursday at 3pm. It will be typical if I get a job in Bristol just as I have moved all of my stuff into Vince's house in Southampton, and although I don't want to get ahead of myself, it would be a great first job out of Uni. I've decided to wear my black trousers with my new blazer and striped top. Personally I think it's a bit TOO smart for a 'chat' but Mum says I must wear it! It's just about the only smart thing I own to be honest.

In the mean time, I've not got alot going on. I think I'll make the most of this week to catch up with review writing and playing on the Wii!

P.S - While I'm here, here are the links to this week's Styleclone.com posts! Once again, I ask that if you visit the link, please comment on the stories as it really helps to generate more buzz around the website!

NME launches Music Icon T-Shirt range (LOVE this!)

MANGO & Shakira launch 'Waka Waka' collection

Missoni's 2011 Resort Collection

Alexander Wang 2011 Resort Collection

P.P.S - I've been stuck on 65/66 followers for a while. I'm really hoping to raise this number and possibly hold another competition once I hit over 75, so please follow if you're not already!

11 June 2010

Todays the day..

Today I am moving back to Weston Super Mare for the summer! My room looks so bare, I'm going to miss it. It's much much bigger than my room back at home, it has a double bed and has that 'homey' feel to it. My room at home is the box room, with a raised bed with loads of rubbish stuffed underneath it, boring white walls and no space for a desk. If I lay on my bed I can actually touch each wall..so the room is actually as big as me.

Yesterday I moved my stuff into Vince's house all ready for September. He's made his bedroom really nice for me. It was a complete tip before so he spent yesterday tidying it all up, it looks great. I'm really looking forward to living with him in September.

I'm still looking for jobs..I've applied to a lot of web content writing jobs as I think I have a LOT of experience in it. I write for Styleclone.com obviously and various other websites. I also own and run my own website so I feel very confident with writing for the web. I've had a few responses actually which I'm quietly thinking about..

Vince has just text me saying we can leave earlier than planned so I better get packing the rest of my stuff!

9 June 2010

Thomas Tantrum - The Last Kiss

Thomas Tantrum - The Last Kiss

Southampton is brimming with wonderfully talented bands at the moment and Thomas Tantrum are the latest four-piece to release an anthem fit for the summer.

Since the band’s debut album release in 2008, the band have been locked away creating its follow up, and ‘The Last Kiss’ is a sneak preview of what is soon to come. The track is full of breezy power pop melodies, but what makes this band really stand out amongst the childish power poppers currently on the scene is their more grown up, mature sound.

Megan Thomas’ vocals are strong and powerful against the tidal wave of delicious, sunny pop music that will not only appeal to those loving the current Southampton scene, but also to the masses.

Review by Cherry Pullinger

Zola Jesus - 'Night' Single Review

Zola Jesus - Night

Zola Jesus are flying the flag for Berlin based record label Souterrain Transmissions, as new single ‘Night’ is the very first UK release from the label, out on June 21st.

‘Night’ begins as a tortured soul. It’s dark and eery, leading you to believe you’re in for some gothic sounding treat but it slowly develops into a hauntingly delicious track that wavers into alternative pop territory.

Singer Nika Roza Danilova’s vocals are like velvet as they weave through the music and large chunks of inspiration from Kate Bush can be heard throughout. Female fronted bands are very popular at the moment and Zola Jesus could be compared to the likes of Florence and the Machine but on a much darker and more alternative level.

The new single could be the launch pad for Zola Jesus, throwing them into hearts of gothic tinged music lovers.

Review by Cherry Pullinger

7 June 2010

The Lion and the Wolf EP Review


Lone wolf Thomas George has written, recorded and produced his debut EP under the alias name ‘The Lion and the Wolf,’ and what an EP he has created.

The EP was brought to life in Thomas’ bedroom in Southampton and it is clear that Thomas has put great amounts of effort and heart into this. While the Southampton music scene is dominated by rock bands and alternative artists, The Lion and the Wolf’s EP is something fresh, relaxing and new for people to sink their teeth into.

The five track EP is brutally honest and passionate as it effortlessly blends soft vocals and meaningful lyrics with a concoction of folksy ditties and more upbeat pop melodies. Each track is strategically placed to lead the listener through the toe-tapping highs of ‘I, The Warhorse,’ and ‘The Lion and the Wolf,’ to the calmer lows of ‘A Song for the Drunk and Downhearted’ and ‘This Town Needs Heroes.’

Thomas’ idols, Ray Lamontagne, Brand New and Ben Harper, to name a few, can be heard working their inspiration through the tracks, helping to create something that could stand it’s ground in the mainstream arena.

Review by Cherry Pullinger

6 June 2010

Lazy days

On Friday Vince and I actually found a form of beach in Southampton..the smelly, polluted city of Southampton where the only water is usually by a harbour/docks and is full of posh boats and ferrys.

Granted it was a teeny tiny pebble beach but there was actual sea that you could swim in. I was very tempted to but unfortunately didn't bring my swimming costume and didn't fancy being the only one to go in! Instead, we ate sandwhiches by the sea, got an ice cream and took a walk through the woods that were near by. We took our new camera with us and took a few snaps. As you can see from the squinting I'm doing in the above pic, it was pretty sunny! I'm not the type to wear shorts and skirts but it has been SO hot that I was quite pleased when I found those three quarter length jeans in my wardrobe. The top I'm wearing is from Kate Moss at Topshop!

I've slowly been packing up my bedroom and there is SO much stuff. It's nothing important, it's just STUFF that has built up over the past three years that I keep shipping from house to house and never sort through. There's a lot of it that's going home and staying at home and the rest is being moved into Vince's house sometime this week. Luckily the previous tenants left lots of kitchen bits and pieces like pots and pans and cutlery so we're stealing a few bits for our lovely new student house, lol. The summer is going to be spent mostly working and saving for the year ahead as I won't be getting anymore student loans or grants. :\

Well I best be off, I am cooking a curry tonight! Wish me luck!


3 June 2010

Days Out!

So I've been meaning to update this blog with lots of lovely pictures taken on my new camera (posted below)..but I haven't actually taken any yet. We keep meaning to go and take a long walk with the camera but we keep getting distracted by different things that come up.

I'm going to try my hand at some live photography on Wednesday so I'll make sure to post my efforts here. Vince and I are going to work together to bring gig photography and live reviews to the website. Until I can post some new jazzy pictures I've got some from my day out at Marwell Zoo and the odd one from Thorpe Park. :) I was sorely disappointed about the Saw Maze at Thorpe Park and the fact that Stealth broke down right before we were about to get on it, but other than that it was a pretty fun day. Vince won me a HUGE 'Me To You' bear from the crane machines..well, when I saw won I actually mean the crane broke on his turn so he complained and got one for free, but who cares!

Marwell Zoo was fun but so so hot and I was disappointed that there weren't any proper monkeys there! Boo!

Lot's of pics! I hope there will be more days out this summer so I can fill my photo albums. I was planning on going home towards the end of June but due to lack of funds I am planning on going home a little earlier than planned. Vince's band Statement Code are playing Glastonbury Festival this year and I originally planned to go home when Vince was back from it but I don't think I'm going to last. I need to find a job when I get back and quickly so I can save up for living here again in September. Oh the life of the unemployed.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post and thank you to my 65 followers!
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