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28 June 2012

I'm A Bore, Mostly

New Look Black Studded Collar Dress
New Look: Black Studded Collar Dress - £24.99

New Look Black Studded Collar Dress

New Look Black Studded Collar Dress

New Look Black Studded Collar Dress
Yet another sleeveless dress to add to my collection!

This one featured in one of my Wednesday Wishlist posts not too long ago and I bought it on a whim one day.

The fact that it had a studded collar really made it for me. I had no idea the collar was made of 'leather' until it arrived and I loved it even more when I realised!

I love the sheer skirt and underskirt but it wasn't as fitted as I'd liked. Although the waist does look cinched in, I decided to tie the waist belt around the front to just pull it in a little bit more and give it some shape!

I was contemplating sending it back but after trying it on a couple of times I decided to keep it. It's quite smart and casual at the same time and I think the collar gives it a pretty cool edge.

What do you think?

27 June 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #37

Wednesday Wishlist
Matalan: Ballet Creepers - £10
Topshop: Floral Print Shirt - £32, Aztec Print Dress - £26
Internacionale: Wet Look Leggings - £9.99

Yet more items to add to my wishlist. I'm in love with the ugly looking Ballet Creepers from Matalan. I definitely need to take a trip there and try some on. I do like creepers in general but I don't think they'd look right on me, so these might be a nice little alternative!

I found the Topshop Floral Print Shirt while browsing through the new stock, but it's terribly overpriced at £32! I do love the print though and the fact it has a drop hem.

I also love the Aztec Print Dress which every blogger seems to have at the moment. It has a cut out back which I'm not too keen on though. It will definitely take some trying on until I can make my mind up!

I nearly bought the Wet Look Leggings from Internacionale last night, though I'm not 100% sure about them. I really don't like the AA Disco Pants so these would be something a little different and they don't have the ugly high waist. I originally thought velvet leggings were weird and now I can't wear anything else so I need to give these a chance!

What's on your wishlist this week?

26 June 2012

Accessorize Nail Polish in Passion

Accessorize Nail Polish in Passion
Accessorize Nail Polish in Passion - £2.95*

Accessorize Nail Polish in Passion

Accessorize's High Summer nail polish collection is really lovely. I was very kindly sent the 'Passion' shade which is a bright, bright pink and very summery!

It applies extremely well and you only need one coat which is great. It claims to be long lasting and I've had it on for a week now and there is minimal chipping which I'm really impressed with.

For £2.95 I think this is really reasonable and I love that the collection is not only available in Accessorize, but also from Superdrug, which means they're much more easy to get hold of.

The entire collection looks really lovely and includes a gorgeous green shade that I need to get my hands on!

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25 June 2012

Glossybox June 2012

Glossybox June 2012

Glossybox June 2012
Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush - £15
HD Brows Precision Tweezers - £19.95
BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer - £8
Caudalie Eaux Fraiches - £26
Vichy Dermablend Foundation - £5

Glossybox June 2012

Glossybox June 2012

Glossybox June 2012

Glossybox June 2012
There's been lots of drama surrounding Glossybox this month that has disappointed me, but I've tried not to let that cloud my judgement of this box.

When I first opened the box I was a bit 'meh' about it. I personally think the Glossybox brush shouldn't have been a main product and the Vichy Dermablend starter kit is labelled as a stick in the little information leaflet. It's quite clearly not a stick and not worth £19!

The bronzer probably won't come in to much use from me. I don't really like BM Beauty's packaging, it's very plain and cheap looking.

I was however, impressed with the Caudalie perfume sample. I'm sick of stupid sized samples in annoying cardboard, this is a proper sample and if I can prize the top off, it could be re-filled with a different scent!

I was also impressed with the tweezers as I've finally got an HD Brows product now and can hopefully see what all the fuss is about!

This month's box isn't too bad! The bronzer will probably find a new home with someone else and the brush will sit alongside some of my others and might come in handy one day. I'm interested to try the Vichy foundation kit but I don't really wear foundation often.

The perfume and tweezers will come in extremely handy and they've impressed me hugely! Good job Glossybox!

24 June 2012

An anniversary week in photos

Lamb dinner / Fab! / OPI Minnie Collection / Dinner cooked by Vince / Kukee order / Glossybox / Franky & Benny's / Vince enjoying his starter / Bit disappointing main course / pudding! / Presents! / New shoes / Keyboard for iPad / Cute card / Opened presents / Taking Jasper for a walk / Weekly sweet treat

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This week Vince and I celebrated our anniversary of four years being together!

We kind of had a pre-celebration last weekend at Bottelinos as we thought Vince might be working on the Thursday. Luckily he wasn't so we had another little celebration and went for dinner at the new Franky and Benny's restaurant that opened around here recently.

The service was a bit slow and you could definitely tell all of the staff were new to it and the main was a bit disappointing but the starters and puddings were yummy! We were in there for a good few hours though!

When we got home I presented Vince with his presents: a snooker cue and a Korg Kaosillator to help him make funky sounds for his music (I don't understand it either) and he very kindly got me some new shoes and a keyboard for my iPad! The shoes are so so lovely and I've had lots of compliments on them, he did very good!

I was extremely impressed by my Kukee order that arrived this week. I ordered quite a lot but because it's so cheap I didn't spend much. The spike earrings are my new faves and I love the rings as well! I'd highly recommend!

22 June 2012

Barry M Chameleon Blue Nail Polish

Barry M Chameleon Blue Nail Polish

Barry M Chameleon Blue Nail Polish

The chameleon nail polishes are the newest effect polishes from Barry M. They're currently available at Superdrug for £3.99, but are unfortunately not available online yet.

For Barry M £3.99 seems a bit expensive but once you've tried out the new effect, it's definitely worth the money.

It can be used as a normal polish as it's a lovely pearly blue colour, but add a clear top coat and it transforms before your very eyes into a lovely dark purple.

This means there's lots of opportunity to create some lovely colourful designs. As you can see in the image below I've gone for spots and stripes, but there are endless designs you could do. I'm guessing all of the available chameleon polishes could even be used together!

I really love this effect and Barry M have managed to be one of the first to reveal it, so we can definitely expect the same effect from about ten more different polish companies!


21 June 2012

Accessorize 'Enchanted' Eau de Toilette

Accessorize Enchanted Eau de Toilette
Accessorize Enchanted Eau de Toilette
Accessorize 'Enchanted' Eau de Toilette 50ml - £15*

I'm a lucky lucky girl! I recently received this gorgeous perfume from the lovely people at Accessorize and I have to say, I have been extremely spoilt!

Going to Accessorize for a perfume has never crossed my mind before but they've really branched out recently with their make-up, nail polish and now their perfume range too!

I've come to realise that a good perfume doesn't have to cost £40 or more as this one is just gorgeous and only costs £15, which is a real bargain!

This fragrance is right up my street. It's fruity and floral and includes hints of raspberries, candyfloss, soft jasmine, violet and rose with supporting notes of chocolate musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

It does sound a bit sickly when you write it all down like that but I think it smells gorgeous! I also absolutely love the bottle design and the packaging. It's one of those bottles that I keep even when it's empty just because it looks nice!

I'd certainly recommend this as a cheap and cheerful pick me up. It's also make a lovely gift as well, I can't describe how good it smells, you will have to see for yourself!

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20 June 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #36

Wednesday Wishlist #36
Topshop: Pop Bakery Book - £9.99, Orly Mani Mini Set - £13, Studded Ballet Pumps - £25, Two Row Arrow Necklace - £12.50
Internacionale: Cream Aztec Vest - £10.99

I had no idea Topshop were currently selling Studded Ballet Pumps! They make a nice alternative to the popular Vectra slippers and they're pretty reasonably priced for Topshop. I think I kind of need these in my life!

I love Topshop's gift and novelty section at the moment. It keeps throwing up great finds such as the Pop Bakery Book (something I really want to master baking!) and the neon Orly Mani Mini Set! Topshop are kind of moving into Urban Outfitters territory with all the stationary and novelty items, but I love them all. They do make great gifts!

I really love the Internacionale Cream Aztec Vest and I also absolutely love the fact you can now buy online, this saves me a dreaded trip to town!

I think I much prefer online shopping to going into the busy town and not being able to browse properly due to noisy teenagers and slow walkers! I wonder what will be popping into my online shopping basket this week...

19 June 2012

She Said Beauty Box June 2012

She Said Beauty Box June 2012
She Said Beauty Box - June 2012
Yardley London Royal Diamond Eau de Toilette
Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Butter: Lemon Zest
Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir
St Tropez Self Tan Perfect Legs
Let's Go Lashes
Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

She Said Beauty Box June 2012

I am really pleased with this month's She Said Beauty Box and I'm really glad I signed up again.

I had seen lots of bloggers posting about it earlier on in the month and when I saw that they were receiving Elemis products, I signed up straight away. I absolutely love Elemis and it's a real staple beauty range and I'm glad I received the box as well!

As well as the Elemis bath elixir I was really happy with the Body Butter, despite it being from Mischa Barton's range (lol!) and the Ginvera BB Cream. They are both great samples and you can never have too many body butters if you ask me.

The Yardley perfume sample is okay I suppose. It's not really a scent I'd usually wear but it's not horrible.

The St Tropez and Lashes are really nice sized products but again, they aren't something I'd use but they are going to a good home!

I'm really happy I signed up to She Said Beauty again and I just hope the boxes stay at this sort of level or better!


18 June 2012

OPI New York City Ballet

OPI New York City Ballet
eBay: OPI New York City Ballet mini collection - £10.95
My Pointe Exactly, Care to Danse, Don't Touch My Tutu, Pirouette My Wistle

OPI New York City Ballet

I am so disappointed with this collection! When I saw it online I thought it looked lovely and girly and the shades were really subtle and ballet-esque, but when I actually painted my nails with them I wasn't blown away.

The three coloured shades are barely there when you apply them to the nail. No matter how many layers you use, you might as well be using a clear polish because I certainly didn't notice much difference.

I was expecting the grey and lilac shades to be just that, but again, there's barely any colour there! The silver sparkle polish is really pretty, but nothing special really. I'm sure I already have something similar in my nail polish collection.

I usually love OPI's mini collections but I thought this was a total waste of money!

17 June 2012

A stressful week in photos

Heart mug of tea / Barry M Chameleon / Waiting for takeaway / Chinese! / MUA Undressed palette / Weekly sweet treat / Indian! / She Said Beauty box / New look purchase / Tresemme hair product freeby / Spike necklace! / New dress / Vince / Tea! / Garlic Mushrooms and Prawns / Meatballs / Lunch / The Cafe / Beach

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For some reason this week has been pretty stressful, so all of these images tend to be of things that cheer me up! Vince took me for a lovely lunch in town as a bit of an early celebration of our anniversary! We will have been together for 4 years on Thursday! It was absolutely lovely food and we had a nice walk along the beach as well. We even bumped into the set of Sky 1 program The Cafe which is filmed here.

I've made quite a few purchases this week, some of what you can see in the pics above. I absolutely love the spike necklace I got from New Look. I was originally after the Topshop one but the spikes on it are quite large so this one is much nicer!

I also bought the stud collar dress from last week's Wednesday Wishlist but I've tried it on and I'm not sure about it! I need some kind of second opinion!

As I mentioned it's mine Vince's anniversary on Thursday, but I'm guessing he will probably be working so I might not see him! As soon as we get our own place the better if you ask me!
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