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28 September 2010

A day in the life of a workie - Day 1 & 2

Day 1 at Sugar magazine didn't get off to a great start. Getting up at silly o'clock in the morning to catch the train is bad enough but racing from the tube to the offices, only to find that the building flooded and has no power, was an interesting way to kick off the day! I was told to go home and because I just couldn't be bothered to walk around London yet AGAIN, I did just that.

Day 2 was slightly better. At least today we were actually allowed into the building. We were given tasks such as sorting the post, then going through our daily tasks such as writing letters for the letters page, writing embarrasing moments and coming up with bits and bobs for features. To be honest, I was expecting more but as it's only my first official day, I'll give it a chance.

Heres to day 2...

24 September 2010

Busy Busy!

I've been a bit of a busy bee recently. Yesterday I went to London for an interview, which went well, I think, but it's all in the hands of the big bosses now to decide whether I'm right for the position or not! (Fingers crossed) So I got to spend the day in a rainy London, splodging around in my not very rain proof Primark shoes. I visited Oxford Street, Camden and Covent Garden but to be honest I was pretty glad to just get home.

Today was pretty much my only free day until the end of next week and we spent it picking up our new puppy! He's a border Collie which we decided to name Jasper! He's so cute and cheeky...Here's a quick pic I managed to snap. He doesn't stay still for very long.

So it's been an exciting day of playing with Jasper and getting ready for tomorrow, where I'll be blogging from the Cabot Circus Fashion Weekender. I'm a bit nervous, mostly about writing about the catwalk show straight afterwards and having it projected onto a big screen! It's great advertising for Styleclone and hopefully we'll get some new visitors too! I'll be blogging tomorrow and Sunday with a little shopping trip added in to calm my nerves!

On Monday I'll be heading back to London for my work experience placement at Sugar magazine, which I'm really looking forward to. After that I hope I'll be kept busy with work and settling back into student life - without actually being a student!

Bring it on I guess. :)

22 September 2010

London bound once again!

Tomorrow I'll be up at 5am, ready to head to Bristol to catch a MEGAbus to London. It'll be a long long day but I'm hoping to explore Camden and Oxford street once again, the only downside is that I'll be going alone. Poor Vince is back in Southampton, ready to start his third and final year of University and I won't be seeing him until Sunday evening. :(

I've got a busy few weeks ahead of me (hopefully), what with a temporary writing position with my University for our recycling project as well as Work Experience at Sugar magazine and searching for a permanent job in Southampton (PLEASE Topshop!) I'll be sure to try and update this a little more, especially while on work experience..until then...buh bye!

15 September 2010

Blogging live from Cabot Circus

My local shopping center, Cabot Circus, is holding a fabulous fashion weekender on 25th and 26th September and I am going to be blogging LIVE from the event for

If you're a regular reader you will know that I am a writer for Styleclone and I was really excited when this opportunity came up!

The two-day ‘Fashion Weekender’ kicks off on Saturday 25th September, with a series of glittering shows hosted by television presenter and style-guru Gok Wan, which will show shoppers how to make the most of the latest looks, whatever the taste or budget.

The fashion extravaganza will see catwalk shows taking place in both Cabot Circus and Quakers Friars during the day, bringing together cutting-edge pieces from the high street and the best of the designer brands. Guests can expect to see the pick of the new collections, with extra inspiration and style advice added by Gok.

So, I just wanted to let you all know that you should keep your eyes firmly on next weekend and even try to get down to the event if you can! I'll hopefully have some really exciting news soon but for now I'll keep my mouth shut!

11 September 2010

Bumbling fool!

I think I've been jinxing myself by writing about my job interviews on here. The previous interview I wrote about, went horribly. It turned into one of those horrible, complete blank mind situations which obviously resulted in me not getting the job. If I had just taken a moment to think and get out my notebook, I would have been able to answer their questions easily and possibly would have got the job.

On paper, I think I look like the right person for the job, but when I open my mouth (or don't in this case) I come across completely nervous and bumbling. So, despite not getting the job, I did get to spend a fun day in London with Vince. (Getting up at 5am to catch the coach was kind of worth it) We explored Oxford Street, Selfridges, Camden, Charing Cross, Trafalger Square, Carnaby Street, Canary Wharf and Westminster until my feet were nearly bleeding.

We spent a lot of time in Camden and I really enjoyed it, I managed to pick up thise cute owl necklace, that I've seen splashed all over the net, for just £7!

I'm going to admit to being completely thick here but I came over all touristy while trying to find the interesting looking Charing Cross road, and failing spectacularly! Doing a quick Google search, I can see just how close we were! Oh well, we decided to sit at Trafalger Square with an ice cream. :)

After our great adventures in London, we returned home and I had yet another job interview! The job is a short term writing job for my University recycling project...and I am the new copywriter within the team! Thankfully I wasn't too bumbling this time and actually managed to impress them! So I'm off to Southampton on Wednesday to find out more and I should hopefully start soon after!

I should be moving back to Southampton pretty soon, which means time to start looking for a job to help pay the rent while I look for something within the Magazine Indsutry. I've been scouring the job sites but now I really need to put some proper effort in and get my foot on the ladder of Journalism.

Tomorrow we're off to Alton Towers with my free tickets I collected from The Sun newspaper! I can't wait! For now, I'm off to try a new marbling nail art effect, wish me luck!
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