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9 March 2012

17 Spring Fling Eye Palettes

17 Spring Fling Eye Palettes in Hazy Days and Spring Brights
17 Spring Fling Eye Palettes in Spring Brights and Hazy Days - £5.99

17 Spring Fling Eye Palettes in Hazy Days and Spring Brights

17 Spring Fling Eye Palette in Hazy Days
Hazy Days
17 Spring Fling Eye Palette in Spring Brights
Spring Brights

I mentioned earlier in the week that I recently made a few purchases from 17 cosmetics. One of those purchases was the Lasting Fix Nail Polish and the other two were these lovely eye palettes!

They're the perfect spring palettes and I absolutely love all of the different shades. Hazy Days is a Brown/Green/Copper kind of blend while Spring Brights is a cute mix of shimmering Pinks and Purples.

While the shades in Hazy Days look quite dark, they're actually much more bright and copper looking than I was expecting. They all look brilliant blended together and I really love the shades for every day wear.

To be honest, you could blend every single shade from both palettes and it'd look great. I can't tell you how great the colours are. They're quite pigmented but there is a lot of fall out on application so I'd recommend holding a tissue or cotton pad under your eye when applying.

Unfortunately you would have to reapply after a few hours if you want the shade to stay vibrant as the colours tend to fade just a tiny bit.

I think £5.99 might just be a tad too expensive for these palettes. I think you're basically paying for the pretty packaging and the way the colours are set out. I've noticed 17 cosmetics getting just a little more expensive recently, but what really annoyed me most about these palettes was the fact that the boxes were so difficult to open! Stupid I know but I expected to be able to open them easily!



  1. I think these are ridiculously pretty but I wouldn't buy them as I have so many eyeshadow palettes already ): I love the pastel shades in Spring Brights though, great review :)

  2. Wow yeah I agree that the only great thing is the design and packaging. Except that, it's only eyeshadow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with us!

  3. Ohh I thought they were bronzer highlighters... whoops. Not sure about the paler palettes for eyes. I look ill with pink eye shadow :(

  4. They are beautiful! And really well presented, want them just because they look pretty!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. they are gorgeous, but a lot of money

  6. They are quite expensive for 17, but they do look lovely! I like the sound of the colours in 'hazy days'

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  7. These are so pretty, I love the rose design. It's a shame the product isn't great though, definitely paying for the packaging with these.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  8. awesome items!



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