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25 March 2012

A small week in photos

Much needed McDonalds / Sweeties / Crazy Jasper / Blogging! / Crazy weather
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I totally forgot to take many photos this week so I do apologise! I did remember to snap a few but to be honest, I've not done much this week anyway!

This week has flown by for some reason! But I have good news! My placement has been extended by a month to 27th April! It's been going really well and I'm doing lots of work for them so I'm really pleased I've been asked to stay a bit longer! I've never worked in PR before and it's quite interesting and good to do something new!

It's certainly nice to get paid a decent wage and work some proper hours! I can't wait until I next get paid so I can go a bit mad in Boots, there's so many things I want to buy and review for the blog! If you've got any suggestions then let me know!



  1. That's fantastic news about your placement! I'm really happy for you :D I had a cheeky mcdonalds this week too, and the weather has been great all week :)

  2. Well done about your placement! I'm so craving McDonalds now - it's been too long since i had one! x

  3. Cute photos m'dear, glad to hear you're enjoying your work placement! x

  4. Congrats on the placement extentsion!

    I cannot wait for payday.


  5. Congratulations my lovely!

  6. mmm I could do with a Maccy Ds now!
    Congrats on the extension x

  7. Well done on the placement.

    Your dog is cute x

  8. Great news about your placement, congratulations!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  9. well done, that is great news! oooooh mcdonalds! xoxo


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