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18 January 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #16

Hi everyone! It's my favourite time of the week, Wednesday Wishlist time! A bit delayed today as I've got the day off work so had a nice lie-in and a McDonald's lunch with Dad! Yum! My hours at worked are still really low as we're still full board until March! I can't believe it, need some money now!

Have had a bit of a nightmare with Topshop jeans recently! I brought a size 10 pair in store the other week and found them a bit too loose, but they didn't have an 8 in stock so I ordered online and took the 10's back. Turns out the size 8 I ordered were in some weird black coated material that certainly wasn't denim, so back they went as well and now I've finally opened a normal, size 8 pair of skinnys and found they're a bit too tight! So annoying, usually Topshop jeans are the best ones for me and now I've gone and split BBQ sauce on the new ones as well I can't really return them!

Anyway, enough about my jeans fiasco!

Wednesday Wishlist 16
Topshop: Foil Boxy Tee - £30
ASOS: Cat Print Across Body Bag - £18, TIGI Bed Head Mega Whip - £12.50
OFFICE: Willow paige black lt/kid sd - £28
Miss Selfridge: Grey Canvas Cat Bag - £8

Anyone else been completely taken by the Topshop 'Foil Boxy Tee's' that look absolutely beautiful online, but I'm yet to see one in real life! I'm guessing it's one of those tops that I'll absolutely love but once I try it on it will look awful! I think it's a tad expensive at £30 as well.

Two cute cat themed bags this week for some reason. They both jumped out at me but I'm sure I don't need any more bags. I always find that canvas shopper bags get really dirty quickly, but look how cool!!

Really want to try the TIGI Bed Head Mega Whip as I've already tried some products from the new Candy Fixations range and found them absolutely brilliant! Although labelled as a whip I'm assuming it's very similar to a mousse? If anyone's tried it I'd love to know what you thought!

Lastly, why am I always too late for shoes like this? Sold out already and I've only just cottoned on to the trend! As a person that always wears flats and doesn't like heels, these would be perfect, but they're only available in an ugly Khaki green colour! Bad times!

Anyway, I better get on with some more blog posts and content for Just before I go, yesterday's Celeb Style Steal post didn't appear in the dashboard for some reason so if you wan't to check it out, please do so here!


  1. I actually want of those things to haha!

  2. I love those bags! The cat face on the canvas one is adorable :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. I really like the foil tees, I'm yet to see them in store either! x

  4. I bought the foil tee and I like it but it fits so badly. Great choices though! xo

  5. I think the cat bags are adorable! :D


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