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8 January 2012

A quiet week in photos...

View from Cafe at work / Eating the last of the Xmas food / Launching new Shop / Easy Listening / Rediscovering Bejewelled Blitz / 4 bags full of more bags / Cleaning out my Wardrobe

I'm off work until the 13th so am officially bored at home. Although I do have blogging and other writing work to keep me occupied, once that's all done it's pretty much the same old every day.

I have of course used some of my time of to see Vince and went for a lovely roast dinner at his the other night, delicious! I've also used the time to set up a little blog shop, selling a few bits and bobs, including advertising, at reasonable prices!

I've slowly munched my way through the rest of the Christmas food, had a huge clear out of my bedroom and wardrobe while listening to a few CDs and rediscovered my love of Bejewelled Blitz with the iPhone and iPad apps and now I'm officially addicted!

I'm hoping that next week might be a bit more exciting. I'm hoping to get my eyebrows waxed at some point and have a look around the town, hopefully spend my giftcard and get a few more goodies! So at least you've got something 'exciting' to read about next week...haha!

Yesterday I put up a little Blogsale so please check it out!!


  1. aww this is so lovely! the pictures are awesome, esp that rainbow hehe

    hope you can enter my giveaway

  2. Aww, I spend what seems like my whole life counting down to my next block of time off, then spend all my time off wishing for something to do haha.
    Ooh, Bejewelled is beyond addictive, I'm losing out on valuable sleep because of it! xx

  3. massive twiglet craving going on right now.

  4. Haha this is so weird, ive had bejewelled on my iPhone forever but the past few days I've become totally addicted to action mode!

    Hope you enjoy your time off work and manage to sleep and chill out a bit! I'm jealous, wish I didn't have to go back! X


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