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16 January 2012

MUA Professional Eye Primer

My daily blogging ended yesterday unfortunately. On Saturday I took Vince to A&E as he was suffering all night long from vomiting, chest pains and an insane pulse of 130. We spent most of Saturday at the hospital and while I was seeing the doctor myself, I started throwing up aswell. Apparently I have a vomiting bug. I'm starting to feel a bit better but then I get feelings of sickness just wash over me and I feel awful again. I'm hoping it eases off by Tuesday as I have to go to work, I already called in sick for Sunday night as I work with food and didnt think anyone would appreciate me spreading my germs.

Vince has an infection/something similar to the bug I have but it was obviously made a lot worse as he had a high pulse and chest pains aswell :( I'm sure we will both be fine soon and back to eating everything in sight. I can't believe I've only eaten a slice of toast all weekend. Anyway, just wanted to explain my absence from blogging, but thank goodness for scheduled posting. My week in photos should be back next week!

Today I want to tell you all about my new favourite product!

MUA Eye Primer
MUA (Make Up Academy) Eye Primer - £2.50

MUA Eye Primer

MUA Eye Primer

MUA are going from strength to strength and are slowly gaining huge popularity in the beauty industry. They're one of my favourite brands, so when I spotted their new Eye Primer in store for just £2.50, I thought I'd give it a try.

The closest I've got to trying a primer in the past is using Vaseline underneath Barry M's Dazzle Dust, haha! I thought primers were just a waste of time but at £2.50, it was worth trying it out.

I love the application tip as it's much like a lipgloss, which makes it easy to apply. On my first try with the primer I applied it underneath Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in #86 √Čbloui and went on with my everyday business. I just happened to be getting my eyebrows waxed that day and the beautician commented on how sparkly and bright my eyeshadow was! Now I know the Chanel eyeshadow is already really lovely but the Primer just made it dazzle which I love!

It's a great little product and it's proved it's worth to me already so I'll be using it on a daily basis!

Will you be trying the MUA Primer?


  1. Oh, I hope you two feel much better soon!
    I didn't know MUA did an eyeshadow primer, I've just ordered one from ELF but I really want to try this one now! x

  2. Hope you're both feeling better! Those vomiting bugs are so horrible.

    The primer looks great - I love MUA as they always manage to make great quality products, regardless of the cheap price (have converted so many people to their £1 lipsticks!). Thanks for this primer post. I will definitely go and get this!

    Polly x (

  3. I love this primer! I picked it up after finishing my third urban decay primer potion and didn't fancy shelling out for another one so I tentatively gave this a try and I love it! You need way less and I actually prefer it. Lovely review and I totally agree! xxx


  4. Eek to all the illness :(
    It sounds anti-everything but the docs I work with recommend eating through a sickness bug, nasty as it is, it gets the virus out of your system.


    1. Yeh, now that I've eaten I feel a lot better!

  5. oooo poor you!! get better sooooooon!! :) xo

  6. We didn't even know MUA did a primer but it looks pretty good!
    We may well give it a go at only £2.50.
    Cool blog, we're following.
    JS xx

  7. Oh, your poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. x

  8. Wow, like you I've never been one for primers. But this sounds good and for that price you can't really go wrong.



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