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11 January 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #15

Hooray! Wednesday Wishlist is back! After a brief break over Christmas, there's now loads of things that I want, so I've been adding them to my wishlist bookmarks like crazy! A lot of the stuff is in the current Sales so if I want to buy then I need to be super quick! A few of the other bits are new Spring/Summer pieces already available!

Wednesday Wishlist
ASOS: River Island Chain Loafers - £15, Korres Lip Butter - £6
Topshop: Stripe Roll Back Tee - £18, Knitted Wet Look Stitch Jumper - £36
New Look: Metallic Chain Moccasin - £7
eBay - Mulberry Oversized Taylor Bag Lookalike - £27

Such lovely stuff on the wishlist this week! I saw the ASOS River Island Loafers on Instagram recently as well as on a few other blogs and immediately loved them! I've got some Primark loafers that are a navy colour but they're quite old and tatty now. I'm not sure why I haven't ordered these yet to be honest, as they still have my size! I found the Metallic Chain Moccasin alternatives in New Look but they're now out of stock!

The Topshop pieces are from the new S/S Lookbook and I love, love, love them! The colours are so pretty so I definitely need to get my hands on these for the Spring time.

As for the Korres lip butter, well, I'm getting really annoyed with it to be honest. All of the flavours are available except the Guava one! I've searched everywhere for it but still can't find one that doesn't come with a ridiculous delivery price!

Last but not least, the Mulberry Oversized Taylor Bag Lookalike is so so pretty! I'd just prefer it to be all black, then it would look even more like the original surely?! I think it's time I got a new bag as I'm getting annoyed with my current one, so I'm now officially on the hunt!


  1. I've had my eye on the same Taylor lookalike recently! x

  2. The Taylor lookalike is a steal! I love the Topshop items too. I went into my local Topshop recently and the spring stuff they are starting to bring out is amazing! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. i really love the pretty pastel colours that are everywhere, my favourites list on my pc is filling up fast!

  4. Those river Island loafers are amazing! Honestly I thought they looked daft when shops first started coming out with them but since they've developed a bit I cannot get enough!
    I really need to try the korres lip butters, they've been on my wishlist since the dawn of time... xxx


  5. The Mulberry lookalike bag is gorgeous! I could never justify buying the real deal at this time in my life, but this one looks almost as good!

    really cute wishlist btw!


  6. I love the bag, I'm saving my pennies to invest in a mulberry bag! X

  7. The new look chain moccasins are gorgeous, i love the colour! The jumper is also lovely, i can imagine both pieces would go together well!
    Ofc the mulberry bag is lush, that's on my wishlist too! :( I really like the alexa satchels! 

  8. ooh I'm dying for some pastel pieces too, love the jumper and the tee, I want some mint green things! xo

  9. It's all so pretty! So excited about Spring stuff coming out, loving the topshop tee and jumper, and those River Island loafers are so cute, and such a bargain! xx

  10. Ooh wouldn't mind any of that myself! Love the topshop tee, the mocassins are amaaazing too ha-ha! Deffo given me some fashion for thought ;) 

    Gorgeous blog - following you now!


  11. I love the simple Topshop tee! Such a sweet colour and very spring-appropriate :)

    Rosie x

  12. I've had my eye on those NL moccasins for ages (: and I'd totally recommend the Korres lip butters! I bought one for my Granny for Christmas because she kept trying to steal mine! I think Feelunique sell them at a reasonable price and delivery?

  13. Next time your in Bristol theres a shop in Cabot's called Oliver Bonas, they do Korres Lip butters and so do Harvey Nichols!


  14. Literally as I posted this blog post I went and checked on ASOS and they had it in stock! I don't mind so much the £6 price tag, just didn't want to pay delivery on something quite small so managed to get it delivered for free, yay!

  15. love all the pastel colours, good old Topshop :) xx

  16. that topshop tee is such a pretty colour

  17. Ooh, loving the jumper, the colour's gorgeous!
    & the Taylor lookalike is absolutely lovely, think I'll be adding it to my wishlist too :) xx

  18. Love that jumper! On my wishlist now!

    Jaz xo

  19. I love the mulberry-alike, I need a new bag! The striped tee makes me think of summer, such a gorgeous colour! x

  20. Mysentimentalheart11 January 2012 at 23:15

    Love the pink jumper, such a pretty colour :)


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