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1 July 2012

A short week in photos

Pile of beauty boxes / Cancelled Glossybox! / Bedroom snaps / Bbloggers / Dinner! / Delicious popcorn / MUA Undressed and Going for Gold Palettes / Daisy's birthday presents!

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I've barely taken a single picture this week. It doesn't help that Instagram was down for most of the day yesterday!

I do apologise for the boring subject matter of this weeks photos.

I had a bit of a beauty box revelation this past weekend. I was busy sorting and chucking out all of the useless samples I've built up over the past year thanks to Glossybox and a few other beauty boxes and someone very kindly pointed out how much I had spent over the year on what is now just empty I swiftly cancelled all of my boxes!

I've spent over £100 on beauty boxes and it feels like such a waste of money that could have been put to better use, so that's it for me and beauty boxes now!

Yesterday I went shopping for birthday presents for Daisy. She will be 1 on Wednesday and she is going to be so spoiled! I ended up buying a whole bundle of toys for her, I hope she likes them!

Is anyone up to anything exciting today? I went for breakfast at Frankie and Bennys which was really disappointing! It's quite a new restaurant that's opened locally so the service was so, so bad and the breakfast wasn't that much better either! Shame!

Before I go, don't forget to enter my Mark Hill at Boots Giveaway to win yourself a whole bundle of Mark Hill products! If I wasn't holding the giveaway myself, I would definitely be entering!


  1. I bought one glossy box, realised I would only use like 1 sample out of it and thought to cut my losses then! And witnessing the beauty boxes popping up on my feed I'm glad I did, they were so alluring though so I don't blame you for sticking with them for a while longer til it mounted too much!

  2. WOW!!! $100 in beauty boxes!!! its so easy to get addicted!!! i love my boxes!!

  3. WOW!!! $100 in beauty boxes!!! its so easy to get addicted!!! i love my boxes!!

  4. quitting glossybox is such a good idea, I'm glad i did it x

  5. I had the Carmine boxes (RIP) and used the majority of the samples I received, but I do think that ultimately they are a waste of money ): It sucks that the new restaurant was rubbish D:

  6. I have a similar tower of empty beauty boxes! I still need my fix though!
    Could murder some popcorn now! x


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