Cherry Pie : Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings.

25 May 2012

Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings.

New Look: Twill Luxe Blazer - £24.99, There Was A Girl Leopard Heart Top
Topshop: Velvet Leggings

When I wear this outfit I become a bit of a walking New Look advertisement. I bought the blazer and top on the website and the top was actually advertised as being worn under the blazer and I thought it looked quite nice so I added that to my basket as well.

The blazer is the perfect casual/smart mix. As you can see I wear it here with a casual top underneath and some leggings but it also works with smarter trousers and a blouse underneath, perfect for interviews and important meetings etc...

The Velvet leggings are continuing to serve me well! They're the perfect Sunday lounge about item but I also enjoy wearing them to work some days just to get some extra comfort! I've just ordered a new tshirt from Topshop to wear with them actually, I will definitely try and get a photo up when it arrives!


  1. I really like this outfit; it's simple but cute :) I still really want velvet leggings, I think I'll get them when it starts getting colder later this year!

  2. Love this outfit :) the top is very cute x

  3. That blazer looks lovely and perfect for summer. I really need some light jackets/blazers, will have to have a look in New Look!

    Gillian x

  4. Love the colour of the top, it's beautiful! Also appreciate the Funeral For A Friend lyric-inspired title :) x

  5. Cute outfit my dear, love the blazer especially! Oh online shopping is my absolute vice, I tell myself I'm saving money and suddenly I'm at the checkout on, tehe. x

  6. sooo...I WANT THAT TOP!!!


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