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18 May 2012

Mark Hill 'Big Blow' Volumising Spray

Mark Hill Big Blow! Volumising Spray
Boots: Mark Hill Big Blow! Volumising Spray - £5.99

I've been getting really fed up with all of my volumising hair products recently. They all leave my hair feeling sticky, tacky and straw like so I wanted to try something new. I spotted the Mark Hill Big Blow! Volumising Spray in Boots for £5.99 and decided to take a chance with it.

Finding the perfect hair volumising product is a trial and error process. I'm not sure this certain product has been particularly successful though!

The spray is aimed at people like me with fine, flyaway hair and it claims not to overload the hair no matter how much product is used. The spray also claims to boost hair thickness and texture after spraying onto damp hair.

After spraying into the roots as well as all over and drying, there does seem to be some extra volume, but sadly it doesn't seem to last. I've not noticed extra thickness in my hair either and it still leaves my hair feeling a bit straw like.

I do admit there is some volume which is nice but I've yet to find a product that makes it last all day. I'm sure if I had shorter hair it would work a lot better so the quest continues!

Have you tried this spray, what were your thoughts on it?


  1. Try the SAMY Fat Hair range in Superdrug. Their mousse is the only product I find that gives great volume and thickness plus the straw like after effect is not half as bad as other products.

  2. I always struggle to find products that really give my hair volume, so I know how you feel ): I have yet to find a holy grail product that works with my hair without making it feel rubbish!

  3. I haven't tried this one, but I'm definitely with you on volumising products in general. If you put a tiny amount in it does nothing but enough to actually affect your hair feels terrible! I just stick with a good blow dry these days. XO

  4. I still haven't found a great volumizer that really works and it drives me crazy! I wish there was one that would magically volumize my hair without having to blow dry - I'm so lazy ahah!

  5. My hair is fine, I find curling my hair works wonders for creating a fuller look though! I found using products weighed it down more.

  6. I've tried so many products but can never find one that actually lasts a good few hours! :( xx


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