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25 November 2011

What's in my shopping bags?

Another edition of my favourite type of post! This time featuring the lovely New Look, who I've never purchased from Online before.

New Look Twill Blazer

New Look Leopard Print Heart Tee

New Look Leopard Print Heart Tee

With work experience coming up, I thought I needed something a bit less casual than normal so decided on a three quarter length sleeve version of the Twill Blazer. Although no longer on the website (it must be so popular!), it was advertised with the Heart Print tee underneath and I thought it looked OK so would try it!

New Look Leopard Print Heart Tee & Twill Blazer

I'm not used to wearing blazers so it still feels a bit weird to me but I'll be sure to put up an Outfit Of The Day post soon! I didn't want a blazer that was too structured with shoulder pads, and this one is really loose fitting which is great. I love the three quarter length sleeves and the ruching detailing on the pockets.

I probably wouldn't wear the top without the blazer over the top as it's not very fitted and I'm not keen on the sleeves, but I think it works well. I'm not usually a leopard print fan but I really love the heart print on this Tee.

I purchased this when there was a lovely 20% discount available. I'm usually really put off by delivery charges but there is an option to receive free delivery to your nearest store, so of course I just had to get it! They gave me an expected delivery date and sure enough it was ready when they said. I actually got Vince to pick it up for me and they were actually wary about giving it to him because he obviously wasn't a girl called Cherry, but finally they handed it over and it all fits perfectly! I'd definitely recommend buying from New Look online! It's great for me because the local store isn't completely up to date and I can never find anything in it.

What do you think? Would you purchase anything like this?


  1. really love both of them :) what a great outfit to wear for work experience, it's always important to feel really comfortable and happy in what you're wearing when it's something that's a little nerve wrecking. I love the leopard print on red because it clashes a little but looks really good. I think the blazer compliments the shape of the top really well :)
    That's brilliant to get discount and free delivery!!
    Take care <3 Holz oxo

  2. ooh i like that leopard print heart!

  3. i love this blazer!! i tried it on in store but it was a bit big!:/ cant wait to see an outfit post! :D
    XOXO Kasia

  4. You have a cute blog!!I'm following you now, hope we can follow each other. :)

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  5. I love the tee, such a great colour and I love the leopard print heart! :) x

  6. I get my stuff delivered to store as well - mainly in case I want to return it, because I don't want to have paid £4 for nothing! Great blazer - I'm totally loving wearing them right now, have 2 new ones.

  7. I definitely would! I love your What's in my shopping bags posts Cherry xx

  8. That blazer looks lovely, I like that it isn't so structured. I didn't realise you could order stuff to be delivered to store for free, definitely good to know! x

  9. I love blazers, I have dozens that I don't wear enough!

  10. Both of these are lovely, I like that the blazer is more relaxed xx

  11. Love your buys. Especially the blazer, the loose fit makes it suitable for casual as well as smarter outfits.

  12. I saw this top onine, but wasn't sure whether I liked it that much... seeing your pictures has helped me make my mind up though, I might just have to make a purchase :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__


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