Cherry Pie : Wednesday Wishlist #12

23 November 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #12

Wednesday Wishlist
New Look: Belted Spot Tunic, 2pk Bodycon Tops
Topshop: Star Brooch Set, Snowflake Socks, Rosette Stripe Gloves  

I do really love doing these wishlist posts! Last week I mentioned that I was attending the Christmas Blogger Party in December and I was looking for something to wear. Well, the New Look Belted Spot Tunic could be a possible contender! Though it could get a bit chilly! I want something nice to wear, but not too over the top and something I can possibly wear to Work Experience in the day time as I'll be going to the event straight from there. It's difficult to choose. I wonder if anyone else is already thinking about what they're going to wear?

Whilst browsing the New Look website, I also came across the 2pk Bodycon Tops. I really need some new tops that aren't short sleeved, what with it being so cold now. Every morning I look in my wardrobe and it's all T-shirts! These are so basic and simple that you can't really go wrong with them!

As I mentioned the cold weather, I thought the Snowflake Socks and Rosette Gloves would come in handy. Not that I need anymore socks or gloves!

I wanted to get the Star Brooch Set as it's a bit different and not something I'd usually wear. I definitely need more brooches in my life!

I'd love all of your opinions on the dress! If you're going to the event, then let me know what you're wearing too!


  1. Love the outfit.

  2. Love the look of the snowflake socks, I've actually got some in my drawers somewhere! That dress looks gorgeous, I'm sure you'd look fab in it :) xo

  3. i a really in a warm and wooley accessories mood at the moment it seems, i can't seem toget enough of hats and gloves and scarves!

  4. Your picks are so cute, I love the socks!

  5. I really like the polka dot tunic, I think it'd be perfect for wearing during the day to your work experience placement then out that evening to the Christmas party! x

  6. That dress is lovely, it looks casual enough to wear in the day time, and then if you add a few accessories it would be perfect for the Christmas party too!
    Those socks are so cute, I really need to stock up on some nice socks to keep my feet warm during the winter!

    Gillian x

  7. Ooh, the event sounds fun, wish it wasn't so far away from me haha!
    New Look are great for basics, and their 2/3pks are great value! The dress is really cute, sounds perfect for wearing to both work experience and the event, you'd just need a quick change of accessories and you'd be all set! xx

  8. I love the dress, you should go for it! x

  9. I love the dress, definitely get it, it would suit you so much x


  10. That dress is really beautiful and I think it would perfect for work experience/the event. You could pop a snuggly cardi on top of it :)
    I really want some new brooches, they can make a plain top look so much more eyecatching! These star ones are really cute :)
    Take care <3 Holz oxo


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