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6 November 2011

Sunday Style Steal #8

Another much deserved day off from work! I'm up early today as we're going to visit Cadbury Garden Centre to have a look at their Christmas displays, which are always amazing! We're taking my niece, Daisy, and although she doesn't even have a clue what Christmas is, it should still be nice to see her being amused by all of the lights.

I've decided to do something a little different for this weeks Sunday Style Steal as it's not technically an entire outfit. However, it really stood out to me this week and I love the look, so why not try and imitate it?

I spotted an image of Katy Perry wearing a gorgeous Valentino Fall 2011 cashmere cloth Coat when she was in Manchester recently and I love the way it complimented her hair colour. The look itself is very pale and girly, though I wouldn't exactly wear a cat mask out and about.

I love how she's teamed a simple pink scarf underneath the coat and worn black suede knee-length shoes. The look just screams 'Winter,' and it's something that's cosy and so easy to recreate!

Sunday Style Steal #9 Katy Perry
Topshop: Faux Fur Coat, Bat Mask
ASOS: Suede Long Leg Boot
Miss Selfridge: Lace Ruffle Scarf

I chose a faux fur coat as it's so much more snug and I even managed to find a mask to complete the full Katy Perry look. It's such a simple outdoors look but I'd be pretty worried about getting the cream coat dirty! I'm quite accident-prone!

The faux fur coat is a huge investment piece and will probably keep you going for a good few years. The boots are another investment item as you'll wear them year in and year out, so although a little pricey they're actually extremely cost efffective.

Will you be recreating Katy's Winter look?

*Image courtesy of DownCoatBlog


  1. This is lovely, although I would never wear the mask either, I agree that it is a very classic look. . .thanks for sharing xx

  2. Cadbury Garden Centre is amazing at Christmas!

  3. It's a really pretty outfit. I love her coat and I'd definitely wear something similar this autumn. :)

  4. I adore the coat you've chosen, I've got such an obsession with fur at the moment! xxx

  5. I would love that fur coat! Hope you had a nice day, I love going to look at all the Christmas stuff :) x

  6. Love your new lay out :) Those boots are lush too x

  7. Katy Perry is great I saw her in newcastle recently and she puts on a great show. The coat she is wearing is gorgeous! But I love the faux fur trend it's just so cosy:) x

  8. Katy Perry can actually pull anything off!
    Whether it is her usual eccentric ways or in a classic coat like this! <3

  9. Katy Perry is just amazing, full stop. And I cannot stop swooning over her pink hair!

    I love the fur coat and knee-high boot look - cosy and classy at the same time!

    Leigh xo


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