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15 June 2012

Bulletproof Heart.

Internacionale Flower Dress
Internacionale: Flower Shirt Dress - £15

Internacionale Flower Dress
I don't know what's wrong with me. I keep buying lovely Summer dresses like this one! It's a little like the shirt dress I recently bought from New Look but this one has a more cinched in waist which gives me a bit more shape!

I spotted this one in Internacionale for £15 in the sale. I think it's perfect for wearing every day as well as something a bit smarter for work!

I'm really unimaginative when it comes to my wardrobe and I usually just throw on my jeans and a top but I'm trying to not wear jeans almost every day and I definitely want to wear more dresses, so this is perfect.

I love the thin belt and the print is definitely my sort of colour!

What Summer dresses will you be wearing this year?


  1. I need to wear more dresses too x

  2. Very pretty dress! Maybe if you wear it it will bring the sun back :) wishful thinking! xx

  3. This style really suits you Cherry! x

  4. Love this dress! Is the post title a My Chemical Romance reference? x

  5. What a sweet little dress, the print makes it look much more expensive :) xx

  6. Love this,Internationale certainly have some hidden gems! :) xx

  7. adorable printed dress! I have some dresses I just inherited from my grandmother that I can't wait to wear!

    XO Sahra

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