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24 June 2012

An anniversary week in photos

Lamb dinner / Fab! / OPI Minnie Collection / Dinner cooked by Vince / Kukee order / Glossybox / Franky & Benny's / Vince enjoying his starter / Bit disappointing main course / pudding! / Presents! / New shoes / Keyboard for iPad / Cute card / Opened presents / Taking Jasper for a walk / Weekly sweet treat

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This week Vince and I celebrated our anniversary of four years being together!

We kind of had a pre-celebration last weekend at Bottelinos as we thought Vince might be working on the Thursday. Luckily he wasn't so we had another little celebration and went for dinner at the new Franky and Benny's restaurant that opened around here recently.

The service was a bit slow and you could definitely tell all of the staff were new to it and the main was a bit disappointing but the starters and puddings were yummy! We were in there for a good few hours though!

When we got home I presented Vince with his presents: a snooker cue and a Korg Kaosillator to help him make funky sounds for his music (I don't understand it either) and he very kindly got me some new shoes and a keyboard for my iPad! The shoes are so so lovely and I've had lots of compliments on them, he did very good!

I was extremely impressed by my Kukee order that arrived this week. I ordered quite a lot but because it's so cheap I didn't spend much. The spike earrings are my new faves and I love the rings as well! I'd highly recommend!


  1. Happy Anniversary! The starters and puddings are always the best part of a meal at Franky and Benny's which kind of sucks :/ x

  2. Wow congrats and happy anniversary! Beautiful photos :)

  3. Happy anniversary! Your Kukee jewellery looks lovely xx

  4. Ahh congrats on your 4 years together! :) Sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating!

    I know what you mean about the service in F&B's - it's quite hit and miss! I've just placed a big order with Kukee too - can't wait for all the goodies to arrive, it's such good value <3


  5. Mm Fabs! Have you tried the blackcurrant ones? x

  6. Looks like u had a great time !! :)

  7. I'm a little late but happy anniversary!
    I love F&Bs x


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