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8 June 2012

Barratts Shoes

Barratts are a staple on the British high-street. They cater for the entire family, with women's shoes, men's and children's shoes available and I can safely say that they're still one of the top shoe retailers in the UK.

As a fashion/beauty blogger I have a real love for shoes and after recently browsing the stock available on I was extremely impressed!

While you have your Topshop's and your New Look's which both do great shoes, it's easy to forget a shop like Barratts but I would urge shoe shoppers to seriously consider checking out the wonderful collection, which is definitely going to be better made and more reasonably priced!

Barratts stock a great range of mid, low and high heels as well as a range of cute court shoes for more civilised occasions. There's also a range of wedges, sandals and my all time favourite Ballerina shoes!

There are a great range of Ballerina shoes available and there are some great bargains to be found. The Spotty ballerinas are a favourite of mine and at £15 they're certainly affordable.

There are some more heavily priced shoes but you know you're paying for quality shoes that will last for ages!

The range of court shoes is really impressive and I can even spy a dupe of Kate Middleton's famous nude heels in the form of the Patent round-toe platform courts.

For something not so high, the Floral peep-toe shoes are perfect because they're a lovely mid-heel and perfect for the Summer! They're great for casual outfits as well as something a bit smarter! I've been looking for some cute peep-toe shoes for a while now and these are great!

Barratts have a great selection of shoes available and they're actually really super stylish and fashionable.

What is your favourite pair of shoes?

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  1. Oooh I love the grey brogues! xx

  2. Ooh, you're right, I never think to look in Barratts but I definitely should! I love the look of the black wedges!

    Frances xx

  3. I've got quite a few pairs of shoes from Barratts in the past, but haven't been in for a while now, will definitely be back in there soon!

  4. The bottom right ones on the top photo and top right on the bottom. I wouldn't mind the ankle boots either.

  5. Barratts have a wonderful collection of footwear. Sometime back I bought a pair of office shoes from them. Since I prefer wearing shoes without heal I opted for Rocket Dog Wedge Casual Shoes. I must say it is so comfortable to wear. Normally I get shoe bite every time I wear new footwear. But surprisingly this time I didn’t even get one. So I think Barratts is my brand. The brand might be slightly expensive. But they also have a discount shoe store where shoes are available at very reasonable price. I bought one for my daughter as well which she liked so much.


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