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4 March 2014

My Optique London Retro 'Carnaby' glasses

My Optique London Retro glasses

My Optique London Retro glasses
My Optique London Retro glasses in 'Carnaby' red*

I've been a glasses wearer on and off throughout my life. I needed glasses when I was younger and had an incredibly stylish pair of multicoloured ones… As I got older my eyesight got better but once I started driving it was all down hill. I now need glasses for distance. It got to a point where I couldn't see a thing while driving and nighttime driving was awful. I couldn't see where the roads were turning or anything and when I got tested they actually said my eyesight was below the average it should be to be able to drive.

I do hate choosing glasses though. I don't really know what suits me. I went for a pair from the cheapest range at Specsavers, which have served me well but when My Optique contacted me about the possibility of choosing a pair from its range I thought it might be time to go for something a bit more stylish.

London Retro has launched a new range of Metropolitan glasses with inspiration taken from London's most popular tube lines and stations. The names are brilliant, as are the styles. The collection combines retro shapes, matt finishes and some fab colours.

It's pretty weird choosing glasses online as obviously, you can't try them on. I spent absolutely ages thinking about which ones to choose, probably about two or three weeks in total and I asked my mum's opinion and Vince's opinion too. Both of them thought completely different pairs would suit me so that was really helpful. Not.

My order process was of course slightly different from those who will be going through the website but what's important is to tell you that there is the option to choose prescription glasses. You simply select what you need your glasses for from Distance, Computer, Reading and Varifocal. There is no extra charge on these except for Varifocal lenses as I know these can be rather complicated. You can then choose between three different packages, which lens tint you want and then add in your prescription details. I would recommend visiting your opticians and asking for a copy of your prescription before you make your order as that way you know you will definitely get the correct glasses for your eyes. I did this and your opticians can give you a copy of your prescription if you simply ask, you just need to have the optician sign it off for you but it's free!

I opted for the Carnaby glasses, which are a lovely red colour, but also come in tortoiseshell and black. The frames are a lot bigger than what I'm used to but I've grown to really like them and I think/hope they suit me. Everyone I've asked says they do… They come in a gorgeous London Retro case with cleaning cloth and for £79 I think these are quite reasonable. You can spend hundreds of pounds on glasses. My Specsavers glasses were £40 and then with the anti-reflective lenses I went for they actually came to £70 so London Retro glasses are a real bargain.

I was worried that I'd put these on and they'd give me a headache or I wouldn't be able to see very well but I was really surprised that they were so much clearer than the glasses I had. They're perfect for driving and have now become my special pair of glasses, which I treat with care, unlike my others which get thrown around in my handbag.

Overall I am thrilled with my new glasses. They feel like proper designer glasses but they come at reasonable prices.

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