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31 January 2014

Valentine's Day: Gift ideas for him

Valentines Gifts for him

I never know what to buy Vince for Valentine's Day. This year we're not really doing anything special as I think Vince is actually working in the evening so I probably won't see him! We're going to one of our favourite restaurants on Saturday for a little early Valentine's Day. We'll certainly avoid Valentine's restaurant prices, which are RIDICULOUS!

I've put together a little collection of gift ideas for you all to buy the man in your life for Valentines. They're really just normal gifts you might buy him for Christmas/birthday, but it's nice to get each other little presents every now and then, yes even you Valentine's cynics.

You can't really go wrong with a smelly set. The best time to buy fragrance sets is in the January sales so you can be well prepared in time for Valentines. At Christmas Vince and I bought each other sets and were horrified to see them at more than half price in January so I'd definitely recommend snapping them up as soon as they go on sale. You could even buy yourself one!

You also can't go wrong with socks and a nice jumper! This style of jumper is one Vince is liking at the moment, although I'm not sure he would be keen on the heart print. I love the colour though.

What are you getting the man in your life for Valentine's Day?


  1. I love that jumper and those socks. Thanks for the gift ideas! I agree you cant go wrong with a fragrance set but that jumper and socks will definitely be appreciated..

  2. Such good ideas, thank you for this post :)
    Slightly Skint Blog

  3. This is a fab gift guide, I posted my own gift guide on Sunday :)

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  4. I love the jumper, where is it from?
    I've got mine a mug & some heart shaped tea bags.
    We're going for a meal but only our local Table Table where they have 3 courses & a drink for £20! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

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