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24 May 2014

The furry friend tag

I found this cute tag on HelloZelda and decided to give it a go so you could all get to know Charlie a little better!

Q. What is his/her name?
A. Charlie! Vince actually came up with the name and while it is one of my nicknames he actually came up with it as when he was a child there used to be a black cat called Charlie that would always be around his house that he just loved so this was in homage to him!

Q. When did you get Charlie?
A. We got him in January, 2013. I wanted a kitten for ages and had been looking on the internet one morning when I spotted an advert. We went to see him that afternoon and he came home with us.

Q. What is something Charlie does that annoys you?
A. He can get quite scratchy/bitey when you just want to stroke him and he also meows REALLY loudly when we're trying to watch TV. Such an attention seeker.

Q. What type of breed is Charlie?
A. He is just a general shorthaired tom cat - common as muck!

Q. Has Charlie ever had a near death experience?
A. Not that I'm aware of. I do worry though because we live on a bus route so I have horrid visions of him going under a bus. If only you could teach animals the green cross code.

Q. Does Charlie know any tricks?
A. To put it bluntly - no!

Q. Does Charlie love to snuggle?
A. He's not the type to come and sit on your lap and curl up but he often sleeps on the bed so I will go up to see him and he loves to be tickled under the chin and around the ears so in that respect he is quite snuggly.

Q. Where did you get Charlie?
A. Looking back I wish I had visited some rehoming centres before getting Charlie but unfortunately we didn't. Maybe I'll try there next time…anyway I saw an advert online for Charlie and it turned out the owner of him was actually living in a caravan near a football field. He said he was between places, which was strange looking back, as it was winter and he was just living in this tiny caravan with five cats. It was pretty messy but the guy was very friendly and quite obviously a big cat lover.

I probably shouldn't have judged based on first impressions but I couldn't really help it. It turned out he was very nice and even let us have Charlie for cheaper than what he was asking for.

Q. Does Charlie get along with other animals?
A. I don't think he's keen on dogs. I've seen him spot a dog and freeze on the spot, he's also not keen on next door's dog either but I think most cats are like this unless they're living with one. With other cats he's as you would expect, quite territorial, but recently another cat came to visit him about three days in a row and he let her come and play and they sat in the garden together, which was really cute.

Q. Does Charlie get along with strangers?
A. No, he get's quite scared when people come round. It usually takes quite a few hours before he'll make an appearance. He does like Vince's parents and brother and sister though!

Q. How much does Charlie weigh? A. On his last vet visit he weighed just under 4kg, which is the average weight for a male cat of his age so he's right on target!

Q. Do you ever dress Charlie up?
A. No, never!

Q. Has Charlie ever tried to run away?
A. No, he always comes back in the evenings for his dinner!

Q. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10? A. Definitely more than 10! I'm so, so glad we got him and he's fit in really well. I couldn't imagine not having him.

Let me know if you've enjoyed this tag and if you do it too!


  1. Oh this was so cute! Charlie is adorable. I'm going to do this for my cat I think :) x

    1. Ahh thank you, you should do it, it's a fun tag :)

  2. Charlie is very cute although I'm allergic to cats so I won't get too close ;)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Sounds like my cat, Theo will only come for cuddles when he'll benefit from it - i.e. when it's freezing!


    1. Haha! They're such clever things!

  4. Aw Charlie <3 I might do this for my Prince

  5. Aw he's so lovely! :) Great post! It's so nice to get to know other peoples pets! :)


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