Cherry Pie : The Sunday Catch Up #7

23 February 2014

The Sunday Catch Up #7

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Salmon and noodles / After work treat / Choosing colours / More flowers

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As usual the weekend has flown by. Yesterday I went swimming with my mum, sister and my niece and nephew. It was my nephews first time swimming ever and he seemed to really enjoy it, he kept splashing himself in the face!

My niece has got loads better at swimming but now she can just about reach the bottom of the pool with her tip toes so she cheats at it sometimes, cheeky! She can definitely swim better than I can though. It's hard work staying in the baby pool though, it really hurts your legs as your bent down the whole time trying to keep warm under the water.

Afterwards we went back to my mums for scrambled eggs, bacon and muffins, cooked by my sister. Delicious! I spent the afternoon traipsing round DIY shops with Vince trying to pick flooring for our kitchen. When we moved in the house was painted in some very strange colours. We currently have a lime green kitchen with blue floors. It's not even painted very well either and we finally can't stand it anymore. I never knew how much of a nightmare picking flooring and wall colours is. We can't find the right shade of 'biscuit' and the olive we thought we wanted for a 'feature' wall doesn't look quite right. Vince bought a red 'just to test it out' but I know what he's thinking…but I don't want anymore red, ahh!

Today I decided to not laze around in my PJs for the entire morning and started getting dressed when I received a message from my mum asking if I wanted to go round for a fry up. Stupid question really. To say I was stuffed was an understatement but it was so yummy I couldn't refuse it. My sister came round as well with my niece and nephew. My nephew was so funny as he was so tired and kept nodding off, aww!

The rest of the day has been a bit of a rite off. I popped to Sainsburys for a few bits and spent most of the afternoon napping instead of blogging and doing the housework. Oops.

I better get on with some blogging while I have The Devil Wears Prada on, my fave! Let me know in the comments what you've been up to this week and don't forget to check out my BLOG SALE HERE

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  1. Mm, that Galaxy Chocolate is SO good!

    1. I know, I thought it would be horrible but it was amazing!

  2. Nice recopilation, always there are food, animals and flowers in our life, beautiful things!

  3. Sounds like a good week, I've had a super lazy PJ day today which has been lovely :)
    We used to have Dulux Cookie Dough in our living room and dining room. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. Ahh we've gone with something else now as the Cookie Dough didn't look quite right!

  4. Yay Devil Wears Prada! Definitely hungry for some chocolate now, and you're so pretty :)


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