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18 September 2014

My love of live music

My love of live music

I don't think I could imagine a world without music. I must start this blog off by saying that of course everyone's music tastes differ so what I like might not be what you - mr or mrs reader - like but hopefully you can appreciate my love of it.

I've grown up having my dad's favourite bands played in the house and I liked your typical pop music but around my teens was when I first discovered 'alternative' music and that has where my love has lied ever since.

My first ever gig was Taking Back Sunday and I think I was about 13 or 14. I went on my own. People think it's really weird that I went on my own but none of my friends liked the same music as me so why should I miss out? Besides, it doesn't really matter once the band is playing because everyone is concentrating on the music anyway.

From then onwards I attended pretty much every gig on my own. I've lost count of the number of gigs I've been to actually. I've been to ones in tiny venues and I've been to ones in stadiums and they always give me this great, euphoric feeling, no matter how big the crowd is.

There is one thing that I love even more than seeing my favourite band on-stage and being in a room packed full of people who all have the same interest and that is hearing the crowd singing the words, especially when the music cuts. It gives me goosebumps! I can't imagine what it must feel like being on-stage and hearing it.

I was able to work my love of writing into my love of music many moons ago. I used to run a music website full of reviews and interviews. I would chat to some of my favourite bands and be given free tickets, it was great! Sometimes I wish I was still doing it and even now I still get sent the odd press release.

These days I don't go to gigs too often. One of my all time favourite bands split up and the others don't tour too much. I always feel a bit old at a gig now but I'm happy to stand at the back and watch and appreciate the music without getting pushed around. I often get that feeling of needing to go to a gig when I see a band is playing nearby. I was hoping to see A Day To Remember when they tour here in November, but these days it all depends on work and travel. Isn't it boring being a grown up? If, unlike me you don't have to worry about booking time off work why not check out Alt J Tickets at the O2.

What are some of your favourite bands to see live?


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing I would love to see Bastille live & Imagine Dragons live xx

  2. I haven't been to too many concerts but I love the atmosphere of being in an area with complete strangers who all share the same love of a band! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Believe it or not I have never actually been to a concert before! Music is such a great part of my life and yet in all my 22 years it has not happened- at least not a "proper" concert of a band I liked (as opposed to free open air ones of bands I did not even know). Definitely want to make it happen in the near future though :) xx
    Seven Days

  4. For me it has to be Florence + The Machine, I've seen them twice live and their gigs are just the best thing! xx

  5. That's fantastic I wish I had the bravery to go to gigs alone especialy when I like something someone else doesn't I think that's awesome! xx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. At least going alone means you don't have to worry about losing friends in the crowd!

  6. I love live music too, and I also go along to gigs myself if no one can come with me. Life is too short not to go to an amazing gig cause no one will come with you!

    Morag x


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