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31 October 2011

Halloween Nails!

I don't really celebrate Halloween anymore. Obviously as a kid I went Tric Or Treating, but I didn't really have imaginative outfits, I remember being a witch, Scream and a cat and later on at University, I was a Witch and a Devil...My first ever Halloween costume was a Witch that was made out of bin bags and a witch's hat!

On Wednesday Vince and I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 and I have to say, I was SO disappointed. I actually really liked the previous two movies, although a bit silly at times, and I thought this one was going to really explain the back story of the two main characters, but it just really left me feeling like 'was that it?' It also didn't help that the cinema was full of children, blatantly under 15, all shouting, screaming and laughing. I'm not entirely sure why they paid over £7 for a ticket, only to miss half of the film due to messing around?! a form of Halloween celebration, I decided to try my hand at some Halloween nails! After a quick Google search, I got some ideas and whipped these up quickly! They're a bit messy but they'll do just for one day. Barry M have some great colourful polishes that are perfect for Halloween nails. I also used a black eyeliner for the drawing as I just hate the Models Own nail art pen, and a China Glaze crackle polish as well!

Created using: Barry M #290 Spring Green, #134 Yellow, #301 Block Orange
China Glaze #980 Black Mesh
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. love the cute nails! i'm currently pleased tghat my false ones applied without too much bother - have never worn false nails before!

  2. These are too cute! Love them. X

  3. These look cute, love the colours x

  4. i love love love thr orange shade - it's perfect! x

  5. I love your nails! a fun way to add a little halloween to your look without getting fully dressed up.

  6. I love your nails! I wish I was better at nail art!
    I really want to see Paranormal Activity 3, but there do seem to be alot of mixed reviews. I hate paying cinema prices though, may just have to wait until it's out on DVD

    Leigh xo

  7. Oh no, that's too bad Paranormal Activity 3 was disappointing! Honestly, as much as I loved the first movie, I thought the sequel was a little stupid, and I really didn't know what to expect from this new one. I will have to download it anyway!

    Super cute nails, very creative!

  8. I love the nails and the fact that they're all different. Some other Halloween nails I've seen are so unoriginal and yours are definitely not! I don't think I could ever bear to see any of the Paranormal Activity movies; I saw an advert for the third and got terrified by that so it's definitely not on my list of must-see movies! xx

  9. oh your nails are so cute - the one that says BOO is my favourite! x

  10. Your nails are fab!
    I used to have witches outfits made from bin bags when I was kid too! x

  11. love your halloween nail design!!


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