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26 October 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #8

I'm so annoyed at myself for not blogging since Sunday! I do apologise, and I'm working hard today and tomorrow to get lots of posts lined up for you!

Tonight Vince and I are going to cook a nice dinner at his house and then go and see Paranormal Activity 3 at the cinema! We originally planned to go out for dinner using a voucher I purchased from Groupon, but only realised today that you have to use it before 5pm! So we're using that for lunch tomorrow and cooking something up ourselves tonight. I know lots of people don't like the Paranormal Activity films but I quite like them! This one is about the main characters when they were young girls, and we find out how the haunting began! So I think it'll be pretty good! At least I'm hoping it is anyway!

Am going to be working a lot over Friday and the Weekend. It's some sort of special event at work so Friday night I'll be working until 1am! :( Then on November 1st, Christmas officially begins! I am actually looking forward to it because the guests get lunch in the restaurant, meaning we don't have to cater for them and we can close for an hour! Good times!

Now, today's Wishlist comes to you completely from Topshop as per usual. I love browsing the 'New In' section and finding lots of treats...

Wednesday Wishlist
Topshop: Velvet Studded Leggings, Studded Wallet, Utility Shirt, Flannel Skirt, Cross Embroidery Skirt    

Quite a dark colour palette, but lovely all the same. The Velvet Leggings caught my eye in particular as I think they'd be pretty warm in the Winter and would make a nice change from my current, boring grey leggings. They also have a non-studded version and lots of different colours! I definitely need to try these on in store!

The shirt is a red version of the one I already have. It's a really nice, loose fit, great for warmer weather so I might purchase this ready for next year! I'm always looking for new purses and wallets, but I seem to have had the same one for three years now and it's never let me down. This studded one is very pretty and if I spot it in store I might just have to get it!

Both the skirts are really pretty and definitely 'me'. I much prefer floaty, loose fitting skirts. It looks like a trip to Topshop is definitely in order for me when I next get paid!


  1. I saw Paranormal Activity 3 last week with my best friend and it was so scary! It's definitely my favourite one so far :)

    I love the studded leggins, tempted to get them next week :D x

  2. I featured the teal skirt in my post today too, it's lovely!
    I hope you enjoy the film x

  3. I love that red shirt and the black skirt, good choices!
    I've never seen any of the Paranormal Activity films! x

  4. i can't wait to see paranormal activity 3, they scare me so much though! i absolutely love the studded leggings x

  5. I saw paranormal activity 3 yesterday, it's the best one yet! So freaky haha.
    I have those velvet leggings without the studs, so comfy! I done and outfit post on them and I may even get the studded ones.
    As soon as I saw the cross embroidery skirt I bookmarked it, I love it! Great post x

  6. I like the cross print skirt and that shirt is a gorgeous colour, perfect for the season! x

  7. I love that cross-print skirt - it's definitely going on my wishlist! The studded wallet is great too. Topshop's gothic/grunge stuff is really strong at the moment.

    Polly x


  8. I've gone from not liking topshop much to lusting over everything, dammit!

  9. Whoa, Paranormal Activity is freakin' scary, huh

    I want hose studded leggings


  10. sounds like a lovely evening :) those leggings are really cool, they would definitely add a punch to an outfit! x


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