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19 October 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #7

I do love a day off work...followed by another one tomorrow! Work is getting very 'same old, same old' so it's nice to be at home again! Didn't I tell you that I'd be moaning about work as soon as I got a job? Yet, when I was unemployed, I was constantly moaning about being home all day. You just can't win!

After a nice lie-in and two cups of tea, I finally got dressed and headed to NEXT to spend my birthday gift voucher. I was really surprised by how much lovely Winter stuff they have in stock at the moment. I picked up some deep Plum coloured skinny jeans that caught my eye after about 5 minutes, so I'll be sure to review those soon! I also popped into Boots and picked up a few bits from the new Soap & Glory Cosmetics range. I was a bit disappointed that the range had launched today, yet they weren't stocking everything yet. I really wanted to try the mascara. I don't understand why they wouldn't send all of the range to the stores on launch day?

Couldn't resist a Chicken Tikka Subway for my lunch! Usually I stick with my good old friend, the Meatball Marinara, but I thought I'd have a change and go for the Chicken Tikka with Onion, Lettuce, Cucumber and Sweet Onion sauce, but I have to say I wasn't that impressed! I should have stuck with what I know!

Anyway...back on topic now. Everytime I browse around a shop, I feel myself looking for potential Christmas presents for people. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything yet, but I have spotted a few bits from Topshop that will be going on my own Christmas list this year!

Wednesday Wishlist
Topshop: Knitted Crest Cable Jumper, Mushroom Mug, ESME Velvet Cat Slippers, Dotty Owl Notebook, Floral Notebook   
I realise this list is made up entirely of Topshop items, but when other people are buying, it doesn't really matter does it!? I absolutely LOVE the jumper, it looks so comfortable and a bit different from what I'd usually wear. It's a little preppy looking which I like!

Also a big fan of novelty and stationary gifts at Christmas time. Every year, without fail, I will receive a Calendar and Diary for the year ahead as well as a variety of notebooks and stationary, so these two notebooks will definitely be on my wishlist and they're very reasonably priced as well! The mushroom mug is just a fun little thing I'd like for no particular reason and the slippers look SO snug! My mum brought me some sheepskin slippers back from Majorca which are a little like these, minus the cute cat face! Need these in my life, definitely!


  1. I looked at those notebooks instore the other day, they're so lovely and the pages have the cutest borders. The slippers look so comfy! x

  2. I was admiring those slippers the other day! Love them! I had some back in the day that were similar, also from Topshop but they didnt have the fleecy insides! Definitely need an upgrade! xx

  3. Next do have lots of lovely things in recently, I can't seem to stop spending in there! Love those slippers with the cat faces, so sweet! x

  4. the notebooks are very pretty, as are the slippers, cute! I'm the same, now that I'm unemployed it can be soooo boring at home, when I was working I would've given my right arm to stay home! xo

  5. I love those slippers! If only they weren't velvet! x

  6. Those slippers are amazing!


  7. Those slippers are so so cute!

  8. Can't wait to see the jeans! I'm still after a pair hahaha (: Those velvet cat slippers look amazing, seriously want a pair of those! xx

  9. Can't waity for your reviews on the S&G products :D I went to my local Boots around lunchtime and was really disheartened to find that most of the products had been bought, even sample products were missing! ): Hopefully I'll be able to swatch some of them this Sunday!

    My favourite sub is the Subway Melt, and whenever I branch out and try a different one I always regret it :P Still haven't tried the meatball one but must do that soon!

    I've got my eye on those adorable cat slippers too! I already have a few pairs of slippers but they're too cute to resist :) Love the mushroom mug too! x


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