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6 December 2010

Eyeko lipgloss in Knightsbridge

I am not a lip gloss kind of girl. I'm a lip balm sort of person, a chapstick fan, so when I received the Eyeko Lipgloss in Knightsbridge shade as part of my Eyeko Ambassador gift, I thought to myself...'well, I probably won't ever wear it!'

However, after trying the product, I probably would wear it on special occasions. The colour is a slightly sparkly, pale pink which looks really nice once it's on. It was really easy to put on using the tube and thankfully wasn't sticky or tasty enough for my to keep licking off. Always a good point.

As soon as I removed the packaging, I was overwhelmed with a gorgeous bubblegum scent which I really love, unfortunately this scent doesn't really stick around once it's on.

At £6.50, I wouldn't buy it for myself as I wouldn't use it enough but for lipgloss fiends, it's quite a bargain. The lip glosses also come in 'Primrose Hill,' 'Shoreditch,' 'Soho,' 'Portobello' and 'Mayfair.'

The size is fairly reasonable so it won't get lost easily in your handbag. Eyeko's packaging is always girly and pretty, which I really like.

If you fancy buying yourself a Christmas treat, you can use my Ambassador code E12339 to get yourself a free gift when spending over £15.



  1. I quite like Knightsbridge just to wear during the day and keep topping up cos it's easy to put on without a mirror! I also like Shoreditch.

    But maybe if you prefer balms you should try one of the Fat Balms? Frosting is great as a blusher, and Strawberry, Minty and Toffee are my faves for actual lip balms :) xx

  2. I'm not a lipgloss person either. It's either my Carmex or a lipstick. I've never even tried the Eyeko brand but maybe I should!
    And I just wear oversized stuff all the time, which is why I have a penchant for jumpers - amazing,

    Rosie x

  3. I have one of these in Primrose Hill and I really love the colour and taste of it! I think they're a bit pricey but they'd make a really cute Christmas present x

  4. I still havent jumped on the eyeko bandwagon, but every product of theirs I see looks so cute! I'm not a mega lipgloss fan but I think their fat balms look awesome. That pink shade is hella pretty though :) xx

  5. I got one of these as a free gift and I actually really like it - I'll definately think about getting them in different colours!! x

  6. It has such a pretty tube and is a lovely colour! I like lipgloss but haven't been wearing any recently, so I may just give this a try, especially as I've been wanting to try Eyeko products for ages.

    I'm giving away some treats over at my blog, so please take a look if you're interested!

  7. I love Eyeko stuff, so cute! xx


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