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7 November 2010

My Christmas wishlist

I know, I know it's still on November but everything is starting to feel all Christmassy already! The adverts are starting to include little jingly bells and the dark evenings make me feel all wintery. I can't wait to start wearing my woolly hat and gloves!

I'm already starting to think about what I want for Christmas, even though my dad says 22 is too old for presents! There's not actually many things I want, a few books, some nail polishes and I've put in my order with my sister for a new satchel bag!

I've found a few that I love but my sister and I have a bit of a budget so I've given her some ideas of the style I like, so I thought I'd show you guys aswell.

This Oasis Herringbone satchel is particularly gorgeous, especially at £35 from ASOS! It's in budget, but I'm not completely sure about the material pattern, it looks a bit Grandma to me.

This Oasis Casual Satchel is really cute and I love the colour but the £65 price tag and the size is a bit off-putting!

The Contrast Strap Satchel from Topshop is really cute, although a bit business like for me. £45 is pretty reasonable I think as it's real leather. It's growing on me actually...

The Real Sheepskin Despatch Bag is great for winter, but at £85, it would be my only present this year! Shame!

So, those are just some of the satchel bags I'm liking at the moment. I'm almost tempted to buy one myself so I can have it right away but I know the funds won't let me! I'd love to see other people's suggestions for satchel bags, what's on your own Christmas lists?


  1. my wish list a red velvet dress and a silk scarf from Liberty. They have some great satchell bags at Urban Outfitters.

  2. This Oasis Casual Satchel is really cute and I love the colour but the £65 price tag and the size is a bit off-putting!

    i like this maybe i will send to you from Egypt
    i live there

  3. I think the ASOS Oasis Casual Satchel is the nicest :) I love all this style of bags, and would really love to have something suitable for university to carry all my huge books around!!
    Whilst looking fashionable obviously :P <3 xxx

  4. Thanks for your comment. I cannot wait for the Lanvin collaboration.

    I really enjoyed your Christmas post. A great selection of satchels; I particularly like the Topshop one. Love geek chic.

    T-Shirt and Tails x

    Ps You're never too old for presents!


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