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13 November 2010


I'm glad people are starting to like my product reviews, I love doing them! It gives me a great excuse to go out and buy things, although I probably really shouldn't! I've just received some cute products from, so I'll be reviewing those soon!

It's very hard to write a blog post when the majority of what I've been up to includes sitting in front of a laptop or TV for most of the day. However, last night I went to watch Kids In Glass Houses at Southampton Guildhall. I have to say they were pretty good. For a change, we decided to sit in the balcony and what a good choice we made! We had comfy seats and could see everything that was going on. It also gave me the chance to write as I watched, without getting bashed into my sweaty people.

Here are some not so good pics, taken on my Blackberry:

The lights at the back were pretty mesmerizing and distracting as they kept morphing into different shapes and colours.

As I was on the Guestlist for the gig, I didn't take any money with me, but when I got to the Guestlist entrance, the guy there told me I had to make a £5 charity donation. I'm really skint at the moment and obviously didn't take any money, which I explained but he said if I didn't make a donation, I wasn't getting in. I didn't have much of a choice really, so we went to get some cash and we were allowed back in, only to witness the girl in front be let through without making a donation. I thought donations were optional?!

I reviewed the gig for Portsmouth News, which hopefully means it will be printed in the newspaper, like my other review was. When I first signed up to write for them, I believed that my reviews were only going to be on the website, but having them printed is a great surprise and means I have more to put into my portfolio!

I had an offer of an short Internship at Top Sante magazine recently. There were a few dates to chose from, including January next year, which I opted for, but sadly it was already taken. They offered me a placement for November but I had to turn it down because I just don't have the money to travel to London every day for three weeks, or even stay there. They did offer £50 a week travel expenses, but for a week of travelling it costs about £120 and I still just can't afford it. It's a real shame because it probably would have been a good Internship, at three weeks long, there certainly would have been a chance of getting stuck into things, instead of sitting in the office sorting the post every day. :( Hopefully another opportunity will come along, when I'm a little richer!


  1. money always seems to get in the way of everything! :/ awesome pictures of the concert though!


  2. looks like an amzing concert :)
    great post!


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