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21 December 2010

New Years Resolutions

Millions of people all over the world make New Years Resolutions, often silly ones that they aren't going to stick to come the end of January and often ones that are so far fetched that there's no way they can stick to them...I've been thinking about mine for 2011 and I wondered if making my resolution to get a Journalism related job within the year is one of those that is too hard to achieve?!

I could make it a little simpler and say that in 2011 I want to gain some more Journalism experience, but why shouldn't I aim for what I want? Other people from my University course have already got jobs in the industry, but am I setting myself up for disappointment come this time next year?

Realistically, my resolution should be something along the lines of gaining more Journalism experience, applying for more jobs and generally being on my way up the career ladder.

What does everyone think?

On a less serious note, some more resolutions of mine are:

1. To work harder on all of the websites I write for, updating more frequently. Including this blog!
2. Gain another 100 followers on my blog!
3. Read more books!
4. Generally write more features and articles.
5. Gain more work experience at a Magazine

I think those are some more realistic resolutions, and this time next year, I'll try to remember to let you know if I've stuck to them or not!

What are everyone else's resolutions?


  1. They sound quite achievable to me! I know mine should be something like 'shop less' but it just won't happen and I'm not even sure I want it to! xx

  2. Perfect resolutions! My normal ones of 'lose weight' or 'stop biting my nails' are ridiculous and I never succeed, so I might follow in your footsteps!

    Rosie x

  3. good resolutions :) i'm still yet to think up some for myself... hmm

  4. good resolutions chick,
    I'm still working on mine! x

  5. I think you should always aim for what you want otherwise you will never get it. You will be surprised at what you wil achieve if you just keep trying and focusing on it. Go for the journalism job!

    Perhaps breaking it down into smaller steps will make it seem more acheiveable though.

  6. I say "Aim High"!!
    If you want that job, go get it!
    I wish you all the luck in the world x

  7. I really hope you archieve your aims cherry and go far very far! :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog & MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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