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9 November 2010

Nails Inc, Hampstead Heath!

There's nothing I like more than a freebie, so when I noticed a mini Nails Inc polish free with the December issue of Glamour magazine, I had to have it!

I have previously used the Nails Inc 'London' polish which I love, and which I also got as a freebie. As much as I love Nails Inc, I can never justify spending out on a single polish, they are a tad expensive for me but with Christmas coming up, I may just have to add some to my wishlist!

I didn't fancy the Barbie pink colour that was on most of the magazine covers so I settled for this vampy, red 'Hampstead Heath' shade in 10ml.

The polish is so cute and dinky and I love the colour! It went on really easily, dried in a flash and only needed one coat, so it ticks all the important boxes! The shade of the polish is a deep red, very in keeping with the huge vampy theme that's going on at the moment. Usually I don't like red nail polishes as they can be a bit bright and trashy but I love this shade!

Hooray for Nails Inc! Good job!


  1. Oooh its a really nice colour too! Im enjoying the free clinique gloss that came with elle this month!
    Rianna xxxxx

  2. How weird I got this today, I think I have that colour too. Looks great on was going to paint my nails now but should go to bed. Thank you for your comment on my GHD post yeah I have looked at loads, just wanted to know weather they were hyped or actual good. Thanks again kitten, the nails look fab xxx


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